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Feeling Nostalgic About Jeepney TV

Jeepney TV, launched in October 2012, gave audiences a look at classic programs produced by the ABS-CBN network. (Logo courtesy of Creative Programs, Inc.)

Last October saw the launch of Jeepney TV. The ABS-CBN-produced network features classic programming from the archives of ABS-CBN, consisting of sitcoms, teleseryes, game shows, variety shows and even news programs. Currently it is one  of two such archival channels on Philippine TV, and I had a chance to check it out.

Jeepney TV is aired on SkyCable channel 9, just a click from ABS-CBN itself. It is a 24/7 cable channel, which means that even night owls can catch up. Because it is produced by ABS-CBN, only the classic programs from the Kapamilya network are being aired here. This does not include programs that once aired on ABS-CBN that moved to other networks (e.g. Eat! Bulaga).

Over a half-year into its operation, Jeepney TV was able to satisfy the cravings of both old and young viewers by airing the network’s most popular and well-acclaimed programs. For younger audiences who were not able to recognize current Star Magic artists in their youth, this network provides an opportunity to watch how current ABS-CBN stars looked back in the day.

There is a reason why ABS-CBN decided to launch Jeepney TV: to lessen the amount of reruns aired on the main network. It is ok to have reruns, but for some reason it only bores the audience who watches it. And for some reason I never liked first week reruns of new teleseryes. Why would they have to watch a weekend re-run of a newly-launched teleserye  recapping its first week? Because they missed it, is that the purpose? Teleseryes in their first week will give you an idea on how a story starts, but most audiences would think that they are more interested in its ending rather than its beginning. Which is why I would rather watch one as it ends rather than it begins, because it only adds further interest.

As for sitcoms, news and public affairs programs, and variety/game shows, they were never aired for a rerun at all, which is unfair. So instead of putting those reruns on the main network, why not put them together on a cable channel for a specific audience? That is how Jeepney TV came to fruition, and once the ride began in October 2012, audiences were treated to a smorgasbord of old-school programs that ABS-CBN offered. And that is how Jeepney TV rode nostalgic television to another level.


4 thoughts on “Feeling Nostalgic About Jeepney TV

  1. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I liked Jeepney TV from the time it was first launched on-air, aside from Fox Filipino. Unfortunately, Fox Filipino isn’t available on our cable TV provider (SkyCable Cebu), but why?

    BTW, since September 2013, I envisioned that when I own a broadcasting company (my own or acquire either GMA or IBC), if any of these can diversify on cable TV, I plan to start a throwback channel called “Throwback Pinoy” which will show a lot of old Philippine TV shows (local and canned), mostly from the 1960’s up to the mid-1980’s, and it will even be complete with old and a bit recent Philippine TV commercials, aired randomly, or from any year (just like a retro playlist on a throwback FM station), which will serve as its fillers on the old show’s commercial breaks.

    • Very daunting task to show for, considering the consequences of archived programming.

      There is also a canned version of Jeepney TV and FOX Filipino. If you have heard about ‘HITS’ channel, then that’s the one.

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