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Mr. Assimo Vs. Dracula

Michael V has been known for successful portrayals of various characters in his programs. Regardless of the character being male or female, Michael V proved to be versatile in his craft. In ‘Bubble Gang‘, one of his most memorable characters today has been Mr. Assimo, a superbly irate person known for dealing with common sense, which he thought was too obvious.

While Mr. Assimo’s previous appearances saw him deal with normal people, last Friday’s sketch saw him deal with an equally evil character. In the video below you will see how Mr. Assimo was able to outwit Dracula, portrayed by Rocco Nacino.

Initially a one-minute sketch, Mr. Assimo’s popularity with loyal ‘Bubble Gang’ viewers enabled writers to extend Mr. Assimo’s sketch time to around five to seven minutes. Today, Mr. Assimo is one of Bubble Gang’s most recognizable characters.


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