Adamson University website hacked

The Filipino Scribe

#WeHaveNothingToLoseButOurCAGES     #FalconsUNITE

Hackers defaced the website of Adamson University Monday night to protest what they described as anti-student tuition policies being implemented by the said school. Visitors to Adamson.edu.ph were instead redirected to  http://pastehtml.com/view/dbbe3yzdf.html.

In a statement posted on the university’s defaced home page, the hackers pointed out that the school administration had implemented an increase of 10 to 15% for this academic year. A quick look at the database of the Commission on Higher Education confirms this fact.

“It is ironic and insulting how the Adamson University takes pride in preaching that education should have a heart but continue to marginalize the students by not allowing them to take their preliminary exam without permits,” the cyber activists noted.

“The administration forgets that education is a right especially for a school that should be providing affordable and quality education for the socially disadvantaged. As school admins place profit…

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