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Colgate and Palmolive’s Loyalty to ABS-CBN

Colgate and Palmolive products have been loyal subscribers to ABS-CBN since the 1960s, although they briefly defected to GMA in 2009.

Ever wonder why Colgate toothpaste and Palmolive shampoo products are only shown on ABS-CBN? This is because Colgate and Palmolive’s target market has been the middle and upper social class, and ABS-CBN has the advantage on these classes, making it a perfect spokesperson for Colgate and Palmolive. Despite the loyal relationship between ABS-CBN and Colgate-Palmolive, there has been some exceptions.

In 2009, Colgate-Palmolive switched allegiances to GMA after an ad rate dispute. The former demanded ABS-CBN to slash its ad rates by half as a reward for its loyal subscription, which the Kapamilya network rejected citing the 18-minute rule of the KBP, and unfair competition with other advertisers. However, after sales of Colgate and Palmolive products declined they decided to renew their acquaintances with ABS-CBN, which has stayed since. The switch back to the Kapamilya network was necessitated upon realizing that GMA’s market relies mostly on the lower class society, which is not the preferred market of Colgate and Palmolive.

In 2012, GMA contract artist Carla Abellana began endorsing Palmolive shampoo products. It was surprising to see a contract artist from another network endorse a product that airs exclusively on its competitor, but Colgate-Palmolive did give Abellana some leeway to endorse its products. In addition to Abellana, KC Concepcion is also endorsing Palmolive.

With that in mind, it’s hard to forget how loyal the Colgate-Palmolive company is to ABS-CBN, considering that their loyalty stretches back to the 1960s. Then again, Colgate and Palmolive products have become a hit with the purchasing public despite the fact that their ads only air on one network, and their recognition as a top product is easy to understand. However, I really wanted to see their products air on other networks besides ABS-CBN, in order to be at par with competitors Unilever and Procter & Gamble. While that realization is a long shot, as long as Colgate-Palmolive maintains its fierce loyalty with ABS-CBN, the products will stay recognized with the public.