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No More Premier League on Fox Sports and Star Sports

Fox Sports and Star Sports bow out of Premier League coverage beginning in the 2013-14 season. BeIN Sport will take over the Philippine broadcast for this season and beyond.

Many soccer fans are expecting a new Premier League season. After all, Manchester United is defending its title without the legendary Alex Ferguson, while new clubs in Hull City, Cardiff City and Crystal Palace are threatening to make an impact in England‘s top division. In addition, other top Premier League clubs in Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool hope to give Manchester United a run for their money. With that in mind, a new season of the Premier League gives clubs an opportunity to forget last year and improve on their placings, in hopes of surviving relegation and even compete in either the UEFA Champions League or the UEFA Europa League. However, Southeast Asian soccer fans will have a new broadcast partner this year.

After several years as broadcast partner, Fox Sports Asia (formerly ESPN) and Star Sports decided to bow out of Premier League coverage for this year and beyond. Instead the Dutch league known as Eredivisie will replace the Premier League on the said networks. It was then announced that MP & Silva, through its broadcast partner BeIN Sport, will acquire the Premier League broadcast rights in the Philippines for this season until the 2015-16 season, with 33 matches aired per season. Additional coverage will also be provided through digital media and other mobile platforms.

Fox Sports and Star Sports’ loss of the Premier League was unexpected. After all, the two networks have comprehensively covered the Premier League for many years and gave soccer fans an opportunity to connect with some of the league’s most popular clubs. However, a majority of the Philippine population were not soccer fans, and despite the emergence of the Philippine Azkals, soccer still lags behind boxing and basketball in terms of popularity. Worse, Premier League broadcast rights are expensive, and with mounting operational costs they cannot afford to carry more coverage. Thus they have to give up on the Premier League, instead replacing it with some unknown Dutch soccer stuff when in fact they should have taken either the German Bundesliga, the French Ligue 1 or the Italian Serie A to appease the appetite of soccer fans.

While BeIN Sport has acquired the rights to air the Premier League in the Philippines, the announcement of which channel and cable network will BeIN Sport be available remains to be seen. For now, many soccer fans craving for the Premier League will have to depend on online live streaming to appease their hunger for soccer action. The Premier League begins tomorrow, but without any television coverage in the Philippines to begin with.


12 thoughts on “No More Premier League on Fox Sports and Star Sports

    • It’s now at BeIN Sport, but at the moment SkyCable, Cignal and Destiny have not been informed about the new channel. For now live streaming online is the best option.

  1. Lor says:

    Anybody, please post here when its announced what channel beIN sport will be in. Thank you. Live streamiing sucks especially when internet in the Phil is so slow

  2. Harris says:

    to Balls channel… showing BIG games only as delayed telecast is a failure!
    what is the use of watching a delayed telecast.
    Man Utd vs Chelsea was shown the night of Tuesday.
    Man Utd vs Liverpool will be shown Monday 9pm Sept 2 where the live match is at 8.30pm Sunday Sept 1.

    You may have the telecast rights, but sure you did not make full use of it the right way. Are there more important live events to be shown on the supposed dates of live games? No, again you are only going to show replays of UAAP games on weekend nights.


    • I guess you’re right. However, Balls also has the rights to the UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues, plus they will be the official broadcaster of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. That should satisfy the cravings of soccer fans in the country.

      But as mentioned before in my prior message, not all Premier League matches will be aired live, as its rights were only secured a few days earlier and at this point Balls is broadcasting UAAP basketball replays, UEFA Champions and Europa League games, UFC fights, and live US Open tennis, making it hard for them to air live Premier League games with its schedule already set for 2013.

  3. Premier League rights deal secured in Philippines

    23 Aug 2013

    Pay-television channel Balls TV has snapped up broadcast rights in the Philippines for the English Premier League.

    The agreement will run until at least the end of the 2013-14 season, according to commercial and pay-television broadcaster ABS-CBN, which owns Balls TV. The coverage will include live matches and weekly magazine shows such as Premier League World.

    Balls TV struck the deal with the MP & Silva agency, which originally acquired the rights in the country to three seasons, from 2013-14 to 2015-16. “We are delighted to work with MP & Silva to showcase

    the Premier League, and are excited to begin our wonderful partnership to showcase the competition,” Jojo Neri-Estacio, the channel head at Balls TV, said.

    “Filipino football fans are passionate about the Premier League and the appetite continues to grow with many dedicated and loyal fans keen to watch the new upcoming season, and our goal to serve football fans with the best coverage possible,” Neri-Estacio added.

    is this true??

    • It’s on beIN Sport. However it is available on HD only so you have to pay more just to get an HD digibox and subscribe to this channel. So far two beIN Sport channels are available, and one is an all-EPL channel.

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