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Premier League is Now on Balls

ABS-CBN’s Balls Channel will carry the Philippine broadcast of the Premier League for the 2013-14 season and beyond.

The start of August shocked many Filipino soccer fans when Fox Sports Asia and Star Sports decided to relinquish their broadcast rights for the Premier League in favor of BeIN Sport. However, some good news was finally relayed to by none other than ABS-CBN Sports.

In a simple tweet, the Balls Channel announced that they will be carrying the broadcast of the Premier League for the 2013-14 season and beyond. This is a welcome development for Filipino soccer fans, who waited with bated breath as to which network will carry the most popular soccer league in the world.

Balls will carry at least two to four games per week throughout the season, some of which will feature top clubs like defending champion Manchester United, contenders Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur, and newly promoted clubs Hull City, Crystal Palace and Cardiff City. In addition to live games, a highlight and preview show will also be aired.

The Premier League is not the only soccer event covered by Balls. They will continue to air the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, and FIFA-sanctioned competitions throughout the 2013-14 season, culminating in the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup.

As a member of the Lopez Group umbrella, Balls Channel is exclusive only through SkyCable and Destiny Cable, which means Cignal and Dream subscribers won’t have an opportunity to watch the Premier League. Nevertheless, Filipino soccer fans should expect a lot of goals, spectacular saves, and end-to-end action as the Premier League season begins on the Balls Channel, available on Channel 34 (SkyCable) and Channel 36 (Destiny) in standard definition.


4 thoughts on “Premier League is Now on Balls

  1. yeah, but showing BIG games only as delayed telecast is a failure!
    what is the use of watching a delayed telecast.
    Man Utd vs Chelsea was shown the night of Tuesday.
    Man Utd vs Liverpool will be shown Monday 9pm Sept 2 where the live match is at 8.30pm Sunday Sept 1.

    You may have the telecast rights, but sure you did not make full use of it the right way. Are there more important live events to be shown on the supposed dates of live games? No, again you are only going to show replays of UAAP games on weekend nights.


    • Sorry if you are upset, but it turns out that not all of the Premier League games on Balls will be aired live. Right now they air the US Open tennis tournament live, thus it would be hard for them to air live Premier League games while another tournament is ongoing. And since the BPL is a late addition, it will also be hard for them to accommodate live coverage with every other sports event (UFC, UEFA) already set. And unlike the UEFA Champions League, most Premier League matches start in the morning and afternoon in England, hence the occasional difficulties in accommodating live coverage.

      It’s better to have a Premier League game aired than none at all. If you complain again about a non-live broadcast, you’re not a true soccer fan. You may try live streaming, if you seriously want a live game and you’re awake.

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