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Ninoy: The Heart & the Soul

Throughout the week of August 21, government stations PTV-4 and IBC-13 air classic documentaries commemorating the life, the struggles, and the legacy of Benigno Aquino Jr. One of these documentaries has been regarded as a masterpiece.

Ninoy: The Heart & the Soul was first aired on the fifth death anniversary of Aquino. The documentary was written by the late columnist Teodoro Benigno, and was narrated by the late news anchor Jose Mari Velez. Two versions of the documentary exist: one narrated in English, and the other in Filipino. The documentary gives viewers a look back at the career and life of Ninoy; from his rise as a political wonder boy, to his incarceration in Fort Bonifacio and Laur, Nueva Ecija during Martial Law, and eventually to his exile and assassination. A part of the documentary was focused on Ninoy’s solitary prison at Laur, giving viewers a glimpse on what his prison looked like. Other important segments of the documentary include Ninoy’s diary, his hunger strike, and the Aquino family’s efforts to visit and provide moral support to their imprisoned relative.

The documentary runs for 90 minutes. However, an edited 30-minute version also exists, and is aired on Knowledge Channel during the week. Here are the English and Filipino versions of the 90-minute documentary, shown in its entirety.

Ninoy: The Heart & the Soul (English version)

Puso at Diwa ni Ninoy (Filipino version)

About the only difference in the two versions other than the language used is Velez’s attire, where he wore a suit on the English narration, and a Barong Tagalog on the Filipino narration. Nevertheless, both versions of the documentary were informative and historically important, especially during the week of Ninoy’s assassination, and during the week of the EDSA People Power Revolution anniversary.