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In 100 Words: Gusto Ko Ng Baboy

Twelve years ago, reggae/rock band Radioactive Sago Project released a single called ‘Gusto Ko Ng Baboy’ (I Want Pigs). The song was described as a protest against greed and corruption, hence the emphasis on the word ‘baboy’ throughout the song as a way to depict power-hungry and avaricious officials.

These days, frontman Lourd de Veyra is a host and news anchor at TV5. Perhaps he should have reunited Radioactive Sago Project and perform during the Million People March as a way to drum up national interest. Still, even with the band not performing, ‘Gusto Ko Ng Baboy’ should be appropriate for the ongoing national situation, one embroiled with the arrest of Janet Napoles and the recent abolition of the Pork Barrel.


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