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Finally, a Beautiful Ending for Mundo Mo’y Akin

Last week I wrote about GMA’s ‘Mundo Mo’y Akin’ and the way it teased its eventual ending. They promoted teasers of the teleserye as having ‘The Beautiful Ending’ as early as July, owing to the facial transformation of the lead character Marilyn, played by Louise Delos Reyes. However, later storylines such Marilyn’s breakup with Gerald (Alden Richards) proved that the ending came too premature.

Then last Wednesday GMA announced that the series finale of ‘Mundo Mo’y Akin’ was slated for tomorrow, September 6, ending speculations regarding the date of ‘The Beautiful Ending’ which had teased viewers for weeks. In the prelude to tomorrow’s finale, the GMA press statement wrote:

As the program wraps up this Friday, will Marilyn (Louise) and Jerome (Alden) find a second chance at love? Or is happiness too far to reach for these lovers? Will true love prevail?”

After suffering a dramatic reversal of fortune, will Donya Charito (Jacklyn Jose) finally change and seek the path of forgiveness and reconciliation with Perlita (Sunshine Dizon)? Will Darlene (Lauren Young) remain evil till the very end?”

These questions will be answered once the finale airs tomorrow, at around 8:45 p.m. after ‘Anna Karenina’.

Meanwhile, promotional trailers for the upcoming GMA teleserye ‘Akin Pa Rin ang Bukas’ are being aired, and is slated to replace ‘Mundo Mo’y Akin’ in its timeslot on September 9. The new teleserye will reunite the tandem of Lovi Poe and Rocco Nacino, whose previous team-up was in the afternoon teleserye ‘Yesterday’s Bride‘. The series will be about an illegitimate daughter’s determination to become a rightful member of her own family, in the process exacting revenge for those who doubted her.  The new teleserye will oppose ABS-CBN’s ‘Got to Believe’ in its timeslot, which as of the moment led its competitor in the latest Kantar ratings.



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