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The Root of Triple H’s Tyranny in WWE

These days, the WWE universe pay witness to the tyrannical rule of Triple H and his family, claiming that his orders were ‘for the good of the business’. His first order was to put the WWE championship in Randy Orton‘s hands, and then hired The Shield as his bodyguards. The main target of the group is Daniel Bryan, who Triple H thought is not a good fit to the be ‘face of the WWE’. The entire roster tried to side with Bryan, with the Big Show, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler serving as spokesmen against Triple H’s so-called ‘dictatorship’. However, the WWE’s COO threatened to fire those who spoke against him, perhaps as revenge for this moment.

Two years ago, the majority of the WWE roster gave Triple H a vote of no confidence after the roster voiced out their complaints regarding the recent chaos within WWE. The roster, led by John Laurinaitis, thought that the presence of Triple H created an unsafe working environment, and that ‘The Game”s inability to manage the situation only made it worse. This led to the walkout of the roster, and Triple H was later stripped of his authoritative powers by his father-in-law Vince McMahon.  The video of the walkout angle can be viewed below.

Take note that Sheamus and John Cena were absent during the roster walkout, and neither were currently seen in WWE programming due to injury. CM Punk was also absent, due to the fact that his rebellious straight-edge persona was being rewritten for the upcoming feud with soon-to-be Raw general manager Laurinaitis. Then-face Orton was also absent.

Triple H’s revenge for the roster’s walkout on him two years earlier is now incorporated into the storyline between himself, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. The entire roster, previously defiant in the walkout angle, now appears scared of Triple H’s tyranny for the sake of their employment lives, and that they cannot help Bryan at all in his quest to earn the respect of WWE management. The video below of the WWE roster’s inability to help Bryan can be viewed below.

Much like two years ago, Triple H’s authoritative presence in the WWE created an unsafe working environment, only this time he runs with an iron fist. And without a John Cena to make his presence felt, things will only get worse.