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‘With A Smile’ Ends in Four Weeks

GMA’s ‘With A Smile’ will officially end in October 2013, ending a four-month run.

How quick the story was. Turns out GMA’sWith A Smile‘ could not beat out ABS-CBN‘s long-running kiligserye ‘Be Careful With My Heart‘, despite the fact that the show runs at an earlier timeslot that its perceived opponent. That is why their decision to cancel the teleserye in four weeks’ time is no surprise, considering its more dramatic theme than its rival proved to be no match for ‘Be Careful”s success.

While the love story between Ser Chief (Richard Yap) and Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria) continues to progress well in ‘Be Careful’, the love triangle between Isay (Andrea Torres), Dean (Mikael Daez) and Aston (Christian Bautista) proved to be a rollercoaster of a tale. And that too much crying and in-fighting during the story proved to be extremely inappropriate for a morning teleserye, despite GMA‘s claim that the series is classified as ‘romantic comedy’.

That does not mean the story of ‘With A Smile’ is bad. However, considering that mornings are a period of trying to stay loose and bright, the program’s more dramatic theme is not a good idea. In a previous article that I have written several months ago, I expected ‘With A Smile’ to be in a similar style as ‘Be Careful With My Heart’, with hints of humor and lightheartedness. As it turned out, the addition of more dramatic and tension-filled scenes later in the story proved to be their undoing. That’s not ‘Be Careful”s style, although in recent episodes of the latter they started to tackle more serious stories that still feature a good hint of lightheartedness.

As much as GMA wanted to extend the series, the creative force behind ‘With A Smile’ seems exhausted and tired of creating new storylines that will appeal to audiences; in contrast to the writers of ‘Be Careful With My Heart’, the positive viewer reaction proved too good for them to add new stories. ‘With A Smile”s lack of charm and chemistry was simply too much, and the decision to cancel after just four months (‘Be Careful’ has been on the air for around 15 months now) showed that GMA continues its desperate attempts to reverse their ratings slide.

As of the moment, no replacement for ‘With A Smile’ has been revealed. More information will be given as the program enters its final weeks.


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