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Pinoy Big Brother Returns Soon

‘Pinoy Big Brother’ returns to television in a few months, after taking a year off to make way for ABS-CBN’s other franchise outfits.

Last night, during the live results show of ‘The Voice of the Philippines’, ABS-CBN aired a teaser for the upcoming season of the successful reality seriesPinoy Big Brother‘. The series, which emerged as ABS-CBN’s most profitable and popular reality program, has been off the air for over a year, mainly due to commitments with other franchises (e.g. The X-Factor Philippines, Masterchef Pinoy Edition, Pilipinas Got Talent). However, after a lengthy absence, ‘Kuya’ and his housemates make their long-awaited return to Philippine television.

As seen in the teasers, the upcoming season of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ will be its fifth as a franchise. This does not include the Celebrity and Teen Editions, thus this season will only include housemates of at least 18 years of age and with various backgrounds not related to the entertainment industry. Details for the upcoming auditions have yet to be revealed as of this writing.

In addition, the ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ house at the Eugenio Lopez Drive in Quezon City has been renovated in preparation for the new season. The gates and parking lot near the PBB house are currently used by the ABS-CBN Foundation as a warehouse for relief goods, and will vacate the premises once the new season begins.

The ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ series has made celebrities out of Gerald Anderson, Kim Chiu, Sam Milby, Matt Evans, Melai Cantiveros, Jason Francisco, Zanjoe Marudo, and Ejay Falcon, among others. The series has been dubbed as the ‘Teleserye ng Totoong Buhay’ (Drama of Real Life), and its popularity depended on the housemates’ interaction, the duties, advices and penalties being given to by ‘Kuya’ (Big Brother), and the unscripted display of emotion among the housemates, whether inside the PBB household or after their eviction. Given PBB’s unscripted nature, it’s no wonder why several housemates went on to become celebrities in their own right.

The fifth season debut of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ will be revealed as soon as the auditions conclude. Meanwhile, tune in for more updates regarding the nationwide audition schedules.


18 thoughts on “Pinoy Big Brother Returns Soon

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  2. Gab says:

    The teaser for Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 was first aired during Ang Probinsyano. This season will still be hosted by Toni, Mariel, Bianca and Robi. Sa July pa po ipapalabas ang nasabing season.

    • Most likely they’ll replace Jane the Virgin or a filler show on weeknights, and We Love OPM on weekends. But to be sure, let’s wait for further announcements.

      • Gab says:

        Yes. Possibly. By the way, earlier in Showtime, Kuya revealed na mauuna ang celebrities sa mga papasok sa Bahay ni Kuya. Nauna ang dalawang miyembro ng Hashtags, tas may mga iaanunsyo nang papasok pang celebrity housemates sa ASAP bukas.

      • Looks like we have PBB All-In the Sequel. Based on that announcement and the prior auditions, it appears na halong teen, regular at celebrities uli for this season.

      • Looks like si Juan Karlos (JK) Labajo na ang susunod na housemate sa bahay ni Kuya, as revealed earlier in ASAP.

      • That’s three. By next Sunday, we may have batch 1, with more to come in the following weeks.

        I won’t be surprised if PBB will have another Daniel Matsunaga this season, considering the constant turnover of housemates in recent seasons.

  3. Gab says:

    More housemates revealed during TV Patrol: Yassi Pressman (a MTV Pinoy DJ) and Jinri Park (a radio DJ and TV host)

    • Let’s face it, I’m expecting more celebrities here. Perhaps it’s best for you to reserve those comments for later; once the new season begins next Monday, put them all on the upcoming article about PBB’s new season.

      • Exactly. The announcement of PBB housemates on TV is no longer a surprise, dahil alam na kung sinu-sino ang mga ito. Sayang lang ang oras kung sa TV pa sila magaanounce.

      • And yes, more details will be revealed tonight on TV Patrol. For me, it seems na may sense na sa Vietnam ang PBB House nowadays.

      • As for the one near the ABS headquarters, it really needs improvement. Pwede nang i-demolish ang Pinoy Dream Academy portion of the house, since they no longer have the rights to them.

      • Gab says:

        Good thing that Pinoy Big Brother will be shoot entirely in a “another house” in Vietnam. A first in PBB history.

        By the way, 4 more housemates revealed earlier: Chacha (radio DJ from MOR), Elisse (teen star), Hideo (a Brazilian-Japanese model), and Nonong (comedian from Funny One fame)

      • Didn’t I tell you to reserve those revelation of housemates until the first episode this Monday? There’s nothing surprising about it; I’m expecting celebrities to begin with, that’s all.

        As for Vietnam, this new season could be called PBB Goes Vietnam, but let’s just wait for ABS to name this season officially.

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