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In 100 Words: Oggy and the Cockroaches – The Movie

This past week ‘Oggy and the Cockroaches – The Movie’ was released to theaters in the Philippines, and the film hopes to bring in new tricks and surprises to this popular French animated comedy. The film stars the fat cat Oggy, his friends Jack and Olivia, and the naughty cockroaches Joey, Dee Dee and Marky.

Almost every day I tune in to ‘Oggy and the Cockroaches‘ on Cartoon Network, and all of the animation and physical comedy involved in the cartoon were superbly done. There’s no doubt that the creators of ‘Oggy’ worked hard in making this film a reality, and if you were a fan of Oggy and his gang, you’ll also like Xilam’s first film with their iconic character.


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