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What Happened to Solar Sports?

In its heyday, Solar Sports aired several top-notch sports events familiar to Filipinos. Before Basketball TV and Balls came into the picture, Solar Sports was the major broadcaster of the NBA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It also aired the WWE, major tennis tournaments, the La Liga and Bundesliga soccer matches, the NFL, and NASCAR racing. Now, what happened?

Looking at the entire repertoire of Solar Sports, it seems that they have eschewed airing the big events in favor of sports not familiar to Filipinos. While they still provide decently good sporting events like boxing, billiards and the PGA, ATP and WTA tours, Solar Sports now airs BWF badminton, FLW fishing, and Copa Libertadores soccer matches. Locally the network became the official coveror of Philippine Super Liga volleyball. And they also cover cockfighting and Jai Alai.

Having said that, Solar Sports has become a shell of its former self. While the loss of the NBA to BTV only gave basketball-crazy fans a favor, it is unacceptable to lose the UFC to ABS-CBN Sports, La Liga and Bundesliga to BeIN Sport, and the WWE to Fox Asia. And what were the replacements? Gambling-related sports, fishing, and badminton. This is not what Solar Sports used to air.

If Solar Sports can somehow bring its past glory back, they should start by acquiring more respectably familiar sports like college football and Major League Baseball. Cockfighting and Jai Alai have no place to this channel and should be left alone for a future gambling sports channel. And finally, Solar Sports should change its logo and readopt the ‘Sports Plus’ identity of several years ago.

What used to be ‘Our Sports Channel’ is now a distant memory. Solar Sports needs a change, and it should start soon.


7 thoughts on “What Happened to Solar Sports?

  1. James Ty III says:

    Bro, the Super Liga games don’t attract good crowds. The UAAP volleyball gets more crowds. It’s sad to see Solar Sports be this way in terms of airing sports that Filipinos don’t care about.

    • It seems that Solar is sharing co-production agreements with the big networks of late: Pacquiao fights on GMA, NBA games on ABS-CBN, and the recent FIBA qualifiers on Sports5. Without a free TV network to air live sports events, Solar now relies on outside sources to air select sports coverage. A case of being too dependent to others.

  2. Gab says:

    OT but this is related to Solar Sports: Have you notice the change of logos of 4 out of 6 Solar Entertainment channels (ETC, 2nd Avenue, Solar Sports and BTV) last night?

    • Yes. They’ve hyped this for the last month. Still, I wonder why Jack TV and CT didn’t join in the rebrand. Solar was going for something more surprising, and yet those two channels stayed intact.

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