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GMA Telebabad Concedes to ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida

This past week ‘Genesis’ and ‘Akin Pa Rin ang Bukas’ officially aired their final episodes. However, with production still in the works for ‘Carmela’, ‘Rhodora X’ and ‘Kambal Sirena’, GMA Telebabad decided to fill in the void with ‘Kapuso Primetime Cinema’.

As it turned out, it was clear that GMA Telebabad is conceding to ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. The last few years saw Primetime Bida dominate Telebabad in the ratings, helped by hit teleseryes such as ‘Budoy’, ‘Walang Hanggan’, ‘Princess and I’, ‘Juan dela Cruz’ and current favorites ‘Honesto’, ‘Got to Believe’ and ‘Maria Mercedes’. ABS-CBN was also successful in marketing younger talents, something GMA could not afford to do.

In addition, due to mounting operational losses GMA began to adopt the TV5 way by airing more Tagalized foreign films. This was none more evident than in ‘Kapuso Primetime Cinema’. But unlike the typical Tagalog-dubbed films on other blocks, KPC airs movies voiced by Kapuso talents, perhaps to add to their talent fees. To me, this movie block became a clear picture of GMA’s concession of defeat to ABS-CBN.

Despite that, ‘Kapuso Primetime Cinema’ will only be a temporary showcase, as the aforementioned ‘Carmela’, ‘Rhodora X’ and ‘Kambal Sirena’ will debut in the coming weeks. But even as GMA unveils a new slogan called ‘Puso ang Una’ in hopes of regaining the top spot, I expect ABS-CBN to overwhelm GMA once again on primetime.


20 thoughts on “GMA Telebabad Concedes to ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida

  1. James Ty III says:

    Ralph, CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK is the Tagalized movie on GMA this Sunday night. TV5 will have URBAN LEGEND w Jared Leto. ABS will have FURRY VENGEANCE with Brendan Fraser. Home Sweet Home will be aired at 7:30, followed by Rated K at 8:30, Gandang Gabi Vice at 9:30 and Sunday’s Best at 10:30.

  2. James Ty III says:

    Rated K will be shown after Home Sweetie Home. With Korina Sanchez’ radio show already gone from DZMM, it will only be a matter of time before Rated K leaves the air to give way to ABS-CBN’s reality shows.

    Buzz ng Bayan will be back to 2 hours on Sunday from 4-6 pm followed by TV Patrol at 6 and Goin Bulilit at 6:45. And no more Star Cinema movies. Home Sweetie Home and Rated K will jointly go up against Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

    And for the Sunday movies, it’s Brendan Fraser on ABS vs Vin Diesel on GMA.

  3. James Ty III says:

    Furry Vengeance will not be dubbed, I’m sure. Riddick has been shown on GMA many times already, as well as on TV5.

    • Yes, GMA will always be the ‘cheap’ network, that’s why only the poor people watch the dubbed and repetitive films. ABS-CBN is for all, that’s why they don’t dub most foreign films and Colgate products are being preferred to air on ABS-CBN because from A to D, the Kapamilya network has an advantage.

  4. chumachil says:

    1. Revive the “KiliTV” block.
    2. Produce weekly dramas (with possible co-productions).
    3. Acquire more foreign formats like “Tu cara me suena”.
    4. Move News and Public Affairs shows to primetime.
    5. Restrict the duration of the newscast “24 Horas” to an hour only.
    6. GMA teleseryes should be 30 minutes only.

    • 1. I don’t think they’ll be reviving KiliTV anytime soon. There is still Bubble Gang though plus weekend comedies like Vampire ng Daddy Ko and Pepito Manaloto.
      2. That’s TV5’s job now. I don’t want to risk GMA imitating the Kapatid network like what they did with the Tagalog-dubbed films.
      3. Acquiring franchises of foreign programs are extremely expensive, and GMA does not want to risk losing more money by this approach.
      4. These programs are better off airing in the afternoon slot opposite ABS-CBN’s Pinoy True Stories. There are News and Public Affairs programs in primetime on weekends though, like KMJS and Imbestigador.
      5. I doubt if they can shorten the program to an hour similar to TV Patrol. Remember, GMA is no longer affiliated to the KBP, which has certain restrictions on advertisements.
      6. In this day and age, the longer the teleserye, the more excitement it generates to the viewer. American primetime series air for an hour, but they air on a weekly basis unlike Filipino dramas which run almost daily to speed up the storylines.

      In short, none of these strategies will work in today’s television. Perhaps GMA should focus first on revamping its creative unit in order to revive its fading fortunes. Also they should focus on developing its younger talent; Marian Rivera and other older vets have been overutilized by the network and as a result, viewership has fallen sharply.

  5. Wow…..talaga ha! GMA could not afford to do DAW ang Budoy, Walang Hanggan, Princess and I, Juan dela Cruz, Honesto, Got to Believe at Maria Mercedes…bugdet lang ng AMAYA lahat ng budget ng mga tinipid na production ng ABS CBN na Budoy, Walang Hanggan, Princess and I, Juan dela Cruz, Honesto, Got to Believe at Maria Mercedes. YAN BA ANG MGA COULD NOT AFFORD TO DO NG GMA! Costume pa lamang sa AMAYA 3 million na. HUNDRED MILLION PESOS ANG GASTOS NG GMA NETWORK SA AMAYA AT ITO ANG PINAKAMALAKI AT PINAKAMAHAL NA PRODUCTION NG GMA AT SA BUONG PILIPINAS. Sa laki ng budget ay katumbas ito ng 10-20 na teleserye/telenovela.

      • Alam mo kung bakit ‘cheap’? Ang ‘Amaya’ kasi ginastos nila ng sobra, pero in the end natalo sila sa ratings. Kung mataas ang ratings, malamang mababalik pa nila ang ginastos nila. Pero hindi eh.

        Saka ‘cheap’ rin ngayon ang GMA dahil sa mga programming nila na produkto ng mabababang ratings of late. Tingnan mo nga, di nila matalo-talo ang Annaliza, Honesto at Got to Believe noon kaya sila nagpapalabas na lang ng mga pelikula. Saka production values nila mas mababa ngayon kaysa noon. Manood ka ng mga teleserye sa ABS-CBN at makikita mong mas advance sila sa teknolohiya, tulad ng HD production.

        Ang mas masaklap pa, wala silang self-produced sports coverage. Tingnan mo rin ang ABS-CBN at makikitang mong successful sila dahil sa UAAP.

  6. Bryan says:

    GMA’s teleseryes and programs are beating ABS-CBN’s shows. “Nino”, “Dalawang Mrs. Real” and “My Destiny” have been the top-raters and have helped revive the careers of Miguel Tanfelix and Diamond Star Maricel Soriano. They were the trending topics on Twitter constantly and I think Miguel is the next acting star of GMA. ABS is showing franchises of game shows, drama replays and old movies. Even their “PBB” was criticized by veteran celebrities, as the contestants only wanted to be popular and not show off their talent like a real celebrity. Even on TFC, they are showing old shows and weekend shows on the weekdays. GMA’s upcoming offerings are promising, such as “Hiram na Alaala” and even “Starstruck”, as great production teams are behind them. I’ll keep watching GMA shows, they are truly entertaining.

    • Some of your facts are correct here, except that:

      1) ADMR, My Destiny and Nino were not top-raters according to Kantar.
      2) ABS teleseryes are always featured among the Twitter trending topics while GMA teleseryes only trend on occasion.
      3) Miguel is not quite there; Nino is basically a Budoy/Santino imitation.
      4) ABS airs old movies, but only on occasion. GMA resorts to old movies on Sundays.
      5) Both ABS and GMA will have franchised game shows on the same timeslot: The Singing Bee & Don’t Lose Your Money
      6) ABS has shown old Koreanovelas before, but so does GMA
      7) PBB was criticized by netizens, not celebrities
      8) TFC shows up-to-date ABS programs; the old shows are only on occasion
      9) As great as GMA production teams are, ABS has an even formidable crew
      10) While GMA’s upcoming offerings are promising, it remains to be seen if they are really worthy of being a hit. After all, GMA’s lack of ad revenue is hurting them in the viewership department.

      Unfortunately, not everything is rosy on GMA right now. Sorry, they are not as entertaining as before.

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