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My Opinion on Censoring Rufa Mae’s Cleavage on Bubble Gang

The first ‘Bubble Gang’ of 2014 brought a little change to the viewers. In the aftermath of the infamous ‘Susie Lualhati’ skit that drew the ire of MTRCB officials, GMA Network decided to censor all instances of Rufa Mae Quinto showing her cleavage throughout ‘Bubble Gang’.

I think blurring Rufa Mae’s cleavage is not the right idea. What GMA should have done is to convince Rufa Mae to wear less revealing outfits during skits, so that it appears more decent to younger viewers. And in my opinion, if GMA wants to physically censor something, it should only apply to the buttocks, female breasts and male testicles during more sexually related skits.

Rufa Mae Quinto has been a part of ‘Bubble Gang’ for over a decade now. But unlike fellow sexy comedienne and cast member Chariz Solomon, Rufa Mae seems more adept at using her body in skits, thinking that her figure would be great at eliciting laughter from the audience. However, in an era where the MTRCB is more stringent in enforcing a more family-friendly programming, Rufa Mae should start reinventing herself by wearing less revealing outfits and using her body more decently, in order to adopt to a changing viewership landscape.

In case you missed Rufa Mae’s blurred cleavage, here is the episode of ‘Bubble Gang’ that aired last night.


2 thoughts on “My Opinion on Censoring Rufa Mae’s Cleavage on Bubble Gang

  1. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    For me, I rather prefer “Champoy,” “John En Marsha,” or the other TV sitcoms of the Philippines that were aired in the 1970’s and 1980’s, since they’re more decent and formal than today’s sitcoms.

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