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Anne Curtis Plays Dyesebel

Anne Curtis will play the role of ‘Dyesebel’ in ABS-CBN’s newest incarnation of Mars Ravelo’s famous komiks character.

Social media made a big noise last night when Anne Curtis was revealed as the next Dyesebel. The news was made official on ABS-CBN’s news programs ‘TV Patrol’ and ‘Bandila’, and on ABS-CBN’s news website.

The highly talked-about announcement of Curtis as Dyesebel was in sharp contrast to the lack of social media reaction that GMA received in their announcement of Louise delos Reyes as ‘Kambal Sirena’. It was also clear that despite the heavy promotion of ‘Kambal Sirena’ on the Kapuso network, ABS-CBN still had the last laugh even though ‘Dyesebel’ has yet to air another teaser.

Advantage-wise, Curtis is no stranger to more provocative roles; her roles in films such as ‘No Other Woman’ and ‘A Secret Affair’ attest to that. In contrast, ‘Kambal Sirena’ will be the first ‘sexy’ role for delos Reyes, eight years Curtis’ junior. And while ABS-CBN is about to break a recent trend of starring younger and less-experienced lead stars by bringing in Curtis (and Angel Locsin in ‘The Legal Wife’), the social media reaction of the announcement should remains a cause of concern to GMA.

In addition, it was also announced that Gerald Anderson and Sam Milby will play leading men roles in the series. Anderson will play Dyesebel’s partner Fredo, while Milby will play a new character in Lirio.

The rivalry between ‘Dyesebel’ and ‘Kambal Sirena’ should be interesting. Perhaps the only thing left to do is for both shows to launch simultaneously in the same timeslot, and to gauge how will fans react to two contrasting series featuring mermaids.


4 thoughts on “Anne Curtis Plays Dyesebel

  1. Jus says:

    I believe the “noise” created by the announcement is not because of Anne Curtis who’s been suffering since the slapping incident last year. It is but common knowledge that “Dyesebel” has brought a lot to stardom, the most recent of whom is Marian Rivera. So the buzz is actually about the “Dyesebel” character, not really about Anne Curtis. And if ever the two shows are made to compete against each other, GMA’s “Kambal Sirena” will definitely fail to win in the numbers. Apart from Anne Curtis being a more established star, her character is also a better known one. GMA’s title does not actually have any appeal. I suggest a change in title.

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