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Introducing ABS-CBN Sports + Action

ABS-CBN Sports + Action will make its on-air debut tomorrow, replacing Studio 23.

Channel 23 on the UHF band has a new name. It was announced during a press conference in Makati yesterday morning that the name of the said channel will be called ABS-CBN Sports + Action, and the programming content will feature mostly sports, with occasional sprinkling of news and action series in between.

The new network will officially debut tomorrow. And as a preview of things to come, Channel 23 is currently airing replays of sporting events that occurred in the past year, along with a delayed broadcast of the UEFA Champions League and UAAP men’s football.

ABS-CBN Sports + Action will air a wide variety of sporting events, ranging from the UAAP, Philippine Azkals, Pinoy Pride and Top Rank Boxing to the NBA, UEFA, UFC and the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup. In addition, they will also produce a 15-minute sports roundup called ‘The Score’, and a 30-minute discussion-based newscast called ‘News +’.

Carrying over from Studio 23 are action-based drama series such as ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ and ‘NCIS’, as well as the movies from Fernando Poe, Jr.’s film library and WWE programs. The network will also dabble into reality programming with ‘The Ultimate Fighter’.

With the unveiling of ABS-CBN Sports + Action, viewers can expect a lot of sports coverage from all corners. And it should also serve notice to other competitors who will try to emulate the new style of the said network.


25 thoughts on “Introducing ABS-CBN Sports + Action

  1. James Ty III says:

    Many PBA fans want the games aired on the new channel. We’ll have to wait until the PBA’s contract with Sports5 expires. The people behind ABS-CBN Sports+Action are amenable to negotiating with the PBA for the rights.

    • Sports5 have the rights to the Olympics. They are scheduled to broadcast the Sochi Winter Games and the Youth Games.

      I can also sense that ABS-CBN S+A will air the Asian Games, with Sports5 becoming the free TV coveror of the FIBA World Cup involving Gilas Pilipinas.

  2. Gabby says:

    @Timothy: Actually, TV5/AksyonTV got the broadcast rights to cover the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and 2016 Rio Summer Olympics (the first in Digital television in the country).

  3. Gabby says:

    May bago na palang game show ang Sports5, ito ay ang Sports5 Money Ball, Dribol of the Pipol, ipinalabas ito tuwing Weekends pag sign-off na ang TV5. sa ngayon ay nasa test broadcast mode pa ito.

  4. chumachil says:

    I expect Channel 23 to be a dedicated channel for Regional Media Group, but at least there’s still a chance in the DTV (how about alloting PTV’s subchannel for dedicated provincial programming?)

  5. naisip ko kung bakit ginawang sport + action. bagsak yata sa agb ratings ang studio 23 at nasa 6th place, tinalo pa yata sila ng aksyon tv na nagpalakas ay pba, I think na gusto nila mapunta sa kanila uli ang pba at gusto nila matalo ang news tv sa 4th place

      • Kung ang 23 ay may sports
        + action, bakit pa sila may News+ at cartoons sa umaga, diba uncharacteristic yan sa channel 23?

      • I don’t call it uncharacteristic. Siyempre dapat may news program rin ang 23 since may news programs ang 11 at 41. Saka yung cartoons ay filler programs lang, at mapre-preempt lang ito kung may major sports event na ieere.

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  7. Gabby says:

    Its been a year since ABS-CBN Sports+Action first hit the TV screens. And expect more sports coverages including the NBA and the UAAP to be shown.

    In other story, ABS-CBN Sports has launched their own website featuring premium content of sports news, photos and videos. Even the PBA, naicover na rin.

  8. Gab says:

    Heard now from the vine, but this is related to ABS-CBN Sports platforms: Balls and also its counterpart in HD, will have its last broadcast on December 31, 2015. What will be its replacement? Find out soon.

      • Should be interesting to see what comes next of this channel after Balls signs off for good. This was, after all, the channel that popularized the UFC to Filipino fight fans (sorry Solar Sports) and pioneered HD broadcasting in the country. It’ll be a sad loss to sports fans.

      • Big loss for ABS. Though it’s a big gain for TV5, hindi pa gaanong ka-sikat ang Hyper, so it’s still up for debate kung gaano nila tatangkilikin ang Cignal channel na ito.

        Anyway, a post is coming up regarding this.

  9. Gab says:

    OT: What is your take on the ABS-CBN’s withdrawal as a broadcast partner of the Countrywide Basketball League, a regional league similar to the MBA way back 90s?

    Here is the article:

    I believe, it not just financial reasons is the reason why ABS-CBN Sports backed-out but because they are focused already in the collegiate leagues such as UAAP, NCAA and other sporting leagues including V-League.

    • I agree with your thoughts. The fact that ABS-CBN Sports is too loaded makes it difficult to accommodate the CWBL. And to make matters worse, none of the other networks are interested at this point. Sports5 and Solar Sports are in financial limbo, GMA isn’t even willing to be involved in sports, CNNPH is strictly news, and PTV and IBC are still in recovery mode. Net 25 and UNTV? You know the story; they’re too proud of their religious upbringing. In essence, CWBL was destined to fail because there’s not much competition in the field of broadcasting sports.

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