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Why is SM a Better Fit for GMA?

GMA should benefit more from Henry Sy and his SM chain of malls and condominiums.

GMA has been on the selling block for several months now. Several names crop up, such as Manny V. Pangilinan, owner of PLDT, Smart and TV5, and Ramon S. Ang, lead executive of San Miguel Corporation and shareholder of Philippine Airlines and Solar Entertainment. However, no one mentions Henry Sy of SM Group and his deep pockets.

For some reason, I looked forward to SM acquiring GMA. Why? Because Henry Sy is the richest man in the Philippines, and SM is an emerging conglomerate. SM, best known for its malls, has stepped up financially by building the Mall of Asia Arena and various high-rise condominiums, along with acquiring a stake in National University and revitalizing its athletics and educational program. By purchasing GMA from Felipe Gozon and Gilberto Duavit, SM should help rebuild a slumping broadcast giant, which is already suffering due to poor ratings, critically panned programming choices, and declining revenue.

Both ABS-CBN and TV5 are owned by conglomerates, and because of that, they are able to expand beyond the usual entertainment fare. In order to be at par with the other two networks, GMA needs a bigger company to thrive, and SM Group should be a good fit. But for now, it’s only a dream.


9 thoughts on “Why is SM a Better Fit for GMA?

    • Well that’s the only obstacle they’ll have to face. But while GMA’s news department has been stable (thanks to its highly-awarded documentaries and news programming), it’s the other aspects like facilities, entertainment and sports that leaves a lot to be desired.

  1. Sorry for not being around because I left for a retreat in Tagaytay.

    In my opinion, GMA decided not to do what ABS-CBN and TV5 is doing because of self-proclaimed social media scholars’ (SMS) criticism of the two. ABS-CBN is heavily criticized by the SMS because of the ownership (the Lopezes) and the promotion of “oligarchy” of the nation. TV5 does as well but not much attacked and does not promote “oligarchy.” Albeit, both owners of Channels 2 and 5 also have the significant control on Meralco.

    Back to the main point, SM and GMA had once an agreement. Remember “Maynila”? During their breaks, they once aired a commercial on SM City Manila.

    • In addition, GMA holds its annual New Year’s Countdown concert at the Mall of Asia grounds.

      And whether the SMS likes it or not, both ABS-CBN and TV5 have benefited from conglomerate ownership by investing on new facilities and promoting sports programming, the latter of which GMA desperately needs.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        True. GMA really deserves to be purchased by the SM group, to be at par with 2 and 5.

        I also remembered GMA Cebu having an agreement with SM City Cebu to use their “Entertainment Plaza” (now The Event Center) for “Singgit Cebu,” GMA Cebu’s Sunday noontime variety show, during its run.

  2. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    Apologies for the late news, but as seen in a ’24 Oras’ report in this YouTube link, GMA has signed a memorandum-of-agreement with SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc., which means that the station IDs and the Philippine National Anthem of GMA will be shown in theaters of SM Supermalls and some establishments related to SM. Link to that report below:

    A continuous alliance between an almost-declining TV network and a high:y-successful chain of malls for 3-4 decades now.

    Now that this ‘MOA signing’ has happened, I’m now waiting for a report that SM would eventually buy this network which is now suffering from mediocre-borderline programming, AlDub overhype, regional closures, and labor problems. I even read in a national tabloid that even Lucio Tan of Asia Brewery and/or Tony Tan Caktiong of Jollibee are rumored to be interested to buy GMA, aside from SM and Gov. Singson. But again, we’ll see in the future what’ll eventually happen.

    • With that, hopefully it can help GMA gain move as they would air GMA related materials at SM malls nationwide. It would a bit weird when they play GMA related materials in a Star Cinema produced movie in SM Cinemas.

      • In any event, it’s a first step. Now if the Sy family can finally convince GMA owners to purchase a share, the better the chances they have in revitalizing the network.

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