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No to UAAP on TV5

The UAAP’s recent surge of popularity can be attributed to ABS-CBN’s effective marketing strategies in events like the Cheerdance Competition, something that rival TV5 needs to address in its sports programs to become more competitive.

TV5 is at it again. After earning the rights to air the Super Bowl and the Winter, Youth and Summer Olympic games, its next target is the UAAP, which is currently under ABS-CBN Sports. reported Saturday that a letter of intent was submitted by TV5 to the UAAP board expressing its interest to acquire broadcast rights to the league. The same article also said that ABS-CBN is determined to extend its current contract, which is expected to expire after Season 77 (2014-15).

I think TV5 is not a good fit for the UAAP. Their sports division has been frequently at odds with the entertainment department over the scheduling of the PBA and other events, and their coverage of the NCAA and UFL has often been erratic. In addition, AksyonTV is not as powerful as ABS-CBN Sports + Action in terms of reach and clarity, not to mention lacking the commercial advertisements needed to support the network. In short, the potential acquisition of the UAAP games by TV5 will only complicate matters.

Having said that, it is only appropriate that the UAAP should remain with ABS-CBN Sports. Its 14-year relationship brought nothing but growth, improvement and popularity, and keeping the said league with the Kapamilya network will only continue to foster a comfortable and loyal relationship between the two parties.

But if TV5 is really determined to acquire the UAAP coverage, they should address their programming and advertising issues first. Not only that, they need to improve their existing facilities and equipment to be at par with what ABS-CBN is currently doing. And finally, the Kapatid network must prove worthy of the coverage by airing more NCAA games in sports other than basketball (its contract with that league also expires after 2014-15).

TV5’s pursuit of the UAAP will only begin in 2015. But for now, it is ABS-CBN Sports who is responsible for the broadcasts. And as far as the rights were concerned, I hope that the UAAP will remain a Kapamilya for an extended period of time.


19 thoughts on “No to UAAP on TV5

  1. I agree. I live in the province, and it just so happens that from where my wife’s residence is, it still haven’t been able to reach by cable companies. To make it short, we are basically relying on external antennas which can only receive clear transmissions from at least four channels — and TV5 is NOT one of them. Considering that GMA (local TV-10) and ABS-CBN (local TV-3) have their regional stations (with transmitters) stationed in the province, including UHF channels S23 (where ABS-CBN Sports airs UAAP) and Solar News Channel (preceded by ETC), UAAP might be lessened for TV5’s weak signal transmission.

    • If the UAAP were to be awarded to TV5, most of the games will be seen on AksyonTV, which unlike ABS-CBN’s Channel 23, has a weaker signal. So I agree with your point.

  2. James Ty III says:

    ABS-CBN Sports and the UAAP have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship. Why rock the boat? Channel 2’s airing of the finals garnered high ratings.

    • I agree. UAAP should remain with ABS-CBN Sports, and no one else.

      If TV5 were to acquire the rights for the league, talagang papatayin nila yung concept ng student courtside reporter, much like what they did to the NCAA when they took over its rights in 2012. And they have inferior signals compared to ABS-CBN’s affiliate channels.

      • James Ty III says:

        Rizza Diaz nga was assigned to report for the NCAA on Sports5 although she was already tapped to do the PBA. Pero at least, Jessica Mendoza never reported for the NCAA aside from the PBA.

      • As a substitute to either Ai Dela Cruz or Mara Aquino. Si Mara pala resurfaced in a commercial promoting the MoneyBall game during PBA halftime. In short, tatlo yung ginagamit ng Sports5 sa NC.

    • I agree. The ABS’ signal and reach is more powerful than its competitor. Also they promote their plugs better than others. They’re the reason why the UAAP is more popular today.

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