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GMA News TV Needs to Reformat or Move

GMA News TV is a network with so many issues. Whether it is the airing of classic films, the continuous airing of old public affairs programs, or the reluctance to air more live sports events and press conferences, the network is clearly at a disadvantage. And as a result, the network’s ability to compete with more established players is put into question.

Unlike AksyonTV and ABS-CBN Sports + Action, GMA News TV receives very little support from its parent network. Other than the live news programs, News TV offers mostly repeats of former GMA public affairs programs, classic films, and Filipino-dubbed documentaries. In addition, part of the channel’s shares are still owned by ZOE TV, hence the airing of ZOE programs like ‘Jesus the Healer’ and ‘Diyos at Bayan’.

Having said that, GMA seriously needs to reformat News TV, if not move it to another channel. The current programming content does not speak to the name of the network, and more akin to its previous name QTV-11. Perhaps renaming the network back to QTV, albeit with a more balanced programming catered to both genders, may be the right thing to do. But the reformat will only possible if the GMA bosses are extremely committed to support Channel 11.

If that does not work, another option for the network is to sell the shares of Channel 11 back to ZOE and move its operations to the inactive Channel 27, in order to save money. However, the second option may only be possible once the network is sold to another corporation, and if the network promises to avoid the same mistakes that hounded its previous occupant Citynet 27.

To be honest, there is no need for a ‘GMA News TV’. That network is a redundant piece of junk that needs to be disposed. A news channel requires a majority of its content to be news that is constantly updated, and public affairs programming that is adept to the modern times. Unfortunately, GMA News TV does not adhere to such standards.


91 thoughts on “GMA News TV Needs to Reformat or Move

  1. gabby says:

    In a separate note, Jean Garcia’s program Love Hotline will possibly be axed on GNTV due to low ratings (same as Personalan). Di na raw kinaya ang programa sa Face the People.

    • Possibly, but Love Hotline was also placed in a timeslot where the newscasts dominate.

      That example alone shows the lack of support that management has on GMA News TV. And as I mentioned, may identity crisis talaga ang News TV, dahil puro reruns at pelikula ang ine-ere.

      • James Ty III says:

        News TV’s deficiencies are clearly shown on Sundays when it airs Tagalized movies in the early afternoon time slot, as well as replays of old documentaries on Sunday nights at 9 pm after Reel Time.

        Replays of I Witness are also shown on Sundays at 11 pm after the replays of Bayan Ko.

    • but on last May 30, 2014, GMA-7 returns Love Hotline and still hosted by Jean Garcia after 3 months went off in the air. Love Hotline airs every friday 4pm on GMA-7 on it’s their new home with the matching new set.

  2. James Ty III says:

    In fairness, News TV also airs other sports on All Sports like ice skating. But those are very rare. I heard that News TV is finalizing a deal with the PBA to air the playoffs of the ongoing D League but no developments as of now.

    • Kanina lang, yung SNC, ANC and AksyonTV aired the Senate Blue Ribbon presscon on the PDAF pero yung News TV didn’t start on time; ine-ere at the time yung Born to be Wild replay. Once Balitanghali started dun lang sila nag-live sa Senado while AksyonTV cut to Andar.

  3. pinoyjourn says:

    I always thought the idea behind News TV was to harp on the perceived strength of GMA, which is news & public affairs. It’s something that seems to be repeated now with Sports+Action. But here come to play the nuances of airing on free TV and needing to earn.

    • And with News TV not up to par with the other news networks (mostly frequently reruns of past programming), GMA is definitely at a disadvantage. ABS is doing fine so far with Sports+Action, as is TV5 with AksyonTV, although the latter’s signal needs more improvement.

  4. James Ty III says:

    ralphiece, GMA will air The Crow with Brandon Lee on SNBO this Sunday versus ABS-CBN’s King of the Gil concert with Enrique Gil on Sunday’s Best.

      • James Ty III says:

        ABS is also set to air the concert of Lea Salonga the following Sunday, Feb. 16. This once again shows how ABS comes up with the best Sunday specials.

      • ako din dapat tanggalin na yan kapuso movie night tapos ang ipalit Bubble Gang sat. edition. gawin friday and saturday na ang bubble gang at matutuwa pa ako at ang ibang kapuso loyal viewers kasi top-rated gag show ng GMA ang Bubble Gang kesa sa kapuso movie night na pauli ulit yung mga pelikula pinapalabas nila.

      • Yung Bubble Gang pwede pa sa Sabado na lang against Banana Split. Pero mukhang di nila tatanggapin ‘tong proposal since they’ve been airing on a Friday since 1995. My best bet is to move Walang Tulugan to an earlier timeslot. Sorry Kuya Germs, kaso wala kang viewers pag 1:00 a.m. na yung show mo.

    • Renaming the network but retaining the same format? That won’t work. And you know that GMA’s financial struggles are well-documented. Again, they have two options for their sister network: either they totally reformat or give up Channel 11 and move somewhere else.

      • James Ty III says:

        I think GMA should give up Channel 11. Many of News TV’s shows are becoming monotonous like Good News which is becoming more of a cooking show. And Idol sa Kusina is like a weekend edition of Kusina Master.

        MARS is like more of Moms of the old QTV. And Ang Pinaka was a carryover from the old QTV.

        Sports Pilipinas aired its last episode yesterday, which is a sign that this channel is going to the dumps.

      • Bad decision kasi yung pagkakuha ng GMA sa Channel 11; blessing DAW ni Bro. Eddie Villanueva (loyal GMA ally) yung pagkakuha nito. Tuloy nalugi sila.

        Yung Channel 27 sana dapat nila ipagtuunan ng pansin. At least mas cheap pa ng konti kaysa sa Channel 11.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Hey, Kuya Ralph, the one who commented that (lianlaspinas) is a hoaxer who is currently being monitored by PN for his hoaxes related not only to Filipino TV, but even Asian TV. “lianlaspinas” is also suspected to keep posting a lot of cigarette commercials in his profile.

  5. James Ty III says:

    I’m beginning to feel more sorry for News TV. Kanina, I saw an old episode of 100% Pinoy on that channel. That show is also aired over Fox Filipino.

      • James Ty III says:

        News TV is really a rehash of GMA. Imagine, GMA aired Alien vs Predator last night on SNBO — a movie the station has aired many times over. Superman 2 was shown on News TV yesterday afternoon — another insult since it was dubbed in Tagalog and also shown many times already.

      • Pero it only came within a year after it was introduced. Again pera ang dahilan. Initially more on news, tapos nagiging ‘second-rate, trying-hard copycat’ ng GMA yung News TV.

  6. James Ty III says:

    I also find it irritating when Luis Alandy guested on Idol sa Kusina last night. He was promoting his new show on GMA with Max Collins.

  7. gabby says:

    I learned that some News TV shows will be moved their timeslots (also expanding their time) starting next week. For example, Balita Pilipinas Ngayon will moved from 3:30pm, next week will be 4:00 to 4:30pm. Effects of cancellation of some shows.

  8. James Ty III says:

    Ralph, News TV will air an old QTV show Sana’y Muling Makapiling (formerly Reunions) with Jessica Soho starting tonight at 7:15 pm right after Idol sa Kusina. That show will replace Good News with Vicky Morales which moves to Mondays at 8 pm.

    Also, Ground Zero (the Vicky M documentary about a possible super quake) airs at 9 pm tonight and Motorcycle Diaries with Jay Taruc at 10 pm also tonight.

    Another sign of News TV reformatting for the worse.

    • hindi lang yon pati yung mga previous lenten telesine special sa GMA-7 noong nagdaan taon pinapalabas ulit sa GMA News TV (sa timeslot ng The 700 Club Asia) every holy week every year like Tanikala 2 nina Mike Tan at Sheena Halili tapos yung Tanikala 3: Panata ni Miriam Quiambao, baka this year sa darating na holy week ipapalabas ulit sa GMA News TV yung Tanikala 5 nina Diva Montelaba, Mike Tan, Ryza Cenon at Jason ernandez noong last year pati yung Tinig ni Frencheska Farr (sa timeslot ng The 700 club Asia).

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        The only time I saw GMA News TV on-air during Holy Week was in 2011. On Maundy Thursday or Good Friday at that time, I saw a replay of GMA News’ “Limang Dekada” TV special, which was originally aired on January 10, 2010.

        Speaking about “Limang Dekada,” it was supposed to be aired on GMA’s SNBO block on December 2009, as said in its first teaser plug, but after a while, it became “Coming Soon,” until it was finally confirmed that it will be aired on January 10, 2010. I don’t know the possible reason, though, why GMA chose to move their “Limang Dekada” TV special from December 2009 to the final date I’ve mentioned.

      • News TV’s reasoning has to do with the lack of news airing on Holy Week. Problem is, they are a news channel and they should still be on guard for unexpected breaking news like crime and politics. Being absent on Holy Week is really more insulting if they really claim to be a news channel.

  9. Siguro, kaya ginawa nila News channel, bago mauna ang aksyon tv ng 1 week, hinaharang nila ang pagtaas ng ratings ng tv5. Siguro sa ngayon , successful sila sa nutam ratings dahil dikit na sila ngayon ang labanan ng news tv at tv5, ayon sa agb nielsen.

      • I know na Vhf sila, dahil magaganda ang shows nila, eh bakit ang studio 23 kahit nasa uhf sila ,noong oct. 2013, ang 23 nakakuha ng 4.8% , ang news tv, 5% ang aksyon tv 2%,ayon sa natanong ko sa agb nielsen facebook fanpage, eh bakit nagawa pa noon ng 23 na dumikit sa news tv kahit nasa uhf sila? I know na pag vhf ay wider ang signal kesa uhf .

      • Dahil may nagawang paraan ang ABS-CBN na palakasin ang signal ng 23. Siyempre may pera ang Dos kaya malakas ngayon ang hatak ng 23. At ang pera nito ay resulta ng high ratings, high ad revenue and smart investment policies.

        The same cannot be said of AksyonTV. Yung recent financial problems ng Singko ay isang dahilan kaya’t hindi pa nila iniimprove ang reach at signal ng 41.

  10. ngayon 2nd nalang ang GMA at lumalakas ang news tv, paano kung ilipat ung iba pang mga top-rated shows ng news tv sa gma, tulad ng takilya blockbuster,reel time, ang pinaka, award winning doc. shows at kahit mga news, tulad ng balita pilipinas na maraming nanonood sa hapon

    • Kung merging lang ang paguusapan, that would be impossible. Sobrang siksik na ang lineup ng GMA, and moving more News TV programs would make the latter network useless. Wala nang manonood ng News TV kung puro replay na lang ng old programs ang pinapalabas nila dahil dito.

      And we haven’t talked about a sports division for GMA, which has been lacking for a long time now.

  11. James Ty III says:

    GMA is set to televise a new regional amateur league with Vince Hizon as Commissioner. That is a good step towards the network forming a sports division.

  12. naalala ko noong 2004, meron test broadcast ang citynet 27 pero sa oras lang ng eat bulaga. malabo talaga ang signal ng 27 dito sa manila. pero pwede pa ba sila bumalik doon? matagal na kasi di ginagamit ito.

    • Ginagamit right now ang 27 sa digital broadcasts ng GMA. Posibleng bumalik ang GMA sa UHF, provided na may pera silang pang-maintenance at pang-upgrade nito.

  13. James Ty III says:

    GMA Movies for this Sunday:

    GMA Blockbusters: MR. BEAN’S HOLIDAY (Rowan Atkinson)
    SNBO: MIMIC (Mira Sorvino)

      • James Ty III says:

        ABS-CBN will have Tinawon, Bigas at Buhay this Sunday on Sunday’s Best. It’s a documentary produced by the network’s news department hosted by Tony Velasquez about rice planting in the Ifugao region. Co-produced by a Malaysian network.

  14. James Ty III says:

    More GMA movies tomorrow:

    Kapuso Movie Festival (11:15 am) THE INCREDIBLE HULK with Edward Norton
    True Horror Stories (3:30 pm) White: The Melody of the Curse (Korean)

  15. Nameless says:

    This article is so very interesting for me, regarding GMA News TV’s inconsistent format. 🙂 GMA News earned a high reputation for being hailed as most trusted news outfit, but they’re not consistent in what they’re doing in Channel 11, plus those annoying programs from a religious blocktimer during off-peak hours. They’re just airing sports coverage like Volleyball or Boxing & a movie block, in order to earn a high rating, just to be tagged as “THE NO. 1 NEWS CHANNEL IN THE PHILIPPINES”. What a creep. In my opinion, since Ramon S. Ang finally entered into GMA’s roster of shareholders, he should make ideas or plans regarding this creepy news station. And I noticed than GMA News is not showing their news headquarters to their viewers during their newscasts, unlike some local news channels. I suggest GMA to re-open Channel 27 into an all-sports or entertainment channel then leave Channel 11 to the original religious owner.

    • I agree. Out of place ang News TV dahil nagmukha na ‘tong QTV na dati nitong pangalan.

      And yes, revive Channel 27 into something similar to ABS-CBN Sports+Action, and leave Channel 11 back to ZOE as the Light Network. Now if they can start building their sports division, that would be better.

      • Nameless says:

        I don’t know kung ano ba talaga ang nangyari sa GMA at ba’t tila naghihingalo na ang popularity at ratings nila lately, from news to entertainment. Sayang pa naman ang Channel 27 nila. It’s not too late to do these things. And I guess, Mr. R. S. Ang will be a big help to GMA for creating “GMA Sports”, since this businessman is also an owner of some PBA teams like Sir MVP. 🙂

  16. James Ty III says:

    And to Mr. Ang, please remove those disgusting Tagalized movies that are being shown over and over again on both GMA and News TV.

  17. and speaking of Zoe Broadcasting Network, yung isang istasyon ng Zoe TV/Bro. Eddie yung Light TV-33, mas maganda kung upahan ng MTV Pinoy ng oras o airtime sa Light TV 33 to air or broadcast MTV Pinoy on Light TV 33 para mas lalong gumanda ang Light TV 33 pag meron nang MTV Pinoy sa Light TV 33 at nandun pa rin yung Christian Network ang Light TV 33 at may mareretain na shows sa LTV 33 at may tatangalin yung ibang shows sa Light TV 33 dahil meron na sa GMA News TV like adyenda, diyos at bayan, pisobilities, this is my story.

    tapos yung I Love Pinas mas maganda kung ilipat yan sa GMA-7 para may travel show naman sa GMA-7 at maganda naman yung show na I Love Pinas ni Carlo Lorenzo kasi wala travel show sa GMA-7 ang last travel show sa 7 yung Pinoy Meets World hosted by Miriam Quiambao and Paolo Bediones atchaka may travel show na sa GMA News TV yung Biyahe ni Drew na hinu-host ni Drew Arellano, panget naman kung nandun pa rin yung I Love Pinas sa News TV tapos meron Biyahe ni Drew sa News TV, same format.

  18. I have this idea of reviving QTV with a new format. News, sports, movies, imported series, and will serve as an affiliate of ABC (signing an agreement with the said network to air their entire lineup). American programming plus sports may be a big boost to Channel 11 (or Channel 27 because I may return 11 to JIL)

  19. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I detected another program which does not belong to “news,” but airs on GMA News TV: “Gandang Ricky Reyes,” a lifestyle magazine show aired on weekends hosted by one of Asia’s most prestigous hair stylists.

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