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TV5’s Busy February

TV5’s February highlight will be the historic first broadcast of the Winter Olympics, which will be held at Sochi, Russia this month.

The month of February will be TV5’s busiest month so far. And it does not include the ongoing PBA Philippine Cup playoffs and other current programs.

Yesterday morning, the Super Bowl was aired on the Kapatid network. The championship game between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos, along with the halftime performance of Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, were a social media hit during and after the event. The game was carried by TV5 and sister stations AksyonTV and Hyper, and was also shown on PLDT’s Home Fibr TVolution subscription service.

TV5 will also present the Studio5 Original Movies this month. For its first offering tonight, Alice Dixson and Mark Neumann will join forces in ‘Lady Next Door’. Afterwards, the tandem ‘Guy and Pip’ (Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III) will reunite on the shortie ‘When I Fall in Love’, followed by Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Daniel Matsunaga in ‘The Replacement Bride’, before finishing the mini-series with ‘Bawat Sandali’, featuring an all-star cast consisting of Derek Ramsey, Angel Aquino, Yul Servo, Mylene Dizon, and Philip Salvador. Studio5 Original Movies air on each Tuesday of the month after ‘Madam Chairman’.

TV5 will also make history by airing the Winter Olympics for the first time. This year’s event will be in Sochi, Russia, and will attract over 2,500 athletes, including the lone Philippine representative in figure skater Michael Christian Martinez. The event will be held from February 8 to 24 (Manila time), and will be seen on TV5 and sister stations AksyonTV and Hyper. In addition, PLDT’s broadband internet service will bring extended coverage to the event.

TV5’s other major sports event for the month will be the ‘Ronda Pilipinas’. The event began last February 1, and highlights of the race will be seen on a daily basis until February 16. And finally, the NCAA volleyball tournament reaches its conclusion this week with the airing of the finals of the men’s and women’s event.

This is definitely one hectic month for TV5 management. Now if they can start sorting out the mess that is the programming schedules, then the viewers will be happy and interested.


6 thoughts on “TV5’s Busy February

  1. gabby says:

    More programming changes:

    Magic? Gimik! Revealed (which is aired clips from TV program Breaking the Magician’s Code) will be aired starting this Saturday at 6pm, permanently occupy the former timeslot of Showbiz Police.

    Meanwhile, the new TV5 documentary series Kaya (formerly titled IDokyu) will start airing at Saturday night at 10:30, competing with the 14-year old show I-Witness on GMA. It’s first feature is the basics of Stem Cell Theraphy and will be anchored by Luchi Cruz-Valdes.

      • gabby says:

        the replacement of I-Witness on the monday slot is Front Row, used to be aired on GMA News TV.

        meanwhile, another GNTV show Power House with Kara David will be moved to GMA on Wednesday, carrying the timeslot of Born to Be Wild that will be aired on Sunday mornings, competing with Matang Lawin.

  2. James Ty III says:

    What will happen to GMA News TV with all those shows moving to GMA 7? Will it become a sports channel like ABS-CBN Sports+Action and Aksyon TV? Or will it go back to being QTV? Or will it dissolve altogether?

    • I don’t know. Worst case scenario is moving back to Channel 27 and selling Channel back to Zoe TV. Best case scenario is reformatting, presumably to the format that Studio 23 used to have, or back to QTV.

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