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TV5 Needs to Improve its News and Sports Broadcasts

TV5 needs to improve its production of sports and news programs in order to be more consistent with the other networks. (Photo courtesy of TV5)

TV5’s sports broadcasting resume was enhanced by acquiring the broadcast rights for this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. However, there are some issues that need to be resolved when it comes to both sports and news coverage.

As I observed the recent Sports5 broadcasts of the NCAA and PBA, there is something wrong with their live coverage, and that involves the announcers and courtside reporters of the said network. Typically announcers are required to wait for the commercials to end before resuming their duties, but in Sports5’s example, the announcers are already speaking once the commercials are done and a live shot of the game is shown. This is a bad example of airing a live sports event.

If Sports5’s vision is to be a leader in sportscasting, their announcers need to improve in terms of timing and thorough delivery. By eliminating this ‘can’t wait’ mentality, the broadcast of a live sports event will be well-produced and consistent. Perhaps they should look at ABS-CBN Sports’ coverage of the UAAP and see why.

Going to the news aspect, I was disgusted by Radyo5 92.3 News FM’s simulcast of ‘T3: Reload’ the other day. Their commercial breaks are too long, so much so that the final segment where Ben, Erwin and Raffy Tulfo usually deliver their final remarks and bid farewell to the viewers never aired. Meanwhile, on AksyonTV’s simulcasts of Radyo5 programs, their ‘Aksyon Breaking’ news segment is also too long, perhaps twice as long as the ‘Aksyon News Update’ on Radyo5, due to the coverage of so many stories and ‘Aksyon Weather’. As a result, the simulcast of the radio program does not start in time on AksyonTV.

Perhaps the most misleading observation is the title ‘Aksyon Breaking’. The title should only be used during live press conferences and urgent breaking news that happen beyond the top of the hour such as ongoing fires, hostage crises, accidents and shooting incidents. ‘Aksyon News Alert’, the title used on TV5, is the more applicable title for AksyonTV’s top-of-the-hour newsbreaks.

With that in mind, here are some suggestions. Whenever ‘T3: Reload’ is aired on Radyo5, they should limit themselves to 30 or 60-second commercial breaks, due to the lengthy resolution of complaints on the program. On ‘Aksyon’, around 120 to 150 seconds is more than enough. And during AksyonTV’s top-of-the-hour newsbreaks, they should limit their stories to just one or two, and deliver them in an average of 40 to 50 seconds. Finally, ‘Aksyon Weather’ should move back to the :30 minute mark of the hour, and include the global and regional weather segments.

TV5 definitely has the potential to produce the best sports and news programming possible. But unless they improve on these aspects, their progression as a media giant will be hindered.


15 thoughts on “TV5 Needs to Improve its News and Sports Broadcasts

  1. pinoyjourn says:

    Mahirap talaga ang simulcast ng radyo sa TV and vice versa. Di hamak na mas maraming commercials ang Radyo Singko kaysa sa TV kaya mas mahirap naman na puro commercials yung nasa TV version. I think News5 should prioritize the main platform for their programs para doon guided yung flow ng programming. If any case, it’d be good to provide smooth transitions na pwede bumitaw yung radio pero tuloy ang diskusyon sa TV.

      • pinoyjourn says:

        I haven’t watched any reference from out of the country. DZMM Teleradyo is our oldest reference. Then again, they acknowledge na yung main platform nila is still radio so slight lang ang changes nila to content (add in video or images pag available to support the report). So sa kanila radio ang sinasabayan ng TV. But for instance in TV Patrol, hindi naggigive way agad ang radyo kapag di pa ubos ang commercial ng Dos Por Dos. So nilalaktawan na minsan yung headlines. Hard part with Aksyon TV kasi is it’s mainly TV but simulcasting radio. I think for scripted shows like T3, kumbaga producers are conscious about their radio audience so they know when to say to anchors “Paalam muna kayo sa radio”.

  2. James Ty III says:

    TV5 will air Winter Olympics coverage tomorrow from 3-7 pm since there are no PBA games tomorrow. Vic Sotto’s show comes in at 7 pm, Wow Mali Pa Rin at 8, Ronda Pilipinas update at 9, the Tagalog dub of the horror movie The Hills Have Eyes at 9:15, Pilipinas News at 10:45 and the resumption of the Winter OIympics at 11:15 pm.

  3. James Ty III says:

    Sports Pilipinas with Chino Trinidad and Isabel Oli will air its last episode tomorrow at 11:15 am. The show is set to be axed as GMA News TV 11 is set to be slowly phased out, I heard.

      • pinoyjourn says:

        What’s happening to Channel 11?! I read your post about the need to reformat or move but i didn’t think it to be imminent.

      • Most of their programming is being cancelled because, as James has said, News TV is rumored to be on the way out. Yung Fashbook nga mawawala na rin according to Solenn Heussaff.

        GMA is losing a lot of money because they are operating two VHF stations at the same time. Yung News TV ang sobrang affected, and as a result, puro replay ng GMA news programs, mga pelikula at old documentaries na lang ang napapanood sa 11. When your programming is so watered out, you lose a lot of viewers. I don’t think GMA will hang on to Channel 11 any longer soon.

  4. James Ty III says:

    TV5 will air Winter Olympics coverage today from 3-7 pm since there are no PBA games. Vic Sotto’s show comes in at 7 pm, Wow Mali Pa Rin at 8, Ronda Pilipinas update at 9, the Tagalog dub of the horror movie The Hills Have Eyes at 9:15, Pilipinas News at 10:45 and the resumption of the Winter OIympics at 11:15 pm.

  5. James Ty III says:

    Going back to News TV, the station will replay Tado’s documentary Misteryo sa Paraiso tonight at 8 pm on Reel Time. This is the station’s tribute to the guy who died in a bus accident.

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