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PBA D-League Shut Out of TV Coverage

Not even the presence of PBA D-League top pick Chris Banchero of Boracay Rhum, and NU-Banco de Oro’s Bobby Ray Parks, was enough to convince the big television networks to air the D-League.

The PBA D-League was supposed to enjoy its fair share of TV coverage during the 2014 Aspirants Cup. However, none of the big networks came calling.

Back in November, I wrote an article about the D-League’s lack of TV coverage at the start of the Aspirants Cup. Sports5, which has covered the D-League on television since its formation, decided to opt out due to its prior commitments to the NCAA, the PBA, the United Football League, and other sports events such as the then-upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics. In addition, GMA News TV was mentioned to have been negotiating with the PBA for the broadcast of the D-League. However, GMA’s negotiations with the PBA would eventually stall, and as a result, not even a single game of the Aspirants Cup was aired on television.

The lack of television coverage within the PBA D-League is surely a disgrace to the fledgling league. This is the league where college and amateur players converge in hopes of getting noticed by PBA teams in the near future. But with television coverage absent, the only way basketball fans and scouts can take notice is to go to the nearest arena and enter for no additional cost. And that takes a lot of miles and money.

Surely, the D-League deserves a whole lot of attention. But without any TV coverage whatsoever, what will the future hold for this league once the next conference begins this summer?


11 thoughts on “PBA D-League Shut Out of TV Coverage

  1. James Ty III says:

    Ralph, the D League’s TV problems date back to the time the PBL was still active. Chino Trinidad, who was the PBL commissioner back then, was more focused on his job as GMA sports correspondent and it was during his time that he had the PBL games moved from Studio 23 to cable TV because of his work then for Solar.

    GMA News TV’s impending “reformatting” was the reason why the TV coverage of the D League got stalled.

    I also heard that the D League finals will be played at the Araneta Coliseum before the PBA finals starting Feb. 21. TV5 will cover some footages of the D League finals to be aired during gaps in the finals telecast.

      • James Ty III says:

        Absentee talaga si Chino and the late Butch Maniego acted as the “deputy commissioner.”

        By the way,’s Gerry Ramos told me that Chino has already resigned from GMA, according to the latter’s social media accounts. Chino did not specify the reason why he quit although it has something to do with the cancellation of Sports Pilipinas, which was his “baby.”

        Aside from hosting the show, Chino also worked behind the scenes on Sports Pilipinas so when News TV cancelled it, he may have felt bad.

      • Gabby says:

        Malaking kawalan talaga sa GMA si Sir Chino Trinidad. Aside for Time Out sa 24, meron pa siyang mga reports sa Saksi sa Dobol B.

  2. James Ty III says:

    I have some good news: AKSYON TV 41 will air Game 1 of the PBA D League finals between NLEX and Big Chill later at 7 pm after the PBA finals between San Mig and Rain or Shine. Spread the word.

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