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Academy Awards Now Delayed Broadcast on Free TV

Unlike in previous years, the Oscars were not shown live on free Philippine TV. Instead it will be aired on a six-day delayed broadcast over ABS-CBN Channel 2 this Sunday.

When Studio 23 reformatted into ABS-CBN Sports + Action last January, it sacrificed a huge part of its programming. Among those purged by the new network were its broadcasts of the Academy Awards, which took place earlier today.

This year’s Academy Awards were shown live via the Lifestyle Network, which is not available on the popular P490 plan, and can only be accessed in other SkyCable subscriptions. Consequently, due to the reformat of Channel 23, it also forced ABS-CBN Channel 2 to air the Oscars, as it is commonly known, on a six-day delayed basis as part of ‘Sunday’s Best’.

Airing the Oscars live on free TV Channel 2 has had some serious consequences. First, it sacrifices its broadcast of highly-rated programs such as ‘The Singing Bee’ and ‘Be Careful with My Heart’. Second, the three-hour event would cause it to overlap with ‘It’s Showtime’. And finally, the Oscars were not as well known to lower-class Filipinos as ABS-CBN’s other weekday live events such as the Miss Universe pageant and the NBA Finals.

Having said that, it was unfortunate that this year’s Oscars never aired live on free TV, unlike before when it was possible for Studio 23 to air it. But thanks to the internet and cable TV, movie addicts were able to witness the antics of Ellen DeGeneres and the announcement of the winners. Still, it didn’t help that some movie fanatics without any access to these new technologies were unable to witness the Academy Awards earlier today.



11 thoughts on “Academy Awards Now Delayed Broadcast on Free TV

    • The Oscars will be aired on ABS-CBN’s Sunday’s Best. That program kasi is a special program; it can air either movies, concerts, live events or documentaries.

  1. gabby says:

    Oscars was used to air on Velvet before moved their TV coverage to Lifestyle Network. sa Asia naman, ang Oscars ay ipinalabas din ng live sa Fox Movies Premium (except in the Philippines due to broadcast rights of L. Network)

  2. Which was really annoying… bakit yung ibang awards like the grammy’s na-eere sa multiple channels in the Philippines. I have Fox Movies Premium and I was really delighted to hear they will air the Oscars Live.. buwisit in Bold letters nakalagay NOT AVAILABLE IN THE PHILIPPINES….

    • ABS and its affiliate Lifestyle Network has the rights to the Oscars. That’s why FMP didn’t air the Oscars here. IDK about the Grammys, but since naging Sports + Action yung Channel 23, they stopped airing these US award shows.

  3. James Ty III says:

    The Oscars replay on Channel 2 is this Sunday at 9:45 pm on Sunday’s Best. But most likely, it will be heavily edited.

  4. Clark says:

    Given that local channels generally are unreliable when it comes to live coverage of special foreign shows like the Oscars et al, can it be mandatory to have multiple broadcast rights (no monopoly) for the benefit of viewers since channels have different market segmentation anyway. The same show can air simultaneously on a foreign cable channel (HBO), a local cable channel (Lifestyle Network) and a free-to-air channel?

    • If the said parties work this out, the better. But then again, they have their own priorities, not to mention the disparity of interests among viewers which will make it more difficult to pull this out.

  5. James Ty III says:

    HBO did air the Oscars but not live on a free TV channel. ABS-CBN will air the Oscars on Sunday, March 1, at 11:15 pm. But I think it will be heavily edited.

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