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In 100 Words: LaBoracay

Thousands of tourists troop to Boracay to celebrate Labor Day Weekend, in what is now known to many as ‘LaBoracay’.

For many working-class citizens, Labor Day is a special occasion that pays tribute to the blue-collar men and women of society. But in the Philippines, Labor Day means something else.

In a beach paradise that is Boracay, teenagers and young adults troop to this island to not only relax, but also to party, play and drink the stress away. ‘LaBoracay’, as it is popularly called, attracts thousands of tourists on a yearly basis during Labor Day Weekend, and is typically the high point of summer in the said island.

This year’s ‘LaBoracay’ is expected to be even bigger. And with more tourists arriving, there is no question that ‘LaBoracay’ is everybody’s summer highlight.

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Sunday All Stars Revamp as Ratings Fall; PBB All-In Criticized

As ABS-CBN’s ‘ASAP’ continue to dominate Sunday afternoon viewership and social media impact, rival ‘Sunday All Stars’ of GMA Network decided to once again change its format. This was according to a news report from LionhearTV.

The newly-reformatted ‘Sunday All Stars’  now airs for only 90 minutes, while moving its airtime to 1:00 p.m. But what made the show so different these days was the absence of several of its mainstays, such as Jay-R, Frencheska Farr and Yassi Pressman. Jay-R, in particular, was disappointed about the reformat that he made his departure public via a tweet to one of his fans.

The report also stated that the show will now feature a mix of regular and semi-regular artists that would appear in every episode. In addition, the group competition will be axed in favor of individual battles between two artists, while the show’s judges will no longer sit to evaluate their performances.

Clearly, GMA has to be frustrated with ‘Sunday All Stars’. With a more stripped-down approach, and with its younger mainstays absent, ‘Sunday All Stars’ is becoming a program without any sense of direction. And that weak concoction won’t help reverse the show’s fortunes. A change is definitely needed for GMA to make their Sundays more relevant.

Meanwhile, the new season of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ received the brunt of criticism from most netizens, leading to the hashtag #PBBScripted, which trended throughout Sunday and into Monday.

Most netizens took their frustrations at the program’s celebrity selections, claiming that they took away spots from ordinary folks who actually auditioned for the show. Netizens also claim that the new season of PBB only allows people with good looks and wealth to enter the hallowed Big Brother house, while others claim that celebrities will have a huge advantage over the ordinary housemates in the voting process.

Among the notable celebrities for the season were volleyball player Michele Gumabao, Phoemela Barranda’s daughter Nichole, teen actress Jane Oineza, Chariz Solomon’s twin brothers Bobby and Robert (aka Fourth and Fifth), and DLSU Green Archer Thomas Torres’ brother Axel. At the last minute, host Alex Gonzaga decided to join as a housemate rather than hosting the reality show.

Despite the criticisms, the opening night of ‘Pinoy Big Brother: All In’ is expected to be a ratings hit, and with the presence of these celebrities, it should also be expected that more people will tune in to watch them deal with the tasks made by none other than ‘Big Brother’ himself. ‘Pinoy Big Brother: All In’ will have an afternoon ‘Uber’ show on weekdays, and a regular evening show that would culminate with a live eviction show on most Sundays. In addition, PBB will have an online show on its website.

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Broadcasting Notes on the Canonization of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII will be canonized this Sunday at the Vatican.

The canonization of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II will be a worldwide affair, one that involves over 200 countries broadcasting the event live and via satellite. And in the Philippines, the coverage of the event will be among the most extensive to date.

The canonization, slated to air this Sunday afternoon Manila time, will be aired in most stations of the country.


The Kapamilya network’s coverage on Channel 2 will be aired as part of both ‘Buzz ng Bayan’ and ‘TV Patrol Weekend’. Simultaneously, both DZMM TeleRadyo and the ABS-CBN News Channel will air a more comprehensive coverage of the canonization.


The Kapatid network’s coverage will be shown simultaneously on both Channel 5 and AksyonTV 41. Fortunately, no PBA games were scheduled on this day, as the Commissioner’s Cup semifinals was slated to begin the following day, giving News5 the opportunity to broadcast the event.


Instead of broadcasting the canonization on the main Channel 7, GMA decided to broadcast the event via its other VHF station GMA News TV 11. As a result, this Sunday’s edition of ‘Startalk’ will be aired without any opposition, as its rival program ‘Buzz ng Bayan’ will give way to the coverage of the canonization.

Other Stations

The government-owned People’s Television Channel 4 and IBC-13 will have a shared coverage of the canonization, while a separate broadcast will be aired for viewers of the Solar News Channel 9. However, there will be no live coverage on the Iglesia ni Cristo-owned Net 25 and the Members Church of God International-owned UNTV 37, for obvious reasons.

With that, From the Tube will like to congratulate both Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II on entering sainthood. God bless.

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Billboard Hot 100 – May 3, 2014

Here are the Top 10 songs from the Billboard Hot 100 for the week of May 3, 2014.

1. Pharrell Williams – Happy. No. 1 last week.

2. John Legend – All of Me. No. 2 last week.

3. Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz – Talk Dirty. No. 4 last week.

4. Katy Perry feat. Juicy J – Dark Horse. No. 3 last week.

5. Idina Menzel – Let It Go. No. 5 last week.

6. Bastille – Pompeii. No. 6 last week.

7. DJ Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down for What. No. 8 last week.

8. Justin Timberlake – Not a Bad Thing. No. 12 last week.

9. Chris Brown feat. Lil’ Wayne & French Montana, Too Short or Tyga – Loyal. No. 11 last week.

10. Lorde – Team. No. 7 last week.

All videos of the Top 10 songs can be viewed above. Our thanks to Billboard for this week’s Hot 100 Top 10.

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103.5 K-Lite Remains a Work in Progress

The newly-revived 103.5 K-Lite continues to be a work in progress as it entered its ninth month on the air.

Since returning to the airwaves in August 2013, 103.5 K-Lite has endured numerous changes in both personnel and programming. This quick change of pace was a far cry from the first incarnation of K-Lite, and for listeners of the old K-Lite, the adjustment period is not what they were used to.

When K-Lite was reintroduced last August, none of the DJs from the previous incarnation were hired, save for Carl (of Alamid fame). What they hired instead were several industry veterans that have nothing to do with the old K-Lite, and some young jocks looking to find their own niche.

So instead of Jessica Zafra, the Blade, Ron South and Vitto Lazatin (all of whom moved on to other jobs), they got NU 107 vets Mondo and Trish, RT’s Sonny, Scarlet and EJ Electric, and Max/Wow/Heart talents Janice, Max Speed, Jacob and Tim Kong. With a new cast of characters, it all seemed a matter of time before K-Lite recaptures the flame that they once stoked in its original incarnation.

But over the last few months, the station suddenly had to deal with the departures of both Carl and Mondo, who decided to focus on their bands. And more recently, Sonny (better known as the voice-over talent of ABS-CBN Sports + Action) was assigned to 99.5 Play FM. Whether or not they were unhappy with the direction that K-Lite is taking remains to be seen. The turnover of talent was not the only problem for K-Lite, however.

Its recent programming changes also became a source of frustration for listeners. In its first few months on the air, K-Lite revived its old programs such as ‘Lite Wave’, ‘Faster than Lite’ and ‘Black & Lite’, but were axed at the beginning of 2014. They also attempted to do an all-oldies day called ‘Classic Lite’ on Mondays (a different version from the all-classic rock show aired on the original K-Lite), but it was also axed. The reasons behind their cancellations remain unknown.

As it turned out, K-Lite’s current programming lineup is clearly different from its original incarnation. No longer boasting of programs that either play only specific musical genres or feature all-talk formats, K-Lite’s programs now run in the same vein as those from its sister stations on the Real Radio umbrella, featuring their brand of hot adult contemporary music mixed in with DJs talking about various topics of interest. And for loyal listeners of the old station, it is difficult to accept.

But like all aspects of life, the show must go on. Consider this as a ‘new era’ in K-Lite, a different identity, a different approach. The departures of its DJs and the change in programming are all part of the evolution. By all means, this K-Lite is different from the one that once identified themselves as ‘The Right Kind of Lite’ and ‘Manila’s Lite Alternative’. But after nine months on the air, K-Lite continues to be a work in progress, and with stability still in question, expect more changes in this station within the next few months.

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GMA Answers Meteor Garden with Two Asianovelas

With ‘Meteor Garden’ maintaining its popularity despite its status as a re-run program, GMA has decided to offer something else for its disenchanted viewers. And it comes in pairs, too.

Last Monday, GMA introduced the Asianovelas ‘Mischievous Kiss’ and ‘My Love from the Stars’, both of which were produced in Korea. The two Asianovelas took over the timeslot vacated by the short-lived movie block ‘GMA Sinebabad’.

As it turned out, GMA challenged ABS-CBN’s decision to move ‘Meteor Garden’ at a later timeslot. Just a week into its re-broadcast, ‘Meteor Garden’ was moved to the 4:30 slot to take advantage of GMA airing old movies in the late afternoons. And based on the ratings, the strategy seems to work for the Kapamilya network.

In response, GMA placed two new Asianovelas opposite ‘Meteor Garden’ in order to attract a different set of viewers. The fact is, not every individual is a fan of F4, and for some who are clamoring for a fresh product, GMA’s new programs offer a more viable alternative.

It also helps that ‘Mirabella’ is currently the Kapamilya network’s lowest-rated primetime drama series, with ratings averaging over 10% less than its predecessor ‘Annaliza’. By placing an Asianovela opposite ‘Mirabella’, GMA hopes to finally win in the 5:45-6:30 timeslot, something they have not done in nearly a decade.

It remains to be seen whether or not the two new Asianovelas will translate to better ratings for GMA’s afternoon block. But for the Kapuso network, it seems that they have scored a winner in its late afternoon timeslot.