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GMA News TV Needs to Get Rid of the Movies

If there is one thing to describe about GMA News TV, it’s the fact that they earned a reputation for being the most cluttered of the four major news networks in the country. And airing movies, Filipino or foreign, only add insult to injury.

This week, GMA News TV brought back its much maligned ‘Takilya Blockbusters’ movie block, featuring classic films. This time around, the movie block aired starting at 6:00 a.m., an uncharacteristic choice of hour for movies on free TV.

Honestly, it is a bad decision by News TV to air movies at 6:00 a.m. People who usually wake up at this hour always begin their day by watching the news, and for News TV to air movies in the early morning, it is a slap to the face for the network that GMA always claims to be the ‘no. 1 news network in the country’.

What made it worse is that News TV already has a poor history of replacing and replaying shows at 6:00 a.m. They attempted a hook-up with Super Radyo DZBB 594 for ‘Saksi sa Dobol B’, followed by a morning show in ‘Kape at Balita’, before making a decision to simply replay classic documentary programs. They could have simulcast ‘Unang Hirit’ in a similar way that rivals ABS-CBN News Channel and AksyonTV simulcast their VHF channel’s morning programs, but since GMA 7 is also a VHF channel, News TV wanted no part of simulcasting GMA’s morning program.

GMA News TV needs to stop airing these movies. They do not deserve to air on a news channel like News TV, and are more applicable to specialized channels like ABS-CBN Sports + Action. News TV needs to go back to what they do best: news reporting and public affairs programming, which is what their rivals are doing.

But with the way things are going, I doubt if News TV will ever eschew these movie blocks. After all, they have been suffering from an identity crisis, as they aired not only movies, but also classic programs from predecessor QTV. And as they continue to press on by making questionable programming decisions, it may just be a matter of time before GMA executives finally pull the plug on News TV.


69 thoughts on “GMA News TV Needs to Get Rid of the Movies

  1. Come to think of it, GMA’s programming turnover ratio is gone much faster than before. Ha, GMA 7’s going to have an audience breakdown with such mechanism in place.

    • And it sucks that this once-proud station that turned the tables ratings-wise in the mid-2000s returned to playing second fiddle to its closest neighbor in Mother Ignacia. There’s no improvement whatsoever in GMA’s part.

      • That’s the consequence of GMA’s lack of a sports division, which is why they only depended on block-timers (in the Pacquiao-Bradley’s case, Solar Sports) to air sports events. And unless they establish such a division and acquire the necessary equipment, malamang matatalo talaga sila at hindi papansinin ng PBA once Sports5’s contract expire.

        And NCAA? Give me a break. Hindi rin papayag ang NC sa isang network na walang sports division such as GMA, even as they desperately find a VHF station to air their games.

  2. MITRockz says:

    I agree that movies should be get rid of News TV. They should just focus more on news and public affair shows not entertainment shows. Plus, I don’t think GMA would be good in Sports broadcast. Look the Shakey’s V-League in News TV, I still prefer the V-League to broadcast in TV5 or in ABSCBN Sports and Action than in GMA.

    • The problem is, sobrang overloaded na ang sports coverage sa ABS at TV5. That is why I wanted GMA to form their own sports division in order to balance things out. And with TV5 having problems with their sports coverage of late, GMA needs to step up.

  3. 1.00 says:

    GMA is still #1 somehow (I think) is because in Free TV, they have a nice signals in majority areas, especially in Metro Manila. If you will ride many buses, you’ll mostly see GMA is being shown on their TVs not ABS-CBN. That is because ABS has a poorer signal than GMA. Plus, GMA has a great credibility in terms of its News and Public Affairs than ABS-CBN. Example of this, when ABS-CBN mistakenly reported a skin disease in their late night news show, Bandila, many in social media criticize ABS-CBN’s way of handling news. The people even gave credits to GMA’s way of delivering news.

    • They’re no No. 1 in most aspects, but not in others. Remember, GMA is still miles away from what ABS-CBN has done, such as the presence of a sports division and HD broadcasting.

      • sa tingin ko d maituturing na news channel ang Gma news tv, may sports, cooking show ,lifestyle, religious, movies, talk show na d related sa current events at may promo pa sila sa kapuso milyonaryo. sa tingin ko mas news channel pa nga ang channel 41

  4. i wonder what you guys think of ABS-CBN Sports + Action if you find out that they have been airing the Tanging Ina movies of AiAi delas Alas for the past 2 weeks. That right there does not belong to a SPORTS channel, more so of an ACTION channel. What do you think of that, Ralph? James? GMA News TV is currently NO. 4 next to GMA, ABS & TV5. Plus, it looks like GMA may be on the road of having HD Digital broadcasting. Of the BIG 3, GMA HAS been test broadcasting its channel in HD in preparation of Digital TV in the PH. And ABS, while testing also Digital broadcast, its encrypted to ther TV+ boxes & NOT IN HD. So GMA might become NO. 1 once Digital Broadcast starts in 2016. We might also see the beginning of a sports division for GMA. As per SPIN.PH, it says that GMA is backing up a future Amateur regional league called the FBA that might start in November. New beginning for a better future for GMA right there.

    • Kaya nga ABS-CBN Sports+Action. Dalawang format na pinagsama sa iisang channel. May movies at cartoons, tapos may sports.

      Saka obvious na No. 4 ang News TV dahil nasa VHF TV sila na mas malawak. Pero magastos ring magoperate ng dalawang VHF channel.

      Also, kailangang patunayan ng GMA na kaya nilang i-afford ang mga HD cameras na ginagamit ngayon ng ABS-CBN. Kung naka-letterbox format na ang mga teleserye sa 7 then your theory will be proven. As for ABS, they’ll take some time, pero dahil may SkyCable na sila, it will be an even smoother transition.

      Finally, a sports OB van is what GMA needs para makasimula ng sports division. Yan na lang ang kulang sa kanila. While it may be a bright future, hindi pa ito sigurado unless they can afford that kind of a vehicle.

      • ang mission din yata ng news tv , di lang kumita o para sa news and public service, ay talunin ang tv5 sa 3rd place, abs cbn sports+ action at aksyon tv. bakit kinukumpara ang 11 sa tv ratings ang aksyon tv at anc eh ang anc sa d naman free tv ??

      • Di ko alam tungkol diyan, basta yung pagka-VHF na channel nila ang dahilan kung bakit mas maraming taong nanonood sa 11, although mas inferior yung overall content nila compared sa AksyonTV at ANC.

        Siyempre pag VHF, wider reach siya, kaya ganon.

  5. Try testing the Digital broadcast of GMA, and you will see that mas MALAYO na sila in terms of free tv. Tsaka kailangan bang naka-letterbox para masabing HD? What GMA is doing is that they tape their shows in HD tapos they set the video in full screen para hindi panget tignan sa TV due to the fact that most people who have TV’s at home are not LCD or LED TV’S. The letterbox in the shows on ABS is not my type kahit na naka-LED TV ako. Regarding the movies on ABS S+A, okay sana kung mga Sports movies or Action movies ang ipalabas nila pero AiAi movies that belongs to the COMEDY genre? It doesn’t belong to a sports channel. Period. Lastly, can’t GMA use the OB van/trucks that they have for news? Its the same equipment anyway. But that’s just me. I don’t know about you?

    • Here’s my suggestion: Why don’t you set up a blog and write about YOUR thoughts on GMA’s programming and technical improvements, and your rebuttals on other channels? Kaysa sa makipagtalo pa tayo sa comments page, magsulat ka na lang ng blog to prove your point. Get it? Otherwise I won’t reply on your comments again.

  6. ratings lang ang intension ng news tv . noong qtv pa noon, ratings din ang hangad. sa ngayon, kinukumpara ang ratings ng news tv sa major networks dati like royal wedding and obama visit, pati narin pinagmamalaki nila sa slogan nila dati na “More and More People are switching to New TV”

  7. at parang mayabang din ang dating ng news tv laban sa aksyon tv at anc na sila ang no. 1 news channel sa bansa. ung aksyon tv , news,sports and public service , ung anc , news and docu. at nasa cable, pero ang news tv may mga entertainment shows kaya sila nag no. 1 sa agb ratings at swerte lang nila dahil nasa vhf sila

  8. pasaway talaga ang 11, di pa rin inaalis ang movies nila sa umaga at weekdays kahit sabihin na filler lang ito, mas mabuti pa kung magreplay sala ng documentaries kesa jan. And also i have an idea why dobol b sa news tv and kape at balita are cancelled. siguro alternate ang news ng 7 at 11 kaya meron sila sa early morning, late morning, noon, afternoon, late afternoon, primetime, late primetime and mightnight. ayaw nila magkatapat ang 2 news sa iisang oras

    • AksyonTV and ANC simulcast the morning programs of their mother networks, although most of the time, AksyonTV simulcasts Aksyon and its related newscasts. Hindi kasi ma-simulcast ng News TV ang Unang Hirit dahil VHF channel siya at baka ma-confuse ang mga viewers ng Siyete.

      Yung docus baka mas ok pa yun. But not cancelled programs like Pinoy Abroad. Kung pwede sana yung Buhay OFW ng AksyonTV na lang ang kunin ng News TV kaysa i-replay ang Pinoy Abroad.

  9. James Ty III says:

    News TV has acquired another History Channel show Ancient Aliens. It is dubbed in Tagalog and is aired Sundays at 10 pm after Kings of Restoration. Another Tagalized docu on GMA’s news channel.

    • Bkk says:

      What a disgrace (for another time) to the so-called GMA News TV. How about airing GMA’s documentary and public affairs programs produced in the GMA Radio & Television Arts and the Rainbow Network eras (those years before the 2002 rebrand as the Kapuso Network)? (for some throwback)

      Oh, and GMA News TV’s official Facebook page (named “News TV”) has seen only occasional updates, with the latest post from that page is from May.

      I think GMA News TV’s only redeeming points that fit are “State of the Nation” and the hourly news bulletins.

      • Kung pwede nga yung Science of Stupid ni Ramon Bautista (former May Tamang Balita host) sa National Geographic ay i-ere na lang ng News TV. After all, News TV’s quality of work has been dropping so badly.

  10. muning says:

    ang abs cbn, gma ,tv5 , abs cbn sports + action , gma news tv at aksyon tv ay may rating game na pinaglalabanan

    • Yung isang bahagi puro entertainment, tapos sa kabila naman ay news and sports. So may sarili silang agenda rito. Hindi mo pwedeng pagsama-samahin sila para lang sa ratings.

      Saka may suhestiyon ako sa ‘yo na hindi mo pa rin naisasagot: Kung may Facebook ka, ba’t hindi ka sumali sa Pinoy Nostalgia Discussion Group? Yung mga opinyon mo sa TV ngayon pwede mong ilagay sa group na yon. That is, kung may FB account ka.

  11. dapat ang ginawa ng GMA NTV Management at GMA Network Management yung ibang radio shows sa DZBB i-simulcast na nila sa GMA NTV 11 yung bakanteng oras sa GMA NTV magiging timeslot ng show sa DZBB na i-simulcast sa GMA NTV-11 just like yung show ni mike enriquez sa DZBB tuwing umaga sinay-mulcast sa GMA NTV whic is dobol b sa news tv and even ATV 41 and Radio 5 92.3 News FM yan din ginagawa para may news and public affairs show sa GMA NTV 11 instead of movies and old kapuso shows na ini-ere sa GMA NTV at alam ko gagawin nila yan at kaya nila gawin yon eh bakit hindi nila ginawa yon!

    tapos yung Zoe TV produced shows like adyenda, diyos at bayan, this is my story na ini-ere tuwing late nights ilipat nila sa umaga mga 7 am. kasi maganda rin yung mga palabas na yon dahil news, public affairs and entertainment shows yon.

    • The problem is, News TV has a newscast in the morning, noon, afternoon and evening, and as a result, magiging imposible ang DZBB simulcast ng mga programa nila considering the time constraints.

      If GMA has its own cable networks similar to TV5 and ABS, that would have been better. Kaso with the financial woes that they are in, it would be impossible for their cash-strapped pockets.

  12. muning says:

    ano po ang masasabi mo sa issue ng pagsisinungaling ng gma news tulad ng hologram 2010 eleksyon, agb controversies, pagtatanggol ng vhong -denise rape case, paninira kay bro. eli soriano ,atbp.

    • Una, pagyayabang lang ng GMA sa hologram na yan para makuha daw ang trust ng public. Also, yung AGB controversy na yan is still a subject of debate, so wala akong masasabi diyan. Yung kay Vhong, mostly self-defense ang ginawa ng GMA against an ABS talent, at kay Bro. Eli naman, mga minor glitches lang yan sa pagreport ng GMA. Total tao naman tayo, diba.

  13. muning says:

    kung ayaw nila alisin ang mga movies sa hapon pag weekend, ilipat na lang nila sa umaga after light network programs tapos yung mga weekend morning shows nila, ilipat nila sana sa hapon. kung pwede lang sana may sona weekend din sila.

  14. James Ty III says:

    Sa Puso Ni Dok will have a replay of its first episode this afternoon at 3:30 pm after Sunday All-Stars.

    GMA News TV will air the Shakey’s V League finals and battle for third place LIVE starting at 12:45 pm after Balitanghali Weekend.

  15. muning says:

    sana may mapapatunayan ako sa resulta ng ratings sa pagitan ng tv5 at news tv sa agb fanpage pero salbahe ang admin nito, ineedit niya tapos yung iba dinedelete ang mga post na ratings. may mga post siya na ang kantar raw ay magmemerge sa agb, may pahula siya kung anong show ang mawawala pero ang tinutukoy niya ang abs cbn, nagpost din siya nag di siya makapaniwala sa kantar results, magtatagal pa raw ang nino hanggang nov. , todo puri sa gma pag nagre-rate at ang matindi, pumapatol sa mga komento, at kung anu ano pa.

  16. muning says:

    pero ito, anong dahilan mo kung bakit kailangan pa nila itagalog ang mga pelikula sa news tv at hindi na lang nila gamitan ang english maliban lang sa non-english movies? para sa ratings, pang masa o majority language nila ang tagalog?

  17. muning says:

    at ito pa, marami na rin ang advertisers sa news tv kesa sa dati nilang qtv compare to tv5 again, dahil pinalakas ng gma 7 lalo na sa mega manila

    • muning says:

      watch tv5 and news tv during commercials, ito ang madalas sa tv5: unilever, selecta,at syempre ,mvp group of companies. pag sa news tv kahit nga takilya blockbuster nila sa umaga at reply na informercial and documentaries, ay may tv ads na iba’t ibang company

      • Thing is, pang-masa lang talaga ang outlet ng News TV, kaya sila nagkakaroon ng maraming sponsors. On TV5’s part, sa niche lang sila, hence the few sponsors you mentioned.

  18. muning says:

    Tanong ko po kung nabasa na po ninyo ang magazine na Biz News Asia na ang pamagat “Why GMA NEWS TV is NO. 1?”? Doon mo mababasa kung ano ang gusto ng News TV.

      • muning says:

        kaya ang dami na ang nakansel sa kanila tulad ng dobol b sa news tv, kape at balita, on call, personalan, love hotline, powerhouse, may tamang balita at front row

      • What News TV really needs now is sports events independent from blocktimers, para ma-fill ang mga slots na puro replay at movies. Pwede sa News TV ang NCAA, since hindi na siya magsa-suffer from the second-class treatment that TV5 and ABS gave to them. But it will only happen if GMA chooses to invest on sports broadcast equipment.

        As for the morning slot, pwedeng agahan ang News to Go. Total tamang-tama ang title ng program, dahil para ito sa mga naghahanda na pumasok sa school o office.

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