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Sunday All Stars Revamp as Ratings Fall; PBB All-In Criticized

As ABS-CBN’s ‘ASAP’ continue to dominate Sunday afternoon viewership and social media impact, rival ‘Sunday All Stars’ of GMA Network decided to once again change its format. This was according to a news report from LionhearTV.

The newly-reformatted ‘Sunday All Stars’  now airs for only 90 minutes, while moving its airtime to 1:00 p.m. But what made the show so different these days was the absence of several of its mainstays, such as Jay-R, Frencheska Farr and Yassi Pressman. Jay-R, in particular, was disappointed about the reformat that he made his departure public via a tweet to one of his fans.

The report also stated that the show will now feature a mix of regular and semi-regular artists that would appear in every episode. In addition, the group competition will be axed in favor of individual battles between two artists, while the show’s judges will no longer sit to evaluate their performances.

Clearly, GMA has to be frustrated with ‘Sunday All Stars’. With a more stripped-down approach, and with its younger mainstays absent, ‘Sunday All Stars’ is becoming a program without any sense of direction. And that weak concoction won’t help reverse the show’s fortunes. A change is definitely needed for GMA to make their Sundays more relevant.

Meanwhile, the new season of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ received the brunt of criticism from most netizens, leading to the hashtag #PBBScripted, which trended throughout Sunday and into Monday.

Most netizens took their frustrations at the program’s celebrity selections, claiming that they took away spots from ordinary folks who actually auditioned for the show. Netizens also claim that the new season of PBB only allows people with good looks and wealth to enter the hallowed Big Brother house, while others claim that celebrities will have a huge advantage over the ordinary housemates in the voting process.

Among the notable celebrities for the season were volleyball player Michele Gumabao, Phoemela Barranda’s daughter Nichole, teen actress Jane Oineza, Chariz Solomon’s twin brothers Bobby and Robert (aka Fourth and Fifth), and DLSU Green Archer Thomas Torres’ brother Axel. At the last minute, host Alex Gonzaga decided to join as a housemate rather than hosting the reality show.

Despite the criticisms, the opening night of ‘Pinoy Big Brother: All In’ is expected to be a ratings hit, and with the presence of these celebrities, it should also be expected that more people will tune in to watch them deal with the tasks made by none other than ‘Big Brother’ himself. ‘Pinoy Big Brother: All In’ will have an afternoon ‘Uber’ show on weekdays, and a regular evening show that would culminate with a live eviction show on most Sundays. In addition, PBB will have an online show on its website.


64 thoughts on “Sunday All Stars Revamp as Ratings Fall; PBB All-In Criticized

  1. James Ty III says:

    The fact that Sunday All-Stars now begins at 12:45 pm after KMF is a sign that the show is in big trouble. And I Bilib was moved to 10:15 am before KMF.

    And again, GMA continues to baffle viewers with that Tagalized James Bond movie last Sunday. The Kapuso Network never learns.

    • GMA Supershow lasted 19 years. And if ASAP will remain on air into 2015, it will surpass Supershow as the longest-running Sunday noontime show ever. Consistent, strong and flexible ang ASAP from the beginning, and GMA failed to match that.

      • James Ty III says:

        That’s because ASAP is well prepared every week. Their director Johnny Manahan is well versed in putting up a good show.

      • yekyekyek says:

        GMA Supershow isnt the longest running sunday noontime show, its Family Kuwarta o Kahon, which lasted 38 years and aired on ch. 2 and 9..

      • You were partially right. But in terms of the modern-day Sunday noontime show (all concerts and dance numbers), GMA Supershow has the longevity to prove it. Kwarta o Kahon was basically the forerunner of the weekday noontime show that we know today, na may pa-contest and stuff, which is where Student Canteen and now Eat Bulaga and Showtime were basically inspired from. Imagine mo na hindi magiging successful sila Tito, Vic and Joey kung wala ang hosting prowess ni Pepe Pimentel.

  2. James Ty III says:

    Regarding PBB, it was shocking to see a lot of housemates with celebrity connections enter the Bahay ni Kuya. Unfair to those who auditioned at the Big Dome.

    • Not even his arrival will improve its programming. Once the triumvirate of Gozon, Duavit and Jimenez finally sells its majority of shares, it will be good for GMA.

  3. YU says:

    Yassi Pressman and Frencheska Farr appeared in episodes 3 and 4, respectively of the post-reformat SAS, while Jay-R is no longer with that show. These aforementioned female artists may reappear in a few future SAS episodes, so they may be semi-regulars.

    Alex is actually a houseguest but she’s not allowed to reveal this to the other housemates, and the PBB live eviction shows are on Saturdays, not Sundays (the latter is the day of the nominations).

      • Perhaps that’s the reason why Iya decided to leave the more polished production that is ASAP in favor of that failure of a show in SAS. Her talent is increasingly underutilized with arrival of these transferees.

    • pero wala na si yassi pressman sa sunday all stars kaya panay guesting niya sa abs-cbn at tv 5, natapos yung kontrata niya sa GMA, parang pinabayaan ng GMA si yassi ang tagal2x ni yassi p. sa GMA pero hindi bini-build up masyado ng 7 si yassi kahit may malaking potential ito not only sa dancing.

  4. Nameless says:

    Ibalik na lang ang SOP than producing such floppy shows at Sunday noontime. About sa PBB naman, sana last franchise na ‘to ng Ch. 2, since marami na rin sila naging controversy since its first season on 2005, almost a decade na pala. 🙂

    • Better yet, produce a new variety show on Sundays, and they should learn a cue from ASAP’s organized and carefully rehearsed performances.

      Regarding PBB, as long as popular sila, walang rason ang ABS-CBN na i-pull out ang programa. After all, controversy rakes in a lot of viewers, dahil interesado sila sa mangyayari at gusto nila itong pagusapan.

  5. James Ty III says:

    Ralph, I think GMA should transfer Marian of Marian Rivera to the Sunday noontime slot and add better quality performers to support FHM’s Sexiest Pinay.

    With better production values, Marian can hold her own on Sunday noontime versus ASAP’s dancers like Maja and Iya.

  6. Solid kapuso din ako pero panget talaga ang SAS tinaggal nga nila yung mga magagaling na singers tapos ang ipinalit naman yung mga artists na hindi naman kagalingan at kagandahan ng boses na bata din ng executives or officers ng GMA 7 like alden richards, bata ng isang exec. or officer ng GMA-7 si alden kaya inilagay sa SAS at pinpilit pa yan pakantahin kahit noon yung may party pilipinas pa noon tinanggal nga nila yung mga magagaling na artists sa show tapos pinalitan at na-retain yung mga hindi kagandahan boses at hindi kagalingan kumanta na bata ng exec. ng 7 like aljur, alden, kristoffer martin, derrick monasterio tapos tinanggal nila yung groupong XLR8 sa Party Pilipinas noon dahil nag-away yung xlr8 members na sina mm & mj magno at yung isang member ng down to mars una suspended nila ung groupong XLR8 sa PP tapos nung sumunod na linggo tinanggal na nila yung groupong XLR8 sa PP tapos pinapalabas nila na pinull-out na raw ng Viva dahil Viva ang nag managed sa carrer ng XLR8, kawawang XLR8 yan din hottest male singing group sinabi sa skin yung mga XLR8 fan(s). tingin ko may kinalaman yung ibang exec. ng 7 sa pagkatanggal ng groupong XLR8 sa PP para ilagay yung artists na bata nila sa show na PP noon na pinapaboran din ng 7 kaya bumabagsak rin ang show na PP at ngayon SAS dahil sa kagagawan nila at ngayon tinaggal nila si jay r sa SAS na walang dahilan at masama rin ang loob ni jay r sa 7 at sa SAS.

    yung requests ng XLR8 fans sa GMA at Viva Management na bigyan ng show ang XLR8 sa 7 na co-produced ng Viva at GMA hindi nila sinunod lalo na ang 7, ang gusto ng GMA-7 bigyan nila ng show yung artists ng 7 na bata ng exec. ng 7 na hindi naman kagalingan umarte at hindi naman sikat. kaya bumabagsak rin ang GMA-7 nagyon dahil sa pinagagawa nila yung sistema nila!

  7. Wag na dapat ituloy ang Bet ng Bayan, ilipat sa Sabado ang SAS at gawing All-Star Sabado, at gawing talent show na ala-Talentadong Pinoy. (nacomment ko na ito sa isa pang article)

  8. James Ty III says:

    I agree with you that Marian Rivera’s dance show should be moved to Sunday noon. But I don’t think GMA will allow that because the network does not want Marian to be humiliated by the more talented ABS CBN performers.

    As for TV5 having a Sunday noontime show, it is doubtful right now since the station is more preoccupied with sports coverages. I think TV5 should air a lot of sports programs on Sundays. Sayang at hindi natuloy ang pag-ere ng laban ni Bernard Hopkins sa TV5 noong Sunday.

    • With no other options, perhaps it’s time for GMA to consider airing infomercials in these vacant hours. Sorry, but that’s an even better option for a struggling network.

      For TV5, let bygones be bygones. They’ve gone alternative rather than mainstream, something GMA would rather emulate.

  9. Jake Jacinto says:

    Before, since the premiere of Sunday All Stars (SAS), I liked the show, because of its group competition every Sundays, one of them is Instagang. I even liked the show because of their Kalerkioke segment, the segment on SAS which I like the most, because of its lively theme music and the genre.

    But, since GMA axed Kalerkioke, I felt disappointed and began not to like and watch SAS anymore, and it got worse when the group competition was axed and they transferred the timeslot into 2:00 PM. I find SOP, GMA Supershow, and ABS-CBN’s ASAP much better than this flop.

    Speaking of Kalerkioke, I wrote a letter to GMA Network, Inc., sent through the post office, asking them the move SAS back to its 12:00 NN timeslot and revive the group competition and Kalerkioke segment. But until now, I still need to get their opinion on my suggestions.

    • They won’t even mind about it, to be honest.

      SAS needs to be cancelled, seriously. It might be better for GMA to go the TV5 route, by airing a marathon of movies for eight hours and forget about beating ASAP, Luv U and The Buzz. They may even consider infomercials, such as HSN and EZ Shop to kill time.

      Like you said, SAS is a flop. And the cancellation papers are worth deserving.

  10. James Ty III says:

    But at least, TV5 is progressing a bit because of its sports coverages, something that GMA will never do because of its financial woes.

  11. James Ty III says:

    GMA is airing concerts this Valentine for its SNBO starting with Jaya’s concert tomorrow. Let’s see if that will improve the Kapuso Network’s viewership on Sunday nights this month.

  12. i-compare ang SAS sa walang tulugan, mas ok pa nga ang walang tulugan eh kasi maganda-ganda rin yung production numbers (both song/dance nos.) napanood ko yung song number ni marika sasaki kasama niya yung 2 female young stars sa WT na kinanta nila ung gaano kadalas ng minsan ni basil valdez last saturday ago pa, ganda ang pagkakanta nina marika sasaki at yung 2 female young stars dun sa WT energetice yung boses nila tapos nung kumanta ang 3Logy na sina jeric gonzales, abel estanislao at jak roberto magaganda-ganda pa yung song no. nila at yung boses nila noong last sat. pa! may part din na hindi maganda yung production nos. dahil sa panget na music na pinapatugtog tapos yung napanood ko 1 time yung 3 young stars sa WT kumanta na walang kanergy-energy na hindi pa kumakain. tapos nung kumanta yung groupong upgrade sa walang tulugan maganda-ganda pa yung song number nila, energetic yung boses nila. kaya paganda pa lalo ang WT nawala na yung tipong old fashioned na number sa WT nagyon, dati may nagpeperform yung ‘follies de mwah’ may pulupot sa ulo nila tapos may mga matatandang singer na hindi ko kilala na kumakanta sa WT dati napanood ko yun.

    kaya nagtagal-tagal iang walang tulugan for 18 years since 1997 at isa na itong longest running variety show sa Phil. TV na susundan nila ang yapak ng eat bulaga sa pagiging kategoryang longest running variety shows on TV.

    • Saka Walang Tulugan benefited from a lack of a clear challenge from ABS. Walang nagawa ang ABS para tapatin ang Walang Tulugan; instead they placed Sports Unlimited, and more recently The Bottomline, against WT, dahil alam nilang no match sila sa naturang programa.

      SAS was definitely a continuation of GMA’s Sunday noontime problems after SOP. Pwede naman nilang i-cancel ito anytime at mag-movie marathon na lang, or worse, infomercials, dahil sagwa na itong tingnan.

      • James Ty III says:

        Wala na ang Sports Unlimited so it’s just The Bottomline on Saturday late nights. Sports Unlimited is now Sports U on Thursday afternoons.

        Regarding Yassi Pressman, her move to MTV signaled the end of her ties with GMA. She is under contract with Viva.

        On GMA’s new Sunday variety show, I think it’s best that they add Willie Revillame and make him put up a Sunday variety-game show. That may work since ASAP offers the same things over and over again.

    • Indeed. Off the charts talaga ang Walang Tulugan. Kaso wala siyang kalaban, dahil walang balak gumawa ng isang late-night variety show ang ABS. Yung ASAP talaga sa tanghali ang mas ginagawa nilang priority tuwing weekends, at wala ring balak ang GMA na tapatin ito.

      • Gab says:

        They even trend on Twitter kahit malapit na ang pagbabalik ni Kuya Germs by March after his sudden health conditions.

      • correct, may impact talaga ang WT ngayon

        i think hindi na magkakaroon ng late night musical variety show sa abs-cbn parang walang tulugan kasi ginawa nila yon eh baka mas malala pa yan sa WT at SAS tapos 4 delicadeza na lang ng abs kay kuya germs kasi nague-guest din si kuya germs sa mga shows ng abs cbn at nague-guest din ang mga kapamilya celebrities sa WT ng GMA at respetado artista si kuya germs and lastly, kontento na rin abs cbn sa ASAP na 20 yrs. na at longest running musical variety show sa TV. kung magkakaron din abs cbn ng late night musical variety show baka ilalagay sa sunday late nights after gandang gabi vice just like yung banana split nung nagkaroon ng abs ng gag show yung banana split di ba inilgay nila sa saturday late night kasi pag inilgaya nila sa friday nights para itapat sa Bubble Gang eh talagang matatalo ang Banana Split sa rating at hindi nila kaya pataubin ang BG kaya inilagay nila sa saturday nights tapos ang katapat nila yung celebrity bluff na namamayagpag pa rin sa ratings.

      • ABS no longer needs a late-night variety show because reality/talent shows like The Voice and PBB tend to go overtime, at baka lalong mauumay ang mga viewers nila kapag na-overtime ang mga ‘to. Yung ASAP talaga ang importante sa kanila tuwing weekends. ASAP, like WT, is now running unopposed with GMA choosing to start SAS late.

  13. kahapon sa SAS napanood ko yung song no. nina janno gibbs at jean garcia tapos yung boses ni jean g. lipsynch hindi niya boses tapos nung nagduet sina janno at jean eh boses ni janno g. lang ang naririnig ko at wala ako narinig ung boses ni jean g. kahit lipsynch na nga waley din narinig ko ung boses ni jean.

    ung song number ni julian trono na maganda maganda rin, buhay na buhay rin ung audience nung napanood ko nung kinanta ni julian trono ung 1st song niyang “Wiki Me” under GMA Records and JU Entertainment Music.

    tapos si rochelle pangilinan dapat magbawas bawas na rin yung pagsasayaw niya sa show na SAS & even na maguest siya sa mga shows sa GMA dapat magbalik na lang siya sa singing, dapat kumakanta na lang si rochelle p. sa SAS total naging singer na rin si rochelle, kahit magaling sumayaw dapat mag lie low o magbawas na siya sa sayaw kasi tumatanda na rin si rochelle, ilang taon si rochelle 32 yrs. old eh dapat sa ganon edad dapat mag lie low na rin sa sayaw tapos nakakasawa na rin ng publiko sa sayaw niya kasi napanood na rin siya ng tao na sumasayaw siya mula noong panahon niya sa eat bulaga kasama niya ung groupo niyang sexbomb girls tapos sumasayaw rin siya sa SOP, Party Pilipinas at SAS at maging sa shows sa TV atchaka tapos na kasi ung ‘era’ ng kasikatan niya at ang groupong sexbomb girls 2015 na ngayon wala na tayo sa taong 2002, 2003 ang taong kasikatan ng sexbomb girls nung panahon nila sa EB blg. regular dancer na tinangkilik ng manonood tapos nagkaroon din sila ng teleserye Daisy Siete sa GMA-7 yung mga kasamahan niya sa groupong sexbomb girls nag-lie low na rin sila kasi matatanda na sila at meron na silang anak at asawa at may kanya2x clang buhay at alam nila na tapos na ang era ng kasikatan ng sexbomb girls at hindi habambuhay sumasayaw rin eh yan si rochelle pangilinan hindi pa nagretiro o mag-lielow sa sayaw o mag-bawas sa sayaw. hindi ako against rochelle p. humahanga ako kay rochelle p. at sa sexbomb at magaling umarte si rochelle pangilinan.

    • I disagree. Let Rochelle dance even in her 30s. In case you don’t know, Regine Tolentino na may mga anak can still dance in her 30s.

      As for the lip-synching on Janno and Jean’s song no., it is clear that SAS is making quick fixes. Wala talangang patutungunan ang SAS with all these quick fixes. Not good at all for the said show. Pwede nang i-cancel ng GMA ito kung hindi sila masaya.

      • James Ty III says:

        Jean Garcia is not really a good singer. Sayang kasi Janno is a good singer and songwriter. SAS is beginning to look like an oldies version of That’s Entertainment.

        As for Rochelle, she has been loyal to GMA all these years kaya kahit pangit ang SAS, she still continues to be a part of that show.

        Regine Tolentino’s guesting on ASAP yesterday was just part of her being a freelancer. She only appears on GMA occasionally for Unang Hirit.

  14. Jason says:

    Sunday All Stars will be replaced by Sunday Pinas-Saya headlined by Marian Rivera, AiAi Delas Alas , Wally & Jose and others. I’m not sure when will they premiere this.

  15. ang pinakapanget talaga sa SAS yung portion nina betong, pekto at john feir yung ‘felix dance group’, yan nakakasira sa show yung inilagay nila ung mga komedyante sa SAS 2lad nina betong, pekto, john feir, tapos minsan si boobay tapos si ate gay, si osang na stand up comedian, inalis nila yung mga matitinong at magagaling na artist sa show tapos ang pinalit yung mga komedyante. kaya bumaba lalo sa rating ang SAS tapos maraming nakapuna sa segment nina betong tapos pinipilit nila masyado yun! ewan ko ba ayaw nila ibalik yung back 2 back 2 back segment na segment noon sa SOP tapos inilagay nila yung portion ni betong tapos pinipilit nila masyado yun kahit marami na nga nakapuna at nakapintas sa segment ni betong.

    • JRDV says:

      With that observation, obvious naman na bagsak na ang Sunday All Stars. It seems na takot na takot na ang GMA na makipagcompete against ASAP.

      Matagal na naoobserve ng mga nagcocomment sa blog na ito na Sunday All Stars is on its way to being cancelled. It did come true.

  16. James Ty III says:

    The presence of Wally and Jose in Sunday Pinas Saya, weekend edition ito ng Eat Bulaga. And Marian Rivera has been seen frequently on EB too. I wonder what will happen when Marian goes on a maternity leave.

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