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AksyonTV Needs Improvement

AksyonTV’s programming is in a dire need of improvement. (Logo courtesy of ABC Development Corporation).

In a previous article, I discussed about TV5’s continuous programming rebuild. And while management has been trying their best to improve Channel 5, the same cannot be said of its sister network on the UHF band, which has been in a state of regression since last year.

AksyonTV, once the only all-Filipino 24/7 news channel, has been on the decline of late. Back in January I wrote about some of the changes that took place within the said network, and I waited a while in hopes of watching them flip the switch. A few months later, poof. AksyonTV’s became a shell of its former self.

The decline of the network is noticeable in its programming. Replays of TV5’s public affairs programs become more frequent, while live simulcasts of TV5 newscasts were seemingly more distracting than ever thanks to the increasing amount of sports events. Not even an evening replay of its morning newscast ‘Andar ng mga Balita’ helped matters.

So what to do with the mess that is engulfing AksyonTV? Here are my thoughts towards improving the network.

First of all, simulcasting TV5’s newscasts should stop. I mean, no more ‘Good Morning Ser’, ‘Aksyon’ and ‘Pilipinas News’ on Channel 41. The best that AksyonTV could do at this point is to have ‘Andar ng mga Balita’ as its late morning/noontime newscast, and ‘Balitang 60’ as its 9:00 p.m. newscast. That way, AksyonTV helps spread out the news in case of up-to-the-minute reports, while attracting late-arriving viewers that want some more news updates.

Secondly, make ‘Orly Mercado All Ready’ as the network’s early morning program. At this point, the now-truncated ‘Good Morning Ser’ have left the 7:00 a.m. slot open to rerun programming, which does not bode well to AksyonTV. Having Orly Mercado simulcast his radio program on television will help matters.

And finally, AksyonTV needs to go back and produce its original programs. The lineup of AksyonTV, other than the presence of live sports events, is wide open. Adding some new original and informative programs will help balance the equilibrium, while at the same time reestablishing its reputation as a reliable news station.

In short, AksyonTV should not become fodder to TV5’s programs. Instead, they should focus on a different set of programs to a different set of audience. That way, AksyonTV will become more stable, more reliable, and more driven in providing viewers more information to digest. And that improvement should commence as soon as possible.


18 thoughts on “AksyonTV Needs Improvement

  1. I know, hence the phrase ‘once the only all-Filipino 24/7 news channel’, meaning they used to do that until they start signing off late last year.

      • ganito na lang sasabihin ko, boring ang aksyon tv panoorin lalo na pag radyo 5,paano kung palakasin nila ng 41 sa sports coverage khit di malawak signal, wag na sa 5 iere

      • At least news programming ang mga Radyo5 simulcasts, unlike sa News TV na paulitulit ang ilang mga programa nila.

        Also, dapat sinabi mo na palakasin ng 41 ang kanilang signal para mapanood ng marami, lalo na sa sports coverage. Sorry pero di ko pa ring naintindihan yung sinabi mo.

  2. ung pangalan aksyon sa aksyon tv, parang d bagay, bihira nalang nila kasi ipalabas ang aksyon news sa 41 dahil sa sports, siguro mas maganda ,palitan nila ng name ng andar ng “aksyon” kahit si andanar pa ang news anchor

    • Yun talaga ang ipinangalan sa istasyon. AksyonTV is named after the early evening newscast. Kung ‘News5 Network’ ang tatawagin it doesn’t make sense, kasi nasa channel 41 siya.

      Also may Aksyon Breaking naman sa naturang istasyon, so at least may news update sila na ‘Aksyon’ ang pangalan.

      Finally, dapat talaga ‘Andar’ ang tawag sa flagship newscast nila sa tanghali. Kung ipapangalang ‘Aksyon’ malamang maco-confuse ang mga manonood. Kailangan talaga ng ibang pangalan para ma-distinguish sa isa’t isa.

    • Halatang may-ari ng TV5 ang AksyonTV, with minority ownership from NBC Philippines na dating broadcaster ng Channel 41 under MTV Philippines at Joey 92.3 na ngayo’y Radyo5 92.3 News FM.

    • Obvious naman diba. Pero yung Channel 11, may ownership pa rin ang ZOE since kinuha lang ito ng GMA for the purposes of improving the reach and signal of that network.

      If I were you, better sign up on Facebook and join the Pinoy Nostalgia Discussion Group. It would be better if you join our discussions on that group site para may matutunan ka.

    • But that’s really it. Other than Aksyon’s group of newscasts, Radyo5 programs, new episodes of News5 programs and sports events, there’s nothing else to offer for AksyonTV. Too dependent on reruns whenever there’s little or nothing to do. I’ve been saying this for a long time: they need to improve.

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