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Has ‘Imbestigador’ Run Its Course?

Recently, ‘Imbestigador’ tried a new format that emphasizes mostly on dramatizations. However, it did little to change its fortunes.

GMA’s long-running public affairs program ‘Imbestigador’ is currently in its 14th year. However, in recent years, ‘Imbestigador’ has been overwhelmed by the popularity of ABS-CBN’s ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’, and as a result, changed its format to emphasize mostly on murder-related stories and dramatizations.

Which begs the question, ‘Has ‘Imbestigador’ Run Its Course?’

In the beginning, ‘Imbestigador’ was a weekly 30-minute late-night program that aired after GMA’s newscasts. Then it moved to Saturday nights with a one-hour format in hopes of attracting more viewers, before moving to its current Sunday timeslot. By all accounts, ‘Imbestigador”s placing on the Sunday slot seem unusual, considering its rival programs ‘Bitag’ and ‘SOCO: Scene of the Crime Operatives’ air on Saturdays.

‘Imbestigador”s peak of popularity came during the mid-2000s. At a time when neither Twitter nor TNS Kantar existed, ‘Imbestigador’ was producing high ratings for the Kapuso network, even rivaling those of ABS-CBN’s other programs. ‘Imbestigador’ proved to be so popular that it led to the cancellation of the long-running ‘Magandang Gabi, Bayan’ (which by then was no longer hosted by Noli de Castro), and the move of ‘XXX: Eksklusibong, Explosibong Expose’ to Monday nights.

However, thanks to ABS-CBN’s insertion of reality shows and the sudden popularity of ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’, ‘Imbestigador”s ratings began to decline. Eventually, this forced the program to deviate away from its trademark reality documentation of various crimes to mostly dramatizations in the mold of rival program ‘SOCO’. The former were now being handled by another GMA public affairs program ‘Alisto’.

To be honest, ‘Imbestigador”s new format only proved that the show is no longer a viable asset to Sunday night programming. While still averaging around 16% in terms of ratings, it was not enough to put ‘Imbestigador’ back on the hump, as evidenced by the advent of social media and the continued popularity of ABS-CBN’s programs.

Perhaps a move back to Saturdays may help its cause. Or better yet, in the afternoon slot, against ABS-CBN’s ‘SOCO’ and ‘Failon Ngayon’.

Whatever the cause, it is clear that ‘Imbestigador’ had run its course. A change in format and a change in timeslot is what the show needed to breathe some new life, otherwise its days of hunting down criminals through the watchful eyes of Mike Enriquez are being numbered.


13 thoughts on “Has ‘Imbestigador’ Run Its Course?

  1. James Ty III says:

    Starting June 1, Jasmine Curtis’ new show “Jasmine” will be aired Sundays at 9 pm on TV5. Another problem for Imbestigador.

    • There goes my ‘Kaya/Yaman ng Bayan’ to Sundays proposal. Oh well. Sunday nights is not a good timeslot for investigative public affairs programs like Imbestigador.

      And I thought Jasmine would be the replacement to Obsession on Thursdays.

  2. Kuyang Gabby says:

    Kaya nga madalang na ang mga tawag sa kanilang Action Center or Sumbungan ng Bayan. Instead sa TV version, sa radio version na lang sa DZBB tinutugunan ang mga hinaing ng mga dumudulog sa Imbestigador.

    Di talaga nagclick ang format na puro drama lang ang pinapakita.

    • Actually this is based on my observations on the state of television broadcasts today. Walang bias na involved dito. Pati ABS-CBN prone sa criticism.

      Also, tingnan mo ratings ng Imbestigador vs. GGV sa Kantar at Nielsen, and you’ll know why.

    • Good for them. Nakakaumay na rin kasi yung paggaya ng Imbestigador sa SOCO by using celebrity dramatizations and focusing more on murder and rape stories. Mas bagay ang mga ganitong istorya sa Karelasyon.

      • Good thing that Mike Enriquez actually listened to the complaints of viewers na naging SOCO copycat na ang Imbestigador. Going back to the basics is the right thing to do.

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