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The Weekend Shuffle on ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5

The return of ABS-CBN’s ‘The Buzz’ last Sunday left Toni Gonzaga (left) with four programs on the same day. As a result of the over-exposure, Toni’s sitcom ‘Home Sweetie Home’ was moved to Saturday nights.

Just in time for the homestretch of summer, the ‘Big Three’ networks made noticeable changes in their weekend lineup. But while GMA and TV5 made a few tweaks, ABS-CBN decided to clean house and revamp theirs.

Last Sunday, ‘The Buzz’ made a grand return to ABS-CBN. However, one of the program’s hosts, Toni Gonzaga, had three other shows on Sundays; namely ‘ASAP’, ‘Home Sweetie Home’, and ‘Pinoy Big Brother: All In’.

The addition of ‘The Buzz’ proved to be a case of overexposure for the host, and as a result, ABS-CBN decided to move one of her shows to another day. And ‘Home Sweetie Home’ proved to be the odd one out. However, another of ABS-CBN’s programs needed to move as well.

‘Home Sweetie Home’ was moved to Saturday nights, while ‘Wansapanatym’ was moved to Sunday nights. This is a homecoming of sorts for the latter, as it used to air on Sundays during its initial run in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Meanwhile, instead of facing Michael V’s highly-rated ‘Pepito Manaloto’, ‘Home Sweetie Home’ will now have to compete against Vic Sotto’s ‘Vampire ang Daddy Ko’ in its new timeslot.

On Saturday afternoons, both ‘Failon Ngayon’ and ‘SOCO: Scene of the Crime Operatives’ exchanged timeslots, with the former now airing at 4:00 p.m., and the latter at 4:45 p.m. Also in a few weeks’ time, ABS-CBN will bring back the legal drama series ‘Kapag May Katwiran, Ipaglaban Mo!’, which is expected to be placed on the timeslot preceding ‘Failon Ngayon’. And finally, ‘The Voice Kids’ debuted last night, and will air every weekend thereafter.

Over at GMA, the network started to air classic films via the ‘Kapuso Sine Klasika’ block. Like the old QTV program ‘Ginintuang Telon’, the movie block showcases films made during the 1950s and 1960s. It was placed in the early Sunday morning slot opposite religious programs such as the live Sunday TV Mass.

Meanwhile, GMA also decided to end its broadcast of Dr. Charles Stanley’s ‘In Touch Ministries’ after a six-year run, effective last April. This leaves ‘Jesus the Healer’ of the Jesus is Lord Movement as the network’s sole religious program on Sundays.

And over at TV5, Jasmine Curtis-Smith’s self-titled drama and suspense program will premiere next Sunday. ‘JasMINE’ is a series that revolves around Curtis and her rise to fame being threatened by a stalker named ‘Mascara’, whose role is to make things miserable for the young actress. The series was supposed to premiere in March, but due to the network’s decision to shorten the ongoing PBA season, its premiere was delayed for three months.

In addition to Curtis, Vin Abrenica, Matt Padilla, Carlo Orosa, Gerard Sison, Marvelous Alejo, Nicole Estrada, Cai Cortez, and Alwyn Uytingco will also play key roles in the series. ‘JasMINE’ the series is scheduled to premiere after ‘Wow Mali Pa Rin’ this June 1.

To all the parties involved, good luck in trying to keep viewers happy with these programs.


20 thoughts on “The Weekend Shuffle on ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5

  1. James Ty III says:

    Ralph, it’s a good move for ABS to transfer Home Sweetie Home. Aside from reducing Toni Gonzaga’s overexposure, the show was being outrated by Pepito Manaloto.

    I hope GMA also gets rid of those Tagalized movies after TV5 now that the latter network has started airing Jas-MINE.

    By the way, because of Voice Kids, Rated K was moved to 8:30 pm, PBB All In 9:30, Gandang Gabi Vice 10:30 and Sunday’s Best at 11:15.

    • Mga 1:00 or 1:30 am na ang sign-off ng ABS-CBN every weekend thanks to PBB and The Voice Kids. May O Shopping pa sila on weekends.

      Still, HSH will be up against another comedian, this time it’s Vic Sotto’s Vampire ang Daddy Ko. Good luck.

  2. And so, GMA 7 shaketh the Sunday Morning programming lineup but the angels fall down and the devil swoopeth in to the souls of Gozon, Jimenez and Duavit.

    Are they even trying that good to counter program? I am not a Kapamilya supporter not like you, Ralph and James, but again, I am giving a big facepalm to the Kapuso Network.

    • GMA seems to discourage people from going to church and watch their programs on Sundays. That’s how manipulative they are.

      People have choices, and by means of that, it looks like GMA is trying to lure those kinds of people who want to watch something other than purely religious stuff in early Sunday morning. GMA is breaking away from the typical norms of Philippine television, that is what they’re doing. They’re trying to be different in most aspects.

  3. James Ty III says:

    Removing religious shows is not only the biggest mistake GMA has committed. Remember, the station aired a Tagalized James Bond movie last night. This station never learns.

    And, Sunday All-Stars begins at 1 pm? You gotta be kidding! A Sunday noontime show that starts at 1 pm?

    And why is Kap’s Amazing Stories still being aired? Is GMA siding with Bong Revilla who is involved in the pork barrel scam?

    • Yung Kap’s dapat i-reformat na yan. Replace Bong Revilla with another host, then move it to the morning slot against Matanglawin. Or i-merge siya with A-HA ni Drew Arellano.

      Then they announced that Startalk is moving back to Saturdays starting May 31, apparently because of the fact that they can’t beat The Buzz with their ex-co-hosts Boy and Kris back. Malaki lang kasi ego and charisma nila Boy and Kris kaya di ito matalo-talo.

  4. James Ty III says:

    Ralph, GMA has announced that Startalk is moving to Saturdays starting May 31. This is probably in preparation for the network putting in Marian Rivera’s new dance show on Sundays.

    • So ABS na lang ang wala pang dance show. I would have wanted Marian’s dance show against TV5’s Celebrity Dance Battle, and then Celebrity Bluff on Sundays. Then again, it’s the three-headed monster running GMA for over 30 years who is responsible for attempting such a mismatch.

      • Thinking says:

        Really? You call the GMA bigwigs “three-headed monster”? How unprofessional, stupid and unkind. Your articles sound like you are a defender of the Catholic faith, but your words speak the otherwise. And, I do not intend to be a grammar nazi here, but please proofread your articles and comments before posting them. This is a friendly advice. Thanks.

      • Based from that comment, you were pro-GMA, and neutrally religious. It’s good that you’re defending the name of the Kapuso network. But I’ll take your advice like a man.

        And by the way, you were the same person who commented about the 3 o’clock prayer. Next time, give yourself a name instead of codenames such as ‘thinking’.

  5. James Ty III says:

    I don’t think GMA will move Imbestigador to an afternoon slot, unless the show abandons its dramatization format which is not fit for kids to watch in the afternoon.

    • But SOCO worked well in the afternoon, so why not that show?

      Anyhow, considering GMA never had a great show on Sunday afternoons since forever, let’s just hope the management won’t blow this up.

      • James Ty III says:

        GMA placed their Sunday current affairs programs on primetime because they have no other show that can match Gandang Gabi Vice and the other shows of ABS. Remember, all their previous Sunday shows flopped like Show me da Manny.

    • That is incorrect. In Touch was moved to 4 am last February. You may check out my article on GMA’s decision to place cartoons at 6 am on Sundays.

      Also, GMA no longer airs In Touch since last April. This is according to a comment posted on In Touch’s Facebook account.

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