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Asianovela Nostalgia Continues with Lovers in Paris

‘Lovers in Paris’, the original Korean series, will re-air beginning in late June on ABS-CBN.

First there was ‘Meteor Garden’ on ABS-CBN. Then came ‘Jewel in the Palace’ on GMA. And now the Kapamilya network is bringing back another classic Asianovela, in what has become a seemingly endless exchange for both networks.

It was announced earlier this week that ABS-CBN will bring back the original Korean version of ‘Lovers in Paris’. The series, considered as the first Koreanovela aired in the country, was a huge hit with viewers when it first aired in 2005. Its success would later translate to an equally popular Filipino adaptation, starring KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual, which aired in 2009.

The popularity of ‘Lovers in Paris’ also led to a response from the Kapuso network. Their answer was ‘Jewel in the Palace’, which also became a huge hit in the same year, and is currently re-aired in the late weekday afternoons.

As the title suggests, ‘Lovers in Paris’ is a story of a businessman named Carlo (Park Shin-Yang) who fell in love to a film student/housekeeper named Vivian (Kim Jung-Eun) in the French capital of Paris. The couple’s relationship would blossom, but not without some challenges to overcome.

‘Lovers in Paris’ is expected to premiere around late June, and is likely to replace the Lee Min-Ho starrer ‘The Heirs’ in the late afternoon slot.

For nostalgic Koreanovela fans, this is another classic series to watch and reminisce. ‘Lovers in Paris’ proved to be a big hit the first time around, so a lot is expected for the show once it airs again this month. But then again, ABS-CBN has been strong in the ratings game, so there is no doubt that the encore presentation of ‘Lovers in Paris’ will become a hit again.


24 thoughts on “Asianovela Nostalgia Continues with Lovers in Paris

  1. KG says:

    The Heirs will be having a weekend marathon starting this Sunday at 10am on ABS-CBN to compete with My Love from the Star’s marathon on GMA.

    • The Heirs will continue to air in the late afternoon timeslot, which is contrary to what I expected to see in this article. Lovers in Paris will air in the mid-morning slot starting today.

      • James Ty III says:

        With My Love from the Star ending today, I think GMA will go back to airing Tagalized movies before Sunday All-Stars.

      • GMA has a crammed afternoon sked today, kasi not only they’ll air the final episode of My Love from the Star, they will also air the first episode of My BFF. That’s six programs in between Eat Bulaga and 24 Oras in 4 hours.

  2. James Ty III says:

    GMA’s sked is crammed nga on weekdays pero on Sundays, the station has a lot of vacant timeslots where they can place good shows instead of those Tagalized movies and True Horror Stories.

    • If only Ramon Ang can help. That also explains why 3/4 of their commercial breaks on Sundays are for their own programs, and only 1/4 are for ads. Mahina talaga kapag walang Eat Bulaga sa Linggo. Yung EB lang kasi ang strongest suit nila, ad-wise.

  3. James Ty III says:

    You’re right about GMA airing 3/4 of their ads on their own shows. Even their Tagalized movies on Sundays get plugged as well. You can even hear some of the Tagalog-dubbed dialogue in those plugs.

      • James Ty III says:

        GMA also moved Pepito Manaloto, a top-rater, from Sundays to Saturdays. Now it’s Ismol Family trying to compete with ABS’s Wansapanataym. And Vic Sotto has 2 Sunday shows although they don’t compete on the same time slot.

        GMA’s ad rates are really suffering. The new ownership should take note of that. My relatives at home watch only Eat Bulaga among GMA shows and they prefer ABS, especially on Sundays.

      • That’s why Colgate and Palmolive products returned to ABS-CBN in 2010 because GMA has not been able to attract the upper and middle classes, which is the strongest suit of the said products.

  4. James Ty III says:

    C&P also has a lot of ABS CBN talents as endorsers. Ironically, Carla Abellana, a GMA talent, also endorses a C&P product.

  5. James Ty III says:

    Problem kasi with TV5, they were the ones that originated the airing of those Tagalized movies before GMA followed suit.

    • Since the Shake Mo, TV Mo era.

      Then ABS-CBN followed with their own Tagalized movies, though on a lesser scale. Talagang rampant na ang mga ganitong gawain.

      • James Ty III says:

        The networks kasi feel that many televiewers, especially those without cable TV, can understand the Tagalog language compared to English which is why they are dubbing those movies in Tagalog.

        They don’t realize that such a move turns off advertisers. At least for ABS, they rarely do it because they have well-produced specials. Sayang nga that Cheche Lazaro Presents bowed out because Cheche feels that many people would rather watch Tagalized movies on GMA compared to her documentaries.

      • Yes, it really turns advertisers off.

        ABS should indeed focus on those news specials from their division. And they should improve on that, since GMA has been the more critically acclaimed in terms of quality docus. Those Peabody Awards won by GMA should only motivate ABS.

  6. James Ty III says:

    It’s really too bad that GMA’s awards for its news documentaries are wasted by its poor programming from its entertainment group.

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