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Is ABS-CBN Set to Join GMA and TV5’s Bandwagon?

A re-run of ‘The Heirs’ will air this Sunday morning on ABS-CBN.

In recent years, ABS-CBN has stayed away from airing re-runs of teleseryes and dubbing foreign films in the Filipino language. But when they aired ‘Transporter 3’ in Filipino last week, it appears as if ABS-CBN has joined the bandwagon that was started by their rivals TV5 and GMA.

Soon after, ABS-CBN followed the lead of its arch-rival thanks to this announcement.

ABS-CBN decided to air a ‘Royal Rewind’ of ‘The Heirs’, the hit Koreanovela starring Lee Min Ho, beginning this Sunday. This was in response to GMA’s highly-rated re-run of ‘My Love from the Star’, which outrated the NBA Playoffs, Pinoy Pride and Nonito Donaire boxing matches, and Kapamilya Blockbusters on the same timeslot.

Curiously, neither program air on the same timeslot during weekdays. ‘The Heirs’ is matched up against the re-run of ‘Jewel in the Palace’, while ‘My Love from the Star’ opposes ‘Mirabella’.

The re-run of ‘The Heirs’ is basically a retaliation made by ABS-CBN. GMA, for their part, has capitalized on the former’s delayed broadcast of sporting events to gain some high ratings for ‘My Love from the Star’, unlike before when their Tagalized movies in the morning rate less than ABS-CBN’s. And it was only logical, since people with internet connection would know the results in real time.

But with the NBA season about to end, and with the next ‘Pinoy Pride’ still a few months away, ABS-CBN decided to retaliate by counterprogramming GMA’s Asianovela with one of their own, all for the sake of getting high ratings on the timeslot they failed to dominate of late. If this is one of those ‘bandwagon’ acts that ABS-CBN committed, so be it.

Going back to ABS-CBN’s airing of ‘Transporter 3’ in Filipino, it is rare to have the network air a movie on Sunday nights. After all, 3/4 of ‘Sunday’s Best’ broadcasts is concentrated on concerts, live events and documentaries. But when they aired ‘Transporter 3’ in Filipino last week, it was a stab in the back, considering that the network has avoided the same route as TV5 and GMA’s ‘masa’-oriented English-language films.

For ABS-CBN, it is a matter of staying away from the rivals’ desperation tactics. Even though the network is now the undisputed No. 1 ratings-wise, viewers can only hope that the Kapamilya network will continue to stick to what works best, and that is airing unique programs that will appeal to all classes.


29 thoughts on “Is ABS-CBN Set to Join GMA and TV5’s Bandwagon?

  1. VTG7 says:

    The beginning of “The Heirs Royal Throwback” will be confronted this Sunday by the first Filipino dub of a Bollywood movie by a terrestrial TV network in recent years: “3 Idiots” on GMA. (Will GMA dub more of those movies from different countries than those in East Asia and Thailand, including India, Indonesia, and Pakistan?)

    • This is false. GMA NEVER mentioned ‘3 Idiots’ in any of their plugs or even online.

      And besides, My Love from the Star marathon is not yet finished. Once the series ends then GMA will decide the next program for Sunday mornings.

  2. Ralph, this Sunday’s Best on ABS-CBN, Father’s Day, will be on Martin Nievera, celebrating his 30 years of music industry in “TATLONG DEKADA: 3D.”

    Sorry, James Ty III; I’m going first. Hehehe! Research mo na lang yung sa SNBO ha?

  3. James Ty III says:

    Pinoy Pride is on June 22 so no The Heirs Royal Rewind on that day. 3 Idiots is shown on ABS-CBN, not GMA.

    For SNBO tomorrow, it will be EXIT WOUNDS, dubbed in Tagalog, starring Steven Seagal.

    Also, JASMINE with Jasmine Curtis Smith will be shown at 7:15 pm tomorrow right after the PBA to enable the show to get more viewers. Who Wants to be a Millionaire will be shown at 8:15 pm followed by Wow Mali at 9:15 pm and Juan Direction at 10:15 pm.

    After P News tomorrow, TV5 will air a replay of Demolition Job at 11:15 pm and History with Lourd de Veyra at 11:45 pm.

    • James Ty III says:

      There was a post on an FB page by ABS-CBN Koreanovelas about the postponement of The Heirs Royal Rewind.

      By the way, Ashley Rivera (the FHM cover girl last April) is now a semi-regular on ASAP 19. She has been dancing for two Sundays already together with Bangs Garcia and Meg Imperial.

    • Competition. Again aspiration nila ang maging bigatin na network. But as it turned out, kailangan ng patience. Si Noel Lorenzana, nasabi na niya na yung TV5 kailangang ma-iba ng programming para sa benefit ng mga younger and well-educated viewers.

      In short, yung pag-aaspire nila na maging bigatin ay resulta ng pagkalugi nila. Pero right now they’re trying their best para magkaroon ng profit ang TV5.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Just like what had happened before to ABC 5. In 1998, due to strong competition from other networks, ABC reformatted themselves into a niche-oriented upscale network by showing American programming at night. The same can be said for the 2008 relaunch from ABC to TV5, which occured due to heavy losses (under the Coujangco administration), which forced them to blocktime with MPB Primedia, hence, TV5 is the result.

      • TV5 can never shake off the fact that they are a distant third. But their alternative programming is definitely more than welcomed by the viewers who wanted something different.

  4. kung matuloy po ang mergering ng tv5 at gma7, ano po ang mangyayari sa mga shows ng 5 at 7, pati na rin sa sister channel na gntv at aksyon tv ?

  5. at isa pa sa tv5 nalalaos at di sumisikat ang mag artista at mga shows, pati na ang ang schedule ng mga shows, nasisira din like pba. ang tv5 ,parang 23 rin ,may sports and movies everyday.

  6. James Ty III says:

    Jake, GMA was the only station to report extensively on Ninoy Aquino’s burial in August 1983. And it also aired Dong Puno’s gutsy interview with Cory on Viewpoint.

    • Technically, they have some ties with the Aquinos, even though the family is mostly tied with ABS because of Cory’s revival of the network and Kris’ loyalty.

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