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PBA D-League Has a New (or Old) Partner

The PBA D-League will return to IBC-13, this time under the deal forged by blocktimer Asian Television Content Corporation. (Photo credit: Interaksyon.com)

The PBA Developmental League will have a new partner to cover their games this upcoming season.

It was announced that the PBA D-League and Asian Television Content Corporation will join forces to air the said league’s games on IBC-13, beginning next season. The league’s games will be aired on a delayed basis from 8-11 p.m.

Last season, the PBA D-League was practically shut out of television coverage. Although Sports5, by way of AksyonTV, aired the finals of the two conferences, they were unable to air the elimination and playoff matches due to their prior commitments with other sports events.

A possible broadcast deal with GMA News TV also fell through, mainly because the parent network lacked the necessary resources to cover the games.

The new broadcast agreement will mark the PBA D-League’s return to its original coveror. IBC-13 previously covered the D-League from 2011-13, as part of the future Sports5 blocktime deal.

The ATC on IBC started last June, and featured a mix of new and old programs. Among their new programs are telenovelas ‘The Two Sides of Ana’ and ‘La Teniente’, and documentary programs ‘Animalia’ and ‘Confidential’. Classic programs such as ‘Retro TV’, ‘Cooltura’ and ‘Stoplight TV’ are also included.

The addition of the PBA D-League further establishes ATC as an emerging force in the media industry, one that is expected to bolster its current lineup in the future. But it remains to be seen if their new investment will result in some revenue for both ATC and IBC-13.

Nevertheless, this should be a welcome development for the PBA D-League, who needed some exposure for their teams and its upcoming players.


61 thoughts on “PBA D-League Has a New (or Old) Partner

  1. James Ty III says:

    Good move by the PBA D League to get IBC to air the games on primetime. I hope the new blocktimer does a good job with the government-sequestered network.

  2. Nameless says:

    IBC-13 should be like RPN-9 na inampon ng Solar TV Network as a half-sister station, in order to rebuild its programming. ATC should imitate what Solar done in RPN.

  3. VTj says:

    I hope ATC will get the TV rights to a certain volleyball league (not collegiate or high school; given that IBC aired a few volleyball matches before) in the Philippines.

    And is the Animalia currently aired on the ATC@IBC block an animated program? If not, where the TV program comes from? Or its a program original to ATC?

    • Animalia is an educational program about wildlife. I don’t know which network this show originated, but for sure it is imported overseas by ATC.

      Right now ATC is taking baby steps. The PBA D-League is the first step, which they hope to translate into more opportunities in the sports world soon.

      • James Ty III says:

        ATC has Stoplight as a partner so expect some other motoring shows to be aired on IBC. Probably we may see Greatest Games being aired there since the PBA D League is now being aired on IBC.

      • Since may emphasis din sa ‘retro’ ang IBC through Retro TV, hosted by a young Drew Arellano. Unfortunately, yung mga TODAS, Sic O’ Clock News and dance shows starring Maricel Soriano, Lorna Tolentino and others lang ang mapapanood diyan, and not the other IBC-aired shows like Iskul Bukol.

      • KG says:

        Majority kasi ng mga programs ng ATC @ IBC tulad ng Animalia, Confidential, among others, galing sa Switch International. See their website for their list of the programs.

    • KG says:

      Why not ATC @ IBC to be aired all SuperLiga games on Free TV? May cable partner na, may free TV ka pa! Dati may PSL finals na pinalabas sa TV5.

  4. anonymous says:

    Sayang at parang nag full out na ata ang atc s ibc.since naglaunch ang atc@ibc some of d shows pinapanood ko p nmn.i remember nung i launched ang tv5 at 1st nahirapan din cla s ratings,but at least now tv5 is improving and getting better.dapat ganun n lng ginawa ng atc.papanu n angg pba this october san network n napapanood?

  5. KG says:

    Points on the opener of the PBA D-League (delayed telecast) aired earlier on IBC 13:

    1. Tinutugtog pa rin ang background music noong National Anthem at ang speech ni Atty. Chito Salud.
    2. sila ang pinakamahina sa graphics nila. walang foul markers, walang shot clock pinakita
    3. siniksik ang 3 games sa iisang timeslot na 7-11pm (we hope na 2 main games na lang ang ipapakita)
    4. kapag may timeout, laking gulat ko na nagiiba ang score at ang oras ng laro (kaya may ilang moments tulad ng gulo sa 2nd game ang di ipinakita ng buo)

    Good job, ATC pero ayus-ayusin mo muna ang mga problema ninyo sa susunod na laro sa Thursday. Sana din Live ang PBA D-League Finals sa IBC.

    In another note, bumalik na pala ang mga news updates sa IBC 13 after 4 years. Aired after the 1st game and before the 2nd game and after the 3rd game.

  6. James Ty III says:

    I just spoke to an official of ATC and he informed me that La Teniente, The Two Sides of Ana and Hi 5 will be back on IBC by January. According to that same official, all those shows were discontinued temporarily by ATC because of poor ratings and lack of ads.

    By the time the new year sets in, hopefully, ATC will get enough sponsors for their shows on IBC.

    So for the meantime, the PBA D League and Stoplight TV will be the only shows ATC will air on IBC. ATC has tapped Cafe France, MyPhone, Hapee Toothpaste and Racal Motors to place ads on their D League coverage.

  7. James Ty III says:

    ATC kasi is just starting out as a blocktimer on a TV station like IBC. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Their previous experience on TV was producing Stoplight TV on a cable channel.

  8. Gab says:

    I also learned that CESAFI has struck a deal with Viva Sports which will be partnering for airing their games on primetime on IBC 13, this could help increase the popularity of the Cebu-based league, even the’yre own Channel 13 in the province have experienced signal problems in few areas.

    You may check on Ronnie Nathanielsz’s latest article.

    CESAFI is the #3 best collegiate league in the country, aside from UAAP and NCAA. Season 15 will start on August.

  9. Gab says:

    More developments… Heard this on Anthony Severino’s blog. NAASCU games will be aired on the delayed basis on IBC 13 starting September as their Season 15 will begin.

    IBC 13 is typically, the second home of leagues focused on amateur and grassroots basketball, of-course, the number 1 is Sports+Action which having UAAP and NCAA in their bucketlist.

    • NAASCU used to air on Net 25; one member school happens to be the Iglesia ni Cristo-owned New Era University, hence its airing on the former.

      The question is though, who’s production unit will handle NAASCU? Will it be Viva, which is producing CESAFI, or ATC, whose ill-fated closure of their block came nearly a year ago and has picked up the PBA D-League? We’ll have to wait.

      • Gab says:

        Follow-up: ATC Sports will handle the production and marketing of NAASCU. It will be aired at 7pm every Mondays and Thursdays.

      • Wow!! Mukhang hanggang sports na lang ang ATC at this point. After one year of canceling its program block, here they are trying to resuscitate what has been a frustrating relationship between them and IBC, by using sports programming as its platform.

  10. Gab says:

    As of this moment, balik na sa Sports5 ang broadcast rights ng PBA D-League starting this 2016 season (which will be start on January 21). Heard this earlier on Sports360 Blitz.

  11. James Ty III says:

    Aaron Atayde reported on the PBA D League on Sports360 Blitz last night so there is truth to that.

    ATC, remember, lost a lot of money when it aired La Teniente and Two Sides of Ana before.

  12. James Ty III says:

    It’s confirmed. The PBA D League will be aired on Aksyon TV. ATC owes the D League a lot of debts to the TV coverage.

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