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For TV5, It’s All About ‘Aksyon’

On July 21, TV5 will officially integrate their newscasts under the ‘Aksyon’ banner. The newscasts will be titled ‘Aksyon sa Umaga’, ‘Aksyon sa Tanghali’, ‘Aksyon Prime’, and ‘Aksyon Tonite’.

But prior to the relaunch, several other TV5 programs and entities have used the word ‘Aksyon’ since the brand was launched in 2010.

Aksyon JournalisMO

The first late night news program of TV5 following the sale to Manny V. Pangilinan, ‘Aksyon JournalisMO’ was first anchored by Martin Andanar, Cherie Mercado and Jove Francisco. Andanar was later replaced by Atty. Mike Templo, followed by Paolo Bediones. The newscast ran from October 25, 2010 to February 17, 2012, and features online opinions of citizens regarding various national issues.

Aksyon Solusyon

The public service program has been airing on Radyo5 92.3 NewsFM since 2011, and was first hosted by Cheryl Cosim and Richard Gordon. Cosim was later replaced by Amelyn Veloso, before current host Alex Tinsay took over the program in late 2012. Tinsay is now the sole host of the program after Gordon’s departure in early 2013. ‘Aksyon Solusyon’ also airs on AksyonTV.


Named after the flagship newscast, AksyonTV was launched on February 21, 2011. Once hailed as the first 24-hour free TV news network in the Filipino language, AksyonTV later cut its operational hours due to rising costs. The network currently airs a mix of Radyo5 programs, ‘Aksyon’ newscasts, News5 programs, and Sports5 events.

Aksyon Weekend

The weekend edition of ‘Aksyon’, it first aired on April 10, 2010. The original anchors were Andanar, Mercado and Francisco, all of whom would go on to anchor ‘Aksyon JournalisMO’. Amelyn Veloso, Naomi Dayrit and Maricel Halili later took over Mercado’s vacated seat.

Initially an early evening newscast, it was moved to late nights on October 10, 2010 to make way for ‘Willing Willie’. Twenty days later, Atty. Templo replaced Andanar, after which the newscast was renamed ‘Aksyon Sabado’ and ‘Aksyon Linggo’. They were later replaced by ‘Pilipinas News Weekend’ in August 2012.

‘Aksyon Weekend’ was revived on January 16, 2013, with Raffy Tulfo and Grace Lee as anchors. Unlike the previous version, however, ‘Aksyon Weekend’ only aired on Saturday afternoons, mainly due to sports coverage and weekend entertainment programs. The revived ‘Aksyon Weekend’ ended its broadcasts on July 12, 2014.

Aksyon Sports

Hosted by Dennis Principe and Ron delos Reyes, ‘Aksyon Sports’ has been airing on Radyo5 92.3 News FM since 2011. The program also aired on AksyonTV, but was later cancelled. ‘Aksyon Sports’ solely focuses on recaps of sports events and discussions regarding various sports issues.

Aksyon Breaking and Related Bulletins

‘Aksyon Breaking’ (AksyonTV), ‘Aksyon Alert’ (TV5) and ‘Aksyon News Update’ (Radyo5 92.3 News FM) serve as the main news bulletins of News5. While ‘Aksyon Alert’ and ‘Aksyon News Update’ continue to air, ‘Aksyon Breaking’ was cancelled on July 13, 2014, in anticipation of a reformat.

Regional Aksyon

TV5 affiliates in Cebu and Davao air a regional version of ‘Aksyon’. ‘Aksyon Bisaya’ was first launched on July 18, 2011, after TV5 launched its Cebu affiliate. ‘Aksyon Dabaw’ was then launched on May 5, 2014, serving viewers of TV5 Davao.


Formerly a stand-alone news and commentary program, it will now serve as a segment for ‘Aksyon Prime’ beginning July 21. Luchi Cruz-Valdes will continue to host the segment in addition to her anchoring duties on ‘Aksyon Prime’.

The official news website of TV5, was launched in 2010, following the sale of the network to Manny V. Pangilinan. In addition to various news articles, clips of News5 programs and newscasts on TV and radio are also featured via its sister site News5 Everywhere.

This Monday, TV5 takes the ‘Aksyon’ name to new heights, in the form of ‘Aksyon sa Umaga’ (mornings), ‘Aksyon sa Tanghali’ (noontime), ‘Aksyon Prime’ (primetime) and ‘Aksyon Tonite’ (late nights). For News5, it is about strengthening and unifying the brand, believing that ‘more than the news, it is about action’ (‘higit sa balita, aksyon’). And that is exactly what they are attempting to accomplish.

However, it remains to be seen whether or not their new initiative will pay off. But for now, News5 will welcome a change of scenery, and will start over with a clean slate.


51 thoughts on “For TV5, It’s All About ‘Aksyon’

  1. Ang tv5 , hirap pa rin nila palakasin ang news 5 dahil sa mas marami ang tumututok sa gma news at abs cbn news dahil doon pa rin ang viewing habits nila.

  2. Unless they offer something different then they will not succeed, sana they(TV5) will focus more on news and sports na lng less entertainment programs. Sana the Aksyon brand will have various guests tpus puro important national news n lng sa primetime, less the police reports, ung every night may news debate para maging fresh sila and different from the other two stations.

  3. James Ty III says:

    I think Shawn Yao should be reassigned to Sports5. Her BF Jinno Rufino is with Solar News and Solar Sports.

  4. Huui says:

    1. Was AksyonTV originally envisioned as a news and sports channel back then?
    2. Did Shawn Yao’s substituting for Cherie Mercado in the last 4 episodes of “Pilipinas News” (as noted by MNP) just a dress rehearsal for the former’s role as the female anchor of “Aksyon Tonite”? (Note: “Aksyon JournalisMO” was replaced by “Pilipinas News” that will be replaced in turn by “Aksyon Tonite” tomorrow.)
    3. Will the new Aksyon-branded newscasts be simulcasted as usual on AksyonTV?

    • 1. Yes they were, but when the IBC blocktime (AKTV) came into the picture, AksyonTV became a news-only channel, that is until TV5 decided to cut ties with IBC in 2013.
      2. Also, we don’t know what role Shawn will play in the rebranded Aksyon newscasts. We also don’t know what time will she be assigned. And besides, it will be Paolo Bediones and Cheryl Cosim who will anchor for Aksyon Tonite, so essentially it wasn’t a dress rehearsal for Shawn.
      3. As for the simulcasts, there is a possibility that the Aksyon newscasts will be aired on AksyonTV. However, they are also subject to pre-emptions on that channel in case of an ongoing sporting event. It is also likely that Radyo5 will adjust their schedules tomorrow to accommodate these newscasts.

  5. siguro tatagal pa ang contract ng pba sa sports 5 at mapupunta raw sa kanila ang nba kasi sa susunod .Kasi sa 2 daw magulo ang schedule. and also may balita raw na gagawing sports channel ang tv5 dahil yun na lang ang nare rate sa kanila buong araw.

  6. James Ty III says:

    Shawn Yao told me at the FIBA 3X3 yesterday that she will be part of the late night Aksyon starting today. But she didn’t tell me what role she will play in the revamped newscast.

    By the way, TV5 aired Demolition Job last night after the replay of Jasmine. No more weekend news on the Kapatid Network.

    The FIBA 3×3 semis and finals were aired live so a lot of basketball fans got to watch the win of Manila East, led by KG Canaleta and Terrence Romeo, in the tournament held at SM Megamall.

  7. Nameless says:

    With tv5’s move to unite their newscasts under the AKSYON banner, wala ba kayong napansin sa Solar? On the same day na nag-relaunch ang AKSYON newscasts, tinanggal naman ng Solar News Channel ang word na “Solar” sa title ng dalawa nilang newscasts namely “Daybreak” & “Newsday”. In my opinion, dahil rin ito sa ginawa ng tv5 sa AKSYON shows. Try to watch those programs and I hope that Sir Ralphirce will make a post about Solar’s recent move.

    • James Ty III says:

      I think this will lead to the merger of GMA and Solar. Solar News Channel 9 will be the news channel of GMA and News TV will be used for sports coverages like the Shakey’s V League.

      • Should be interesting. If that happens, Channel 11 will now be developed into a mix of Jack TV and Solar Sports, na magiging karibal ng ABS-CBN Sports+Action.

        Regarding that recent move by Solar, it was a surprise, to say the least. However, the tweaks made on Daybreak and Newsday were just minor, and not the wide-scale one that TV5 implemented.

    • KG says:

      Daybreak, NewsDay, Cebuano News, Headlines, Network News, Nightly News and Sports Desk.

      Even their reporters at the ending intro, instead of Solar News, reporting na lang. Ayaw talaga masabi ng mga anchors ang pangalan ng channel.

      Baka sa susunod, News Channel na ang pangalan ng Channel 9.

  8. Fgu8 says:

    Sad to say from James Ty III that there will be no more newscasts on weekends on TV5, but how about weekend newscasts on AksyonTV? Will AksyonTV take cues from Solar News for having no weekend newscasts at all?

    Full article from The Philippine Star about those who are there on the new Aksyon newscasts and the said shows’ new segments:

    Is there someone watching these new newscasts? I saw some reactions on social media saying that these newscasts (or at least one of them) “needs improvement”.

    • No weekend news on AksyonTV either. Plus they still air replays of Reaksyon, which is now a segment of Aksyon Prime, and KBO programs, during vacant hours.

      The best they can do right now is to simulcast more Radyo5 programs. Even the second hour of Orly Mercado All Ready should be simulcast on TV.

  9. James Ty III says:

    Ralph, TV5 has no more Sunday newscast. After Jasmine on Sunday is Demolition Job followed by Shop Japan. As of now, though, no movie sked yet for Sunday on TV5

  10. James Ty III says:

    Ralph, as of now TV5 has no new Sunday sked posted on its website so we don’t know if there is still Demolition Job this Sunday at 11 pm. Once the sked is posted, I will inform you here.

  11. Nameless says:

    May napansin akong kulang sa News5 programs. Dapat mag-produce sila ng sports-oriented talk-show like ‘yung sa Solar Sports Desk. Hindi pa kasi sapat ‘yung “Sports5 Center” nila eh, masyadong bitin. Mas maganda pa kasi sana ‘yung dati nilang AKTV Center during their blocktime era on IBC. And then, mag-produce din sila ng local showbiz-oriented newscast on AKSYONtv, similar to E. T. ng 2nd Avenue & OMG Insider ng ETC. Kaya lang kasi, tila si Ate MJ Marfori lang ang nag-iisang showbiz correspondent eh. So far, consistent naman ang Ch. 41 as news and sports channel.

    Or kung magsi-simulcast sila ng Radyo5 programs, they should simulcast Showbiz FM show na lang and other weekend radio programs nila.

    • Yung Aksyon Sports sa Radyo5 dating naka-hook up sa AksyonTV, pero for some unexplained reason hindi na tinutuloy ng AksyonTV. They should bring that show back, or kung pwede a weekday edition of Sports5 Center.

      May Cristy Ferminute din, kaso on certain days na lang siya dahil sa NCAA at iba pang sports coverages. Yung last showbiz-oriented program nila sa TV5, Showbiz Police, did not work out.

      I suggest that AksyonTV should simulcast more Radyo5 programs instead of replaying old shows like Reaksyon and KBO, just to fill in the airtime. Kahit nga music-oriented shows sa Radyo5 like 80s Sabado, Chillax Radio at Sunday by Heart pwede namang i-simulcast sa AksyonTV kung walang sports coverage.

  12. TV5 is targeting a 20 percent audience share in the year 2012 ,said network president and CEO Ray Espinosa. But the audience shares in the beginning of TV5’s ” Shake mo, TV mo!” era until their seasonal slogan’s “Happy Ka Dito” was decrease annually, according to AGB Nielsen.

      • James Ty III says:

        TV5 should have aired the PhilPop tonight instead of last night. The PhilPop would have been perfect for the vacant timeslot of the PBA. Instead the Kapatid Network will air Cowboys and Aliens starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford tonight at 6 after JasMINE. Dubbed in Tagalog as usual.

      • Yung PhilPop kasi ginanap last night. Kung ngayong gabi pa ito ieere malamang wala nang manonood dahil sa mga ipinakitang spoilers.

        Also, the NCAA SHOULD HAVE re-scheduled tomorrow’s games to today for the benefit of television coverage, due to TV5’s SONA coverage. It’s been that way in the last several years, the NCAA not having the full benefit of TV coverage, mapa Vintage, ABS-CBN Sports o Sports5.

  13. James Ty III says:

    The NCAA coverage today will be aired LIVE on Aksyon TV as only TV5 will air the SONA. TV5 will air a delayed telecast of the Mapua-SSC game at 10:30 pm after Aksyon Tonite.

  14. muning says:

    Wag nila sabihin na naiiba sila sa pagbabalita .Sana tanggalin na nila ang segment na reaksyon sa aksyon prime. Marami sa viewers ang di nakakaunawa sa current issues na pinag- uusapan nila at sayang ang oras kaya di siksik sa pagbabalita at sana wag puro commercial breaks, kaya unti unti bumababa ang nutam ratings nila. Sayang ang pagiging major network nila.

    • Yung naiiba lang talaga sa kanila ay sila Shawn Yao, Grace Lee and Luchi Cruz-Valdes. Although I commend Luchi for trying to anchor a newscast while she is running the operations of News5, I have a feeling na conflict of interest ito sa kanya. Shawn and Grace were not trained as journalists; in fact mas bagay sila sa entertainment industry rather than the news.

      Unless TV5 hires serious journalists, chances are may rebrand muli na mangyayari soon.

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