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Superbook Now on ABS-CBN. Will The 700 Club Follow Suit?

‘Superbook”s Gizmo poses at the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center in Quezon City. (Photo credit: CBN Asia)

Young and old ‘Superbook’ fans must be surprised to see ‘Superbook’ on ABS-CBN. After all, the religious cartoon has been airing on GMA for seemingly like forever.

But in a strange twist of fate, CBN Asia, distributors of ‘Superbook’, decided to sign a deal with ABS-CBN to air the classic and revived editions of the program. Both versions started airing on the Kapamilya network on the weekend of July 12.

‘Superbook’, along with sister series ‘The Flying House’, were staples of GMA Network’s early morning programming during the ‘Where You Belong’ era. The said programs were also aired on ZOE-TV Channel 11, later known as GMA News TV, in the early 2000s.

With the move of ‘Superbook’ to ABS-CBN, does this mean ‘The 700 Club Asia’ will switch stations as well?

Like ‘Superbook’, ‘The 700 Club Asia’ is currently managed and produced by CBN Asia, whose parent company, the Christian Broadcasting Network, airs the original American version of ‘The 700 Club’.

The said program has also been a part of GMA’s programming for over 40 years, with the Asian version currently airing on GMA News TV during the late-night hours. But ‘The 700 Club Asia’ is not always synonymous with the Kapuso network.

‘The 700 Club Asia’ also aired on ABS-CBN’s sister network, Studio 23 (now ABS-CBN Sports+Action), during the early 2000s, as well as ABC-5 (now TV5). In 2006, GMA reclaimed the rights to the program and began airing it on QTV, which eventually became GMA News TV.

Although ‘The 700 Club Asia’ continues to air on News TV, there is a chance that the said religious program will jump back to ABS-CBN in the near future. If it does, then it will be a huge loss to GMA, whose financial and programming woes have been well-documented.

For now, ‘The 700 Club Asia’ will remain with the cash-strapped owners inside Timog Avenue. As for ‘Superbook’, new opportunities await in its new home at Mother Ignacia.


23 thoughts on “Superbook Now on ABS-CBN. Will The 700 Club Follow Suit?

  1. On its first day of Two’s broadcast, the Kantar rating of Superbook seems no significant difference yet slightly above average of ~9% on both versions from the last contact with the Seven’s.

    If the 700 Club Asia follows suit, then, ABS-CBN is going to the limbo land but GMA still suffers in Gehenna and will not reach purgatory as long as Villanueva’s shows are there.

    Looks like Kapuso apologists are crying a river for losing programming trusts.

  2. If GMA is smart they will try to keep block timers such as 700 Club with them, that will help them with Production Costs. I’ve also sensed that there will be a major revamp in their news programs, Soho’s departure might have caused by Ang’s entrance and the possible merger of Solar News Personnel with their existing roster of news staff and management team. If this happens, there might not have room for 700 Club and thus CBN might strike a deal with ABSCBN.

      • James Ty III says:

        Marian Rivera’s dance show on GMA continues to suffer from single-digit ratings. That’s another sign of trouble for the Kapuso Network.

      • The network clearly needs to have a solid identity now that ABSCBN has claimed to be the Entertainment Network, and TV5 is poised to be the Sports Network. Maybe it will be a good move to do weekly series than teleseryes, or a movie channel in free tv

      • Also heard from the grapevine i dont know if its true is, GMA NewsTV will be a movie and sports channel and SolarNews will be the News network of the Kapuso station. Part of the deal was Solar Sports will have a majority control of the new GMANewsTV while they will have to split management in the News Department because of the contrast of styles, thus the reason for Soho’s premature retirement.

  3. James Ty III says:

    If GMA and Solar join forces and News TV becomes a sports channel, expect both parties to bid for the PBA TV coverage after Sports5’s contract with the league expires.

  4. Nameless says:

    Well, mas magandang tinanggal na rin ang ilang annoying religious cartoons sa isang non-sectarian TV network (GMA) na pilit pine-penetrate ng Villanueva-oriented shows. So far kasi, mula nang naging QTV ang Ch. 11 nung 2005, mas na-dominate ng ZOE-TV shows ang ilang timeslots ng GMA at napansin ko rin na never yata nag-air ng Catholic shows ang GMA ever since except during Holy Week.

    For me, Ateneo-oriented religious shows (produced by JesComm) should go back to tv5 dahil Atenista rin naman si Sir MVP. Currently kasi, nasa ABS-CBN/ANC at PTV4 ang ilang programs nila.

    Going back to those religious programs of GMA (for me), they should go back to Light Network 33 na lang.

    If ever na matutuloy ang Solar-GMA merger under Ramon Ang, this will be so exciting, upang matupad na rin ang minsan ding nabigo na tv5-GMA merger.

    • Since they got rid of Fr. Bacani’s Ecclesia Iglesia, wala nang Catholic-oriented program ang ineere ngayon sa GMA during regular days.

      Also, Atenean rin si Gabby Lopez, so I find no reason for those JesComm programs to move out of Kapamilya stations.

      Regarding religious programs on GMA, they need to cease ties with ZOE and JIL first.

  5. James Ty III says:

    Nameless, Solar News Channel 9 will be the news channel of GMA and News TV will be used for sports coverages like the Shakey’s V League. That is my opinion on this merger that you are talking about.

    • Nameless says:

      So, hindi na rin tayo magtataka kung isang araw ay makikita na lang natin si Jessica Soho na nagho-host sa Channel 9. But however, medyo confusing kung ano ba talaga ang gagamiting medium kapag nag-merge na ang dalawang news departments. Is it still English o Tagalog na? Solar once proved that they are the first English-speaking news channel on free TV. Pero if we will notice, medyo lumalapit na rin sila sa masa thru their Serbisyo All Access show.

      • Pero wait, kung matutuloy itong merger, edi tatlo na ang VHF channels ng GMA-Solar: 7, 9 and 11. No one would like such a setup dahil sa masamang alaala ng mga tagapanood sa Channels 2, 4, 9 at 13 na kontrolado ng cronies ni Marcos noong Martial Law.

        Regarding the use of English and Tagalog in the newscasts, it remains to be seen. So hintayin na lang natin ang susunod na kabanata.

  6. Fiio0 says:

    Superbook (the 2011 CG animated series dubbed by ABS-CBN as “Reimagined”) will be moved to Saturday starting July 26 (possibly because of the Max Steel reboot animated series airing on Sunday, 9am starting July 27), but what will happen next to the classic version’s run on ABS-CBN?

    @James Ty III
    “Marian Rivera’s dance show on GMA continues to suffer from single-digit ratings [according to AGB Nielsen ratings data].” Marian’s Kantar ratings is on par with GMA’s leading primetime drama Nino and was the second-most watched of GMA’s Saturday TV programs, but the ratings of Marian’s fifth episode fell sharply to 13.8% still according to Kantar.

    (The latest ratings data from Kantar released at the time of its writing show that the average Kantar ratings of all listed TV shows fell. That big ratings drop…) Also from that same ratings data, Superbook (Reimagined) has been booted out from the top 20, while Superbook (Classic) barely made into the top 20 place.

    @ralphierce The products advertised by “Japanese” infomercials aired in the Philippines are actually made in China, US, Japan, and some other countries.

    Back to Superbook, it is originally 80’s anime. The Chirstian Broadcasting Network is the producer and rightsholder of the Superbook franchise.

    • Superbook Classic will still air, but will now take the timeslot of Reimagined on Sundays.

      Regarding Marian, that was so sad. It is clear that GMA is making quick fixes in hopes of reversing their recent slide.

  7. i hope The 700 Club Asia will remain in GMA NTV 11 ang i think hindi na babalik ang The 700 Club Asia sa ABS-CBN kasi galing na dun yon!

    and the speaking of the 700 club asia, live ang the 700 club asia ngayon week na ito na nagsimula noong lunes (aug. 11) na pinamagatang “unselfie bayani” na ginanap sa studio ng the 700 club asia sa Sagittarius Bldg. Studio sa 3rd floor, Sagittarius Bldg. sa makati.

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