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Bet ng Bayan: A Future Flop in the Making?

Auditions for GMA’s upcoming reality talent show ‘Bet ng Bayan’ are currently ongoing. (Logo courtesy of GMA Network)

Despite the clear signs of decline on the part of the GMA Artist Center, the network remains defiant in its attempt to hone new stars.

Thus, another attempt at a reality talent show was conceptualized.

Enter ‘Bet ng Bayan’, GMA’s latest attempt at finding new artists and performers. The upcoming reality program will be hosted by Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and Alden Richards, and it will premiere either this August or September.

Auditions for ‘Bet ng Bayan’ are currently ongoing in various parts of the country, and will run until the first week of August.  The show will feature solo, duo, and group singers, dancers, and novelty performers over 15 years old.

Let’s face it, ‘Bet ng Bayan’ is essentially a copycat of ABS-CBN’s ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’ and TV5’s ‘Talentadong Pinoy’. While GMA claims that ‘Bet ng Bayan’ is an original concept of theirs, it is clear that they borrowed several aspects of ‘PGT’ and ‘Talentadong Pinoy’ into their reality talent program.

It is also clear that ‘Bet ng Bayan’ is just another move by GMA to replenish their weekend lineup. Already decimated by numerous lineup changes and four movie blocks, they now hope that ‘Bet ng Bayan’ will be their saving grace to their weekend woes. But with ABS-CBN continuing to impose their will on the opposition, it will be an even tougher task for ‘Bet ng Bayan’ to achieve, considering that GMA’s previous weekend reality talent show ‘Protege’ failed to attract viewers during its two-season run.

The producers of ‘Bet ng Bayan’ are definitely under pressure to make the series work. And with GMA’s current roster of artists struggling to stay relevant, they hope that fresh blood will come with this program. However, it remains to be seen if ‘Bet ng Bayan’ can really deliver ‘the next big star’.


44 thoughts on “Bet ng Bayan: A Future Flop in the Making?

  1. Pilipinas Got Talent is the Philippines’ legal franchise of Simon Cowell’s Got Talent and not Talentadong Pinoy.

    Since when did GMA had shows last time had a franchise? Years, ain’t it, since Hole in the Wall or Family Feud.

    Then, what happened with original game and reality shows now on Kapuso’s lineup (like Celebrity Bluff and Bet ng Bayan), strict conservative management of Gozon trampled down the ratings game.

    GMA, save for the news, will never learn, forever and ever. Amen.

  2. Nameless says:

    The last time na nag-franchise ng talent show ang GMA is ‘nung 2008, thru “Pinoy Idol”. Gretchen Espina is their winner pero however nag-flop din sila.

    I bet, this Bet Ng Bayan will not trend. Kasi napapansin ko, ABS-CBN is now taking their revenge against all their competitors thru their The Voice Kids (na kahit naiinis ako sa show na ‘yun) and other Kapamilya shows.

    And I heard the recent news about Aljur’s move to file a case against GMA to end his contract.

    Sa madaling salita, GMA is now experiencing a crisis like what ABC-5 experienced during the latter years of Cojuangco era. And in the end, baka makita na lang natin na ang GMA ay nagpapalabas na ng agri-show, home shopping block, etc.

    • Malungkot talaga ang sitwasyon sa GMA ngayon.

      Saka franchised shows are becoming more popular than ever, and more economical, kahit sabihin nila na walang originality.

      And yes, Gretchen Espina never found a footing in the music industry here.

      • Nameless says:

        Even their cartoon blocks are more repeater na lang. Yung One Piece lang ang pinaka-mabenta sa kanila, lalo na sa mga HS male students, then the rest, parang sirang plaka na. Obviously, they’re not the Anime authority anymore and oo nga naman, hindi na rin siguro uso ang Anime due to the rising stardom ng social media.

        Tatlo lang ang knowledge ko about Gretchen Espina: winner ng Pinoy Idol, anak ng isang Congressman at GF ng isang NCAA player dati. Sayang ang career niya.

      • Yung mga repeat anime na yan, for demanding ‘loyalists’ daw yan, yung tipong gustong panoorin ng paulit-ulit. So anime on GMA is basically for the old-timers.

        Also, failure overall ang Idol franchise sa Pilipinas. ABC had Philippine Idol before, pero yung winner na si Mau Marcelo, like Gretchen Espina after her, failed to achieve success.

      • bakit napunta sa 7 ang mga classic animes na dati sa 13 at bakit nga pala kaya inuulit ang dragonball z kai ngayong tao
        n pero di nila kaya ibalik ang classic dragonball?

      • Ayaw na kasi ng 13, kaya binenta na nila yung rights sa Siyete.

        Saka dati rin naman ineere ang Dragonball. Again, ito ay for the benefit of ‘loyal’ anime viewers na nais mapanood ng paulit-ulit ang mga pinakamamahal nila mga anime.

    • James Ty III says:

      In fact, GMA will again have two movies tomorrow: THE SCORPION KING at 7:45 pm and MORTAL KOMBAT at 10:45 pm against the Mr and Ms Chinatown of ABS-CBN.

      And with the Aljur Abrenica case still fresh in our minds, malabong makabawi ang GMA sa primetime with that new talent search of theirs.

      • Add to that Snakes on a Plane later tonight. Dahil dito, mukhang hindi na talaga nila itutuloy ang pangakong agahan ang I-Witness, which is now back at its old timeslot of 11:30. Disadvantage ito sa mga loyal viewers ng naturang award-winning program, na nais mapanood ng mas maaga at mas affordable na timeslot.

  3. James Ty III says:

    Marian Rivera is guesting on Sunday All Stars today. A desperate move by GMA to save the ratings of both SAS and her Saturday night dance show.

      • Nameless says:

        Speaking of your suggest to put home TV shopping blocktimers, nasaan na ang Venta Singko (Venta 5)? That was one of the very last programs ng ABC-5 bago sila maging tv5 ‘nung 2008. I remember na may branch sila dito sa amin near San Mateo, Rizal.

    • James Ty III says:

      TV5 also airs its movies dubbed in Tagalog. Cowboys and Aliens ang movie ng Kapatid Network mamayang gabi

      • Blame The Voice Kids last night for forcing GMA to air movies full of cuts. Yung Celebrity Bluff natapos ng around 11:45, after which I-Witness aired in the timeslot they used to air during Mondays.

        In short, nababaon sa matinding depression ang GMA.

    • GMA-7 should stop airing movie. Why they try co-produced or partnership with other production companies like Viva Entertainment, Regal Entertainment and KB Entertainment owned by Kitchie Benedicto for producing shows on GMA-7 just like befor in 90’s. mas maganda at mas nanaisi pa yon kesa sa paulit na movies at cartoons na ipinapalabas ngayon sa 7.

      • TAPE, Inc., M-Zet at Jojo A TV Production na lang ang partnership ng GMA-7 for producing show(s) sa GMA-7 like yung Eat Bulaga and The Ryzza Mae Show (both produced by TAPE, Inc.), yung The Medyo late Night Show ni jojo (produced ng Jojo A TV Production & Screen craft Production s ba yon?) tapos yung Vampire Ang Daddy Ko (co-produced ng M-Zet Production and GMA Network).

      • and also CBN Asia (producer of The 700 Club Asia) nagpo-produced ng CBN Asia ng Telesine Special para sa GMA 7 like yung Tanikala na ini-ere tuwing holy week every year sa GMA-7.

      • In essence, only the blocktimers are keeping GMA on the air. Pero sooner or later The 700 Club Asia might leave GMA’s networks for ABS-CBN, following CBN’s deal with the Kapamilya network regarding Superbook.

      • Lugi na kasi sila. Saka nagbabago nga rin yung panlasa ng mga manonood. I would rather place HSN or EZ Shop infomercials in their supposed movie blocks.

        By the way, sa susunod paki-ayos yung grammar mo para maintindihan ko. Parang ibang lenggwahe na ang nababasa ko sa mga comments mo.

  4. James Ty III says:

    ABS-CBN will go back to its old Sunday sked next week:

    7:45 RATED K
    8:45 PBB
    9:45 GGV
    10:30 SUNDAY’S BEST

    Next Sunday on Sunday’s Best will be the 10th anniversary concert of Jed Madela held last November 2013 at the PICC.

  5. dapat tigilan na ang GMA-7 na magkaroon ng talent search program kasi ang dami na ang artista nila tapos hindi nila binibigyan ng projects asan na yung ibang finalists ng anak ko yan si james wright ang aktibo tapos asan na yung mga protege finalists nasaan na kaya yun nanalo na si krizza neri tapos dagdag pa meron pa mga finalists ng mga contests ng eat bulaga like little miss phils. super sireyna, youre my foreginoy/foreignay, mr pogi, isama mo pa ang suffer sireyna nasan na kaya yung mga finalists ng mr pogi 2012 lalo na yung nanalo na si john edric ulang eh di ba binigyan ng project ng GMA 7 yung mga finalists ng contests sa Eat Bulaga like francine garcia (grand winner ng super sireyna 2013) di ba binigyan ng project ng 7 yan si francine garcia which is Villa Quintana tapos si dasuri choi (finalist ng youre my foreignay) binigyan din ng project ng 7 yan si dasuri choi yung guesting niya sa picture2x atchaka motorcycle diaries ng GMA News TV ganon din si richard hwan,gui adorno at song yung kuk nague-guest sila sa ibang shows sa GMA-7 na part ng premyo nila and even ryzza mae dizon mula noong nanalo siya sa little ms phils. ng EB noong 2012 di ba binigyan siya ng project ng GMA si ryzza yung tweets for my sweets atchaka si agimat at enteng kabisote 2 ng GMA Films at ngayon naman yung Vampire Ang Daddy Ko at The Ryzza Mae Show ang show ni Ryzza sa 7 bukod sa EB atchaka nakaksawa na rin ang talent search program

    • EB, in the first place, is only a blocktimer. It is TAPE (producer of EB) who is responsible for handling the careers of the winners of EB’s contests. In essence, the ones you mentioned are merely freelancers, and not contracted GMA artists.

  6. @Nameless @ralphierce @muning – samantala yung superbook na bagung-bago yon at educational cartoons yon hindi sinusupporta maigi ng GMA-7 kaya umalis ang Superbook sa 7 at lumipat sa ABS-CBN kasi nga ang GMA-7 ngayon dun sila naka focus sa paulit ulit na cartoons like dragon ball, mojako, doraemon, flame of recca na yan sinuportahan ng 7.

    • Matagal na ang Superbook sa GMA. The classic Superbook that is airing on ABS-CBN right now was actually part of GMA’s weekend morning lineup in the ‘Where You Belong’ era. Talagang yung pagbabago sa panlasa ng manonood lang ang naging dahilan kung bakit wala na sa kamay ng GMA ang Superbook.

      • Pero abi ng CBN Asia Mgt. na mananatili pa rin sa GMA NTV 11 ang the 700 club asia kahit lumipat po ang superbook sa 2 kaya hindi lilipat po ang the 700 club asia sa ibang channel.

      • However, may likelihood pa rin na malipat ang 700 Club Asia sa ibang channel in the future. Remember, noong early 2000s nasa ABS-CBN rin ang 700 Club Asia, specifically sa Studio 23.

      • James Ty III says:

        GMA nga is slowly getting rid of religious programs on Sundays. Kaya nga tuwing Linggo at 6 am, may classic Tagalog movies sila. Kaya I wasn’t surprised na nawala ang Superbook sa GMA

      • But there’s still Eddie Villanueva’s JIL to save them. Too bad they did not welcome Family Rosary Crusade when the network’s previous home Studio 23 became ABS S+A (they did return to 23 weeks later), considering their non-sectarian status.

      • That’s another possibility. Matagal nang loyal si Eddie Villanueva sa GMA, but with the network’s financial problems, sooner or later kakalas na ang JIL sa GMA.

    • Pero kung nag-aral ka naman ng Abakada, Makabayan at Ingles noong estudyante ka pa, maiiwasan mo talaga yon.

      Yan ang problema sa Pilipinas ngayon, masyadong illiterate ang karamihan sa atin, at ang dahilan ito ay ang kahirapan. At ang kahirapan ay resulta ng kakulangan sa sapat na edukasyon o pagaaral.

  7. G says:

    Hello! I’m a little disturbed with what you said. GMA has “financial problems”? I bet you don’t know much about how investments and financial markets work. Don’t look at raw figures.

    • Sorry I’m no stocks expert or marketing expert. And besides, this is not a business or a financial blog.

      In the first quarter of 2014, GMA’s profit dropped by 46%, according to this article:

      To be financially successful, a network needs to have a roster of highly-rated programs, a formidable group of artists who would drive these programs, a strong and smart group of individuals who would run the day-to-day operations of the network, and a blueprint for future projects or plans. Unfortunately, these do not apply to GMA of late.

      Their programming has been inconsistent and low-rated, contrary to what they stated, while some of their embattled artists are considering a move to another station. It is the station’s management that is to blame for all that, which is why their profits are dropping of late. And unlike ABS-CBN and TV5, two stations run by conglomerates, GMA does not even have a sports division to keep it more balanced.

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