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Another Lineup Change on GMA, Thanks to The Voice Kids

The season finale of ‘The Voice Kids’, won by Lyca Gairanod, blasted GMA’s rival programs during the weekend of July 28. (Photo credit: ABS-CBN News)

Blame ‘The Voice Kids’ for forcing GMA into another programming change this past weekend.

The final weekend of ABS-CBN’s ‘The Voice Kids’ Season 1 saw Lyca Gairanod win the cash prize of P1-million, a recording contract, a house and lot, and various other prizes. Rounding out the top four are Darren Espanto, Juan Karlos Labajo, and Darlene Vibares, all of whom finished behind Gairanod in percentage of votes.

‘The Voice Kids’ season finale, held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater at Resorts World Manila, was also a ratings winner. Saturday’s performance episode registered a series-high 37.7% national rating, while Sunday’s results episode ended with an equally impressive 37.7%. In Metro Manila, ‘The Voice Kids’ ended their first season with respectably high numbers of 31.8% on Saturday, and 29.2% on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the never-ending timeslot changes on GMA’s weekend lineup continued. In an attempt to counter the expected lengthy performance episode of ‘The Voice Kids’, GMA hastily added ‘GMA Blockbusters’ to its Saturday lineup, weeks after it was replaced by ‘Marian’. As a result, GMA now has five movie blocks on its weekend slate.

Unfortunately, the last-minute change did little to stem the tide. ‘Marian’ only managed ratings of 18.9% (national) and 15% (Metro Manila), while the ‘GMA Blockbusters’ feature film ‘Snakes on a Plane’ ended with a mediocre 22% (national) and 16.1% (Metro Manila).

Against the results episode of ‘The Voice Kids’, GMA’s sitcoms ‘Vampire ang Daddy Ko’ and ‘Ismol Family’ did not fare well either. ‘Vampire’ finished at 10.6% (national) and 11.6% (Metro Manila), while ‘Ismol Family’ mustered ratings of 11.2% (national) and 14.6% (Metro Manila).

Contrary to a recent article written on GMA’s website, this was simply not a fun weekend for the folks inside Timog Avenue. Now the question is, what’s next?

GMA’s soon-to-be-launched reality talent search show, ‘Bet ng Bayan’, is currently on the pre-production stage, with auditions ongoing in various parts of the country. There is a possibility that ‘Bet ng Bayan’ will air every weekend, with the target date for its pilot still unknown.

With ‘Bet ng Bayan’, GMA hopes that they can reverse the course with their latest talent program. Unfortunately, ‘Bet ng Bayan’ will be facing an uphill climb, considering the tremendous strength and consistency of ABS-CBN’s weekend lineup.

For GMA, the saga of weekend changes continues. Sooner or later, they’ll make another change or two. But the truth is, they are slumping, and not even the slightest of changes will help them.


34 thoughts on “Another Lineup Change on GMA, Thanks to The Voice Kids

  1. James Ty III says:

    Ralph, here’s the sked of ABS this Sunday:

    12 NN ASAP 19
    3:15 PM LUV U
    7:45 PM RATED K
    12:30 AM O SHOPPING

    Let’s see what GMA has in store this Sunday. But I feel, no changes for GMA this weekend unless they surprise us again.

  2. In common firms, to avoid losses on performance and slump ratings by clients’ feedback, they have a disaster recovery planning. But in the case of the Kapuso Network, they have a DISASTER planning. *chicken sound*

  3. GMA should just mind their own lineup and create newer and more innovative programs. As of late they are just reacting to what ABS does, if I were them I put a documentary on PNoy’s administration and air it against the Voice Kids, news is their strength it should be a good primer for the SONA last monday. If I were them I put a debate show every Sat and Sun and air it around 8pm where relevant topics can be discussed. Just a thought.

    • James Ty III says:

      Wansapanataym will have Vhong Navarro topbilling its new episode Nato de Coco. Clearly, ABS’s fantasy show will have the edge over Ismol Family on GMA.

      Marcus, GMA already has News TV for documentaries and other related programs. Their airing of Tagalized movies is a sign that they don’t have enough people who can create original shows.

      • Yeah but if i were them i already closed newstv and focused more on the mother station. I mean tagalized movies? C’mon that’s the least alternative to air much more a last resort. Kasi un na lng ung first option nila palagi, kpag may butas ung programming. At least kung news related program madali lng i put up since sanay nman ang staff na dpat up to date ang items at current. Kung un ang itinapat nila mas papanuorin ko un kesa sa the Voice,

  4. Nameless says:

    Mas maganda kung magsara na lang sila. They’re getting worse na talaga. Ba’t tila ang tagal pa kasi ng possible Solar-GMA merger.

      • Nameless says:

        Sisihin natin ang tv5. Sila ang pasimuno sa Tagalized movies. Kaya even ABS-CBN at GMA, nagpapalabas na rin ng ganun.

        Kaninang umaga, I listened to Mr. Fu’s radio show on 106.7 Energy FM thru his “Showbiz FU” segment, and he read a news article in a tabloid, stating that the Kapatid network will be a sports network soon, and ayaw na daw ipa-extend ng tv5 ang contract ng mga Entertainment talents nila, even some of their shows too. (I hope hindi ito totoo)

        BTW, ETC recently made a makeover sa logo nila, as part of their 10th anniversary. But however, marami pa rin ang nambabash at tumutulak sa kanila na dapat daw silang bumalik ulit sa RPN-9. Look at their FB page.

      • Dapat sana hindi totoo. Sayang ang perang ginastos ng TV5.

        Solar wanted a news channel on VHF because it is more viable than a female-oriented channel. As much as the viewers don’t like it, discrepancy in demographics is the key why they switched ETC and SNC’s channel assignments.

      • I still wish that GMA and even TV5 will air more quality programs, healthy conpetition will always drive quality and better entertainment for us

      • Unfortunately, their loss of revenue has compelled them to do unfathomable things. It’s as if they are accepting defeat to a higher power (in this case, ABS-CBN) and force that network to thoroughly dominate the competition.

      • Nameless says:

        Pero malakas rin ang ratings ng ETC nung nasa RPN sila compared to their cable rival, Star World. Pero pabor na rin akong inilipat din ang ETC sa SBN, kasi hindi rin bagay na ilagay ang isang girly channel sa tabi ng mga pang-masa na stations. If we will compare kasi, pang-masa channels airs PG & G rated shows mostly, while ETC mostly airs adult shows na talagang SPG at in favor to the western pop. Kaya talagang mas magandang inilagay ulit sila sa UHF.

  5. KG says:

    The good news is that SBN-21 new transmitter (replacing along the rooftop of Strata 2000) is already constructed at Antipolo City and it will be used it in the future.

    • Nameless says:

      Ha?! Nasa Antipolo na rin ang tower ng SBN?! Madalas pa naman ako napapadpad ng Antipolo. Well, good news. But I wish, sana dito na lang inilagay sa Montalban, Rizal ang tower since medyo mataas din ang location namin. Kaya pala mukhang 1 year nang nagbabawas ng signal yung Ch. 21 because of this transition. I guess magiging alternative na lang yung sa Strata, since it is currently used also by Energy FM & RX 93.1.

  6. James Ty III says:

    Nameless, it’s better for TV5 to be a sports channel so that the PBA games can be seen live everyday on the old time slots the league had before under AKTV. Sina Ritz Azul at Eula Caballero, even though they’re pretty and sexy, aren’t that well known to viewers. Mas aangat sila if they go to ABS-CBN like what happened to Alex Gonzaga na sandali lang tumagal sa TV5.

  7. ABS-CBN has expressed interest in obtaining the broadcast rights of the PBA games live on
    ABS-CBN Sports+Action once TV5 contract expires with the league. Once PBA leave TV5, what will happen to the ratings of TV5?

    • I don’t know. However, knowing that the PBA wanted their games live on a VHF channel, it would be a very difficult task for ABS-CBN to convince the league that UHF is not bad. Then again, the Solar-Studio 23 blocktime back in 2011 was a bad idea.

  8. Dapat ilipat ang bubble gang sa linggo 9:30 mas maaga-aga pa para itapat sa gandang gabi vice ng 2 kasi nakakaswa na rin ang bubble gang pag every friday nights. yan na lang palabas every night sa GMA 7 dapat iba na ang palabas tuwing friday ng gabi sa GMA 7 sa timeslot ng bubble gang at baka gumanda ang ratings ng sunday evening block ng GMA 7 nang dahil sa bubble gang.

    • Actually, I would rather place Bubble Gang opposite Banana Split on Saturdays. The thing is, no matter what shows they want to place against GGV, tatalunin at tatalunin pa rin ni Vice Ganda ang mga kalaban sa Siyete. GGV was simply that great.

  9. James Ty III says:

    Ralph, GMA has just changed its Sunday sked. No more GMA Blockbusters starting tomorrow at 7:45 pm and Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho will be aired after Ismol Family.

    Also, SNBO will be aired at 9:45 pm featuring Jackie Chan’s Who Am I and the Mutya ng Pilipinas next week.

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