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ABS-CBN, TV5 Share Coverage of Gilas Pilipinas in the FIBA World Cup

The broadcast rights for Gilas Pilipinas games in the upcoming FIBA World Cup will be shared by ABS-CBN and TV5. (Photo credit:

Solar Sports and Basketball TV are the main Philippine broadcasters of the 2014 FIBA World Cup. Meanwhile, rival networks ABS-CBN and TV5 will share the free TV coverage of the event.

On Wednesday, July 30, ABS-CBN Sports announced their schedule of games for the upcoming FIBA World Cup on their Facebook account. The list of games on both ABS-CBN 2 and ABS-CBN Sports+Action include those of the United States men’s basketball team, as well as Gilas Pilipinas national team. The said network will also air the knockout games that would lead up to the medal rounds.

TV5 will also have the rights to the FIBA World Cup, but they will only air the games of the Gilas Pilipinas team. Per the set-up made by both parties and Solar Sports, TV5 will air the Gilas games live while ABS-CBN Sports will follow suit on a delayed basis.

The announcement of both networks caused confusion and uncertainty when it was first reported back in June. TV5 even went as far as saying that the games of Gilas Pilipinas will be EXCLUSIVELY aired on the network, a ‘fact’ even confirmed by Gilas head coach and Sports5 management director Chot Reyes on Twitter.

But according to an article on, it was ABS-CBN Sports who were first awarded the free TV rights to the FIBA World Cup. It was only after Gilas qualified for the World Cup that Solar decided to strike another deal with TV5.

This was indeed a false advertising move by TV5. By insisting that their coverage of the Gilas matches in the Worlds would be exclusive, and not knowing about rival ABS-CBN’s own coverage, they simply alienated viewers and made fools out of their own management. In the end, they replaced their previous advertisements in favor of modified versions.

The truth is, Solar’s decision to simultaneously award both networks only intensified a fierce rivalry between the Lopez Group and the MVP Group. While their rivalry has been well-established in the corporate world, the two parties took their feud to a whole new level, simply because of Gilas Pilipinas.

Let’s just hope that both networks will work together to deliver a consistent and well-produced coverage of the national team’s matches. After all, the fans only expect nothing but the best for Gilas Pilipinas, and the coverage of their games is essential towards maintaining that support.


22 thoughts on “ABS-CBN, TV5 Share Coverage of Gilas Pilipinas in the FIBA World Cup

  1. Kenneth Ti says:

    FYI ABSCBN Sports entered into an agreement with Solar Sports (who holds the rights to World FIBA) long before TV5 entered the picture, it was only when Gilas managed to qualify for World FIBA that they also asked Solar if they could cover the games. And no, Solar Sports did NOT give them exclusive rights to air the Gilas games, false advertising Ang ginagawa Ng TV5. Please get your facts straight.

    • Sorry for the misunderstanding, Mr. Ti. And thanks for that key information. I read about those Gilas rights for FIBA World in various other articles, and yet no one mentioned who got it first and the real setup for the event. It was only this past June that I got the info regarding the FIBA free TV rights being given to both networks. Hopefully I can make this into an article very soon sir.

  2. John says:

    Yeah TV5 & Sport5 said ‘EXCLUSIVE’ the way last Home Stand promoted na merong actual game. May story na spin dito last June.

    Sa fierce rival sa Corp World, actually all lopez businesses sa MVP group nila binenta, Meralco, NLEX, maynilad. Sa Media lang sila direct nag cocompete. Sky vs. Cignal at kanilay respect respective broadcast networks.

    • Even in the telecommunications industry competitors ang dalawa: Bayan Telecommunications vs. PLDT.

      Thanks to the comment by Mr. Ti, now I understood why the Gilas games were still included on ABS-CBN Sports’ FIBA World sked. TV5 really made a mistake in promoting the FIBA World here, claiming na ‘exclusive’ daw sa kanila ang free TV ng Gilas.

  3. James Ty III says:

    If this rivalry keeps up, I won’t be surprised if ABS-CBN Sports will again make a bid for the PBA TV coverage rights. But I expect Sports5 to put up a tough fight to hold on to the pro league.

  4. Nameless says:

    Oo nga. Even kapag NCAA games on TV, palaging sinasabi ng mga Sports5 commentators na “EXCLUSIVE PO ‘YAN MAPAPANOOD ON FREE TV SA tv5”. Pero bakas naman sa mukha ng Kapatid network na masyado silang “oversupportive” para magpaka-exaggerated sa pagpo-promote ng FIBA World Cup sa free TV, porke’t hepe ng Spports5 si Coach Chot Reyes at si Sir MVP ang nagsusustento sa team. Unlike ABS-CBN na tila hindi lang talagang maingay sa pagsuporta sa Gilas. Kapatid channel has a recent teaser w/ their talents showing their pledge of support for Gilas.

    In the end, we’ll support the national team no matter what TV network covers their games. #GoGilas

  5. Atan oloitsac says:

    Loko talaga ang abs alam kasi nila na mag rerate ang laban ng gilas kaya nakisawsaw pa, haysss hayaan nyo na sila sa delayed telecast, kaya nalulugi eh dami utang.

    • Like what Mr. Ken Ti said, nauna ang ABS sa pagkuha ng free TV rights for FIBA World bago ang TV5; yung TV5 lang kasi nakisawsaw after Gilas qualified. Whether TV5 likes it or not, ieere pa rin ng ABS ang mga Gilas games, pero delayed since sa TV5 ang live coverage.

      Also, hindi nalulugi ang ABS overall at konti lang ang utang nila. Their ratings, ad load and willingness to expand are enough reasons to keep their revenue on the positive side.

    • Eh natural si MVP na may-ari ng TV5 ang backer ng Gilas, kaya minimal lang ang suporta ng ABS sa Gilas. Hayaan mo na ang TV5 diyan. And besides, yung Azkals naging high profile sila thanks to ABS, so ok pa rin na sa ABS iere ang Azkals.

    • James Ty III says:

      Solar Sports and BTV have ties kasi to ABS-CBN and TV5. TV5 will air Gilas games live while ABS will handle some of the other games.


        USA and Spain games will also air on TV5. Most Spain games will be live on the said network, while the USA games will be on primetime.

        Replays of Gilas, USA and Spain games will air on AksyonTV, with some games on TV5.

        ABS-CBN Sports will have a fixed schedule of FIBA games, hence none of the games they air will be live. They have the schedules posted on their FB account.

  6. Gab says:

    In fairness naman sa TV5, naka-HD pala ang laro ngayon ng Gilas at ang Turkey. Will they go in HD again dun sa Olympic qualifiers next week?

    • We’ll find out. Anyhow, the article you commented on is outdated, dahil noon pang FIBA World Cup ito.

      With TV5 clearly in a world of hurt, pati Sports5 mukhang naaapektuhan na rin. More on that in an upcoming article.

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