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After NU and Win, It’s P.S. on 107.5

107.5 P.S. FM, an easy listening station, will officially launch on August 10. (Logo courtesy of the Progressive Broadcasting Corporation)

For the third time since 2010, DWNU 107.5 has a new name and a new format.

After the hard rock and alternative approach of NU 107, and the masa-based Hot AC style of 107.5 Win Radio, the station has decided to go the softer route.

Starting this August, 107.5 will now be called P.S. FM. A grand launch for the said network will take place on August 10 at the World Trade Center.

107.5 P.S. FM will play mostly easy listening and adult contemporary songs, similar to 96.3 Easy Rock and defunct stations such as Mellow Touch 94.7 and 97.9 Home Radio.

The rebrand of 107.5 actually began on June 26, when Daniel Razon took over the management of the station from Manny Luzon. Win Radio held its final broadcast on that day, while Razon’s Breakthrough and Milestone Productions International, Inc. held a soft launch for the upcoming station at the World Trade Center.

Luzon and Win Radio then moved to the 91.5 frequency, formerly known as Big Radio, on June 27. 91.5 Big Radio was once Win Radio’s sister station before Luzon left 107.5.

Despite the rebrand, the studios of both Win Radio and P.S. FM will remain inside the AIC Gold Tower at Ortigas Center in Pasig City, though plans are in the offing for P.S. FM to move into the current UNTV headquarters in Philam Homes, Quezon City.

Razon’s takeover of 107.5 coincided with the 10th anniversary of UNTV (actually the station’s 13th but Razon and company disregarded any technicality). In addition to the rebrand of 107.5, UNTV broke ground on a new broadcast center on the former Plantersbank branch on Philam Homes, North EDSA, Quezon City, with the future site expected to house UNTV’s studios, equipment and production rooms, as well as the radio booths of both P.S. FM and UNTV Radio La Verdad 1350 AM.

The new station is expected to compete with 96.3 Easy Rock in the easy listening pop format.


15 thoughts on “After NU and Win, It’s P.S. on 107.5

  1. James Ty III says:

    UNTV lady announcers Monica Verallo (formerly with Unang Hirit) and Rheena Villamor (of Good Morning Kuya) will be DJs on the new FM station.

      • James Ty III says:

        Rheena told me about this when we met each other at the Shakey’s V League recently. She is still a courtside reporter for that volleyball league. She also told me that Monica is also excited on her role as DJ for PS FM since Monica never got to do radio when she was still with GMA.

  2. Nameless says:

    As the new FM station of ADD-powered TV network already leaked on social media, I guess ito ang magiging katapat ng ‘Pinas FM 95.5 of INC-backed NET25. At parehong may P at S sa names ng FM stations na ‘to. And since it will be on an easy listening format, sana mag-Ingles din sila tulad ng Home, KLite at WRock. Their logo seems to be not-so identical w/ UNTV’s current logo. Accdg to their FB page, 7pm August 10 ang launching nila.

    Like what I have said before, Atom Henares should not exist under Razon’s leadership sa network. He must sell his shares and create a new station on 107.9FM by bringing NU107 back. Jam 88.3 seems not so popular sa rock fans. NU107 is always a part of PH music history by creating NU Rock Awards annually till 2010. But I’m still wondering kung nagpaconvert na ba si Atom sa ADD kaya hindi kayang mag-resign?

      • But before that, noong Citylite pa ito, it was under Francis Lumen. The Veras only took over that station when it was clear 88.3 was on dire straits.

        Honestly, mas welcome si Atom Henares sa 88.3. But he has to sell 107.5 first. His services are crucial in further establishing Jam’s identity. Kung nanatili pa siya sa 107.5, magiging lapdog lang siya ni Razon.

      • Nameless says:

        And all of these stations are under Tiger 22, na mahilig mag-sponsor ng foreign concerts dito. Confusing sila w/ Mellow 947 kasi half-sister company nila.

    • Jayson Moy says:

      Bakit nyo pinagreresign ang owner ng station (Progressive Broadcasting Corp) — dalawang frequency hawak ni Atom.

      Wish FM 107.5 managed by Daniel Razon
      Win Radio 91.5 managed by Manny Luzon

      Razon is just producing/ managing the content thru his BMPI
      Overall management kumbaga…
      The station still owned by the Henares family…hindi ko alam kung rent-to-own ba ito o long term lease lang…

      Naalala ko yung joke ni Mr. Henares that he will never sell UHF 37 to other groups (kahit may pressure/ malaki offer) for buyout basta he will go to heaven daw…
      ***by letting UNTV propagate the Gospel

      Larry Henares (Atom’s father is UNTV’s Chairman Emeritus) and still has a show Make My Day in its primetime slot.

      • To be honest, since NU was rebranded into Win, and then into Wish, we viewed Atom Henares as a liability. He may have created NU 107, but he also allowed that station to be destroyed by the Hot AC/masa invasion that engulfed several other stations. Same goes to UNTV, he created it, but then he decided to give that network to Daniel Razon and turn it into an ADD/public service station.

        And by the way, Manny Luzon is no longer connected to Progressive. He left 107.5 and brought Win Radio to 91.5, thus both stations are no longer sister networks.

        In essence, UNTV (or ADD-TV as I call it), Radio La Verdad and Wish FM are now in the hands of Daniel Razon, parang siya na ang may-ari ng mga networks. Konting involvement na lang ang mga Henares; kaya nga si Larry, as you said being the Chairman Emeritus, ay hindi na masyadong aktibo, dahil mostly ceremonial ang titulo niya.

  3. KG says:

    Baka ang maririnig dito puro romantic, easy-listening songs at ang mga songs galing sa ASOP Music Festival.

    Posible maririnig din ang mga public service shows pati na ang Dear Kuya (radio drama/counseling progrma) ng UNTV Radio.

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