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On TV5, Quiet is the Name of the Game

Host Richard Gomez and Freemantle Media senior executive producer Howard Huntridge take command on TV5’s newest game show ‘Quiet Please! Bawal ang Maingay’. (Photo credit: Interaksyon.com)

A new game show is on its way to TV5. But this is not any ordinary game show.

Enter ‘Quiet Please! Bawal ang Maingay’, TV5’s latest venture into the game show genre. Hosted by Richard Gomez, the upcoming program is set to premiere this Sunday.

‘Quiet Please! Bawal ang Maingay’ is part of TV5’s ‘Signal No. 5: Umuulan ng Saya’ campaign that started in July. The new program will replace the recently concluded ‘JasMine’ that starred Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

The concept of the game show is simple. Contestants must accomplish a series of tasks in a short amount of time without setting off the giant noise meter, which rings an alarm if it reaches a certain noise level. Eventually, the goal of the program is to perform each task without any noise in order to win the jackpot prize.

‘Quiet Please! Bawal ang Maingay’ is produced by Freemantle Media, the same group that brought the Philippine franchise of ‘Killer Karaoke’ to TV5. It will also be the first program in the ‘Quiet Please!’ franchise.

Joining Richard Gomez will be K Brosas, who will provide a lively and humorous take on the game show.

Sunday’s first episode will feature a celebrity cast of contestants. Joining Goma and K on the maiden episode are Derek Ramsey, Alice Dixson and Wendell Ramos of ‘Team Sexy’, and Anjo Yllana, Joey Marquez and Snooky Serna as ‘Team BFF’.

‘Quiet Please! Bawal ang Maingay’ airs every Sunday on TV5, right after ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ and before ‘Wow Mali Lakas ng Tama’.


40 thoughts on “On TV5, Quiet is the Name of the Game

  1. James Ty III says:

    The new show is co-produced by Fremantle, the same people behind Who Wants to be a Millionaire. It will be pitted vs Rated K and KMJS. Good luck to Richard and K.

  2. If I were TV 5, air na lang ako ng concerts or events pag weekend tutal SMART Araneta is part of their conglomerate. Buy broadcasting rights sa mga concerts na di produced ng ABS or GMA (kung meron man) tpus ibenta nila sa mga sponsor ng concert ung airtime ng commercials. The audience is already saturated with so many programs, that there is no room for experimental shows lalo na sa pangatlong network. Canned concerts and foreign shows will be a good short term solution kung totoo man na magiging sports channel na sila. Tsaka na sila mag produce kpag significant na ung overall ratings nila,sa ngaun anything they produce sayang lang

    • John says:

      branding/naming rights deal lang ang binili ng PLDT group, The Aranetas still owns The Big Dome. Misconception yan na akala eh nabili ng MVP group ang araneta. Sa USA uso yan AT& T center, American Airlines Arena, satples Center, etc. before madaming gustong mag change ng name pero ayaw ng Araneta family na i-remove ang family name…. thats why dinikit and Smart sa Araneta Coliseum kaya ….presto Smart Araneta Coliseum

      • Yes it’s true. The Aranetas still own the Big Dome, but MVP has the naming rights.

        Also, sino naman ang manonood sa station na puro concerts at events during weekends? They’re only produced on special occasions, saka not all performers are willing to have their concerts aired on TV. In addition, yung foreign shows are a thing of the past; it’s like gusto mong maging colonially mental uli ang TV5.

        And remember, in the U.S., apat na istasyon ang naglalaban sa ratings: NBC, CBS, ABC at FOX. So I don’t see a problem on TV5 being the third party, though they are now more inclined to air in front of niche audiences.

  3. James Ty III says:

    At least, TV5 is making some improvements in its weekend programming by adding more game shows. But it would be better if the PBA games are aired from 4-8 pm instead of 3-8 pm.

    • Well its something different, i mean people pay for tickets, so as there is a market for concerts on tv. A lot of people watched ASAP. Concerts on weekends is a lot cheaper than a produced gameshow.
      Yes foreign shows might be a thing in the past but its a short term fixed because they are still finding their market niche. Let’s face it mas marami ang nanood ng Glee for example than any of their self produced shows. If they still want to produce their own show edi i sandwich nila with successful shows like The Walking Dead and The Game of Thrones para sumikat din ung shows nila. Foreign shows can help them exposed their self produced shows to a market that might not necessarily a market of GMA or ABS. Di tlga nila kayang tapatan ung dalawa, but if they are smart they can use sikat na foreign shows to pull their ratings up.

      • Ang ASAP naman kasi happens every week. And it is only produced in a studio setting, compared to a concert featuring a big artist in a big stadium that only happens occasionally, and with a little possibility of being taped for a future TV or home video broadcast. Saka mahirap rin makakuha ng concert sa TV, lalo na kung may exclusive contract at clauses ang isang performer.

        Now the question is, will MVP be interested in canned sitcoms and drama series? Siyempre hindi diba. Remember, the foreign films are Tagalized for the masa, kaya may chance rin na Tagalized ang mga foreign series na sinu-suggest mo, which doesn’t make sense.

      • Yeah kaya nga dapat nga ibahin nila ung perspective nila and should focus on reaching the market that has money. Wag na nilang i tagalize ung foregin shows, wala namang purchasing power ang masa market. And ung concerts, ang daming concerts ang iniisponsoran ng smart and other companies sana isama na nila ung broadcasting rights or bilhin nila from others like Viva Concerts. Mas magugustuhan ng producers both foreign and concerts and TV5 kasi local channel nde sya cable channel so mas maganda reach nila.
        TV5 needs to reach new viewership. Nanghihinayang lng ako sa mga shows like the one above. Maganda ang concept, maayos, kaso dahil nde malakas ang show before and after this show nde sya mapapansin. I also wish they veer away from teleseryes na and produce more weekly series para mas may variety.

  4. Jason says:

    OK itong ginagawa ng TV5 mag-focus na lang sila sa mga game shows,sports at foreign movies pero wish ko lang may anime na ipalabas sila. Yung GMA puro cut at reruns kasi eh.

  5. Like I told you, it depends on the artist’s demands. Kung ayaw nilang ipalabas sa TV ang kanilang concert, deal with it. Kahit may sponsorship pa yan with a related company.

    And for the last time, colonial mentality na ang matatawag diyan kapag ibinalik ang mga foreign shows sa VHF TV. They’re fine now in either UHF or cable. Pwede naman panoorin ng management ang mga foreign shows na yan and take notes on their styles and production values.

    • Lets agree to disagree, I see no harm bringing foreign shows back especially that KPop shows or AsiaNovelas and even telenovelas (Ana Manuela) are still on the air (or making a comeback). It’s not colonial mentality when the goal is to help self produced show gain exposure. Its a lot cheaper to have these shows so they can put more money in producing quality programs. Kpag marami na silang viewers then they can lessen these shows and produce more. Nanghihinayang lng tlga ako sa pagod ng production, tpus walang mapapanuod.
      I agree with you but more than the artist discretion nasa management ang say especially the producers. Kung may additiinal royalty nman sila I don’t see any problem. But then again nasa paguusap yan. I saw viva airing the concerts in their cable channels. It won’t that be technologically difficult since most concerts are using LED screens kaya may camera setup n sila. Plus there are a lot of concerts in DVDs not so much different from what I am suggesting. For example Celine Dion is coming to manila sometime soon, kung ako sa producers air ng past concerts ni Celine sa TV5, para to gain momentum pag nag concert na sya. Or use TV5 to check the reception if mag ki click ang concert ng foreign artist dito o hinde. TV5 can wven have a tie-up with Solaire para ung mga concerts ng 80’s or 90’s mapalabas din, tutal nman may market pa sila dhil nde nman makapunta ung probinsya.
      Again these are all suggestions to help shows like the above mentioned gain new viewers. Nakakahinayang kasi dhil nde sila napapanuod ng mas nakakaraming pinoy. Eh for sure mas sikat at marami pang nanunuod ng Game of Thrones than any of their self produced show combined. I’m just suggesting a marketing strategy that would somehow temporarily assist them. Pagsuper kilala na ung mga shows nila then they could slowly remove these foreign and concerts in their line up.

  6. James Ty III says:

    TV5 used to air some Cinemalaya movies but it was not sustained. Now we get to watch such movies on Fox Filipino Channel.

    • You misunderstood the article. Fremantle Media brought the Killer Karaoke franchise to the Philippines, and TV5 aired it. That doesn’t mean KK is from Fremantle; nag-join forces lang ang dalawa to bring KK to the Philippines. I didn’t say na KK is from Fremantle; distributor lang ang Fremantle, and not the creators of KK.

  7. James Ty III says:

    Fremantle is also the distributor of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. TV5’s good relations with Fremantle helped in the station putting up Quiet Please.

    By the way, Ralph, TV5 will still air replays of KBO shows tomorrow night from 10 pm until 12 mn, including Demolition Job and Astig of the controversial Paolo Bediones.

    The Kapatid Network has no other shows to air on late Sunday nights since they already have a Tagalized movie marathon from 11 am to 7 pm.

  8. muning says:

    Sabi ni willie revillame,nang susupendihin ang ang shows ng willing willie, nagsialisan ang mga sponsors niya pati ang tv5 damay din dahil sa nangyaring kontrobersyal na batang sumasayaw ng macho dance.At ng bumalik si willie , kakaunti na lang ang sponsors na bumalik sa kaniya at tv ads ng tv5. ito rin ang posibleng dahilan kung bakit ilang taong lugi ang tv5.

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