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Another Missing Element in GMA’s Repertoire

The lack of a video-on-demand and live streaming online service is another problem that GMA is facing today. (Photo credit: GMANetwork.com)

Online live streaming and video-on-demand services in the Philippines are becoming a useful tool for viewers who want to catch up on their favorite programs.

But while ABS-CBN and TV5 currently have their own VOD and live streaming websites, it is GMA’s lack of a similar website that leaves a lot to be desired.

At the start of the current decade, both ABS-CBN and TV5 took advantage of the internet in order to showcase their television programs. The Kapamilya network launched their iWantv! service starting in 2010, while the Kapatid network followed suit with their own catch-up TV service a few years later. TV5 also launched News5 Everywhere for their news programs.

This left GMA as the only major TV station without a licensed website dedicated to catch-up and live stream programming. As a result, Kapuso viewers were forced to go elsewhere.

Past episodes of GMA programs were uploaded daily on YouTube and other video websites, without any regard for copyright infringement. In addition, the presence of unlicensed live streaming websites made it easier for Kapuso viewers to access GMA programs online and in real time.

Much like the inconsistency and lack of ratings success in their programming, the apparent mismanagement of their contracted artists, the lack of a sports division, and the overt dependence on re-runs, budget concerns are dragging GMA down. And with the lack of any available funds to capitalize on new media, it is no secret why GMA has not been successful of late.

While the partial acquisition of Ramon Ang will help boost GMA’s fortunes, it remains to be seen if his magic touch will pay off. But right now, GMA is an entity with a lot of problems. And the lack of a VOD and live-streaming website is just another dilemma for the embattled network.


62 thoughts on “Another Missing Element in GMA’s Repertoire

  1. James Ty III says:

    GMA’s website http://www.gmanetwork.com does not have a video streaming service. This shows the Kapuso Network’s lack of foresight.

    Also, the Mutya ng Pilipinas this Sunday will be aired on noontime and GMA will show a Tagalog-dubbed Hellboy 2 on SNBO later in the evening.

  2. CHEERS for mentioning the lack of element of GMA 7’s element to reach out more viewers.

    Indeed, ABS-CBN has iWanTV app on ABS-CBN Mobile and BayanTel. TV5 has a mobile app of its own. Live streaming of other networks are available even the weak mainstream stations like Channel 4 on their website and even, Net 25.

    Ang daming kulang talaga sa Siete. Maraming pagkakamali ang naka-lista mo at daming mga loyalists ng Siete ang gusto ng status quo. Of what? Of scheduling and entertainment programming mediocrity. Of weakening broadcasting internal control. Of Gozon’s plan not to reinstate the KBP membership since 2003.

    Their management already preached their apostasy from the KBP Club and what happened: a bigger failure in the future that they harnessed today. Kasalanan po ang extra-conservative management nila.

    I watch Seven for the news but not the rest.

    • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

      Correction, myGMA was not launched in 2006, but in 2008. I even still remembered myGMA’s TV commercials being aired then under two versions: V.1., endorsed by some of GMA’s news personalities; and V.2., endorsed by Bitoy.

      I saw myGMA being revived in 2013, but this time, it was related with cable, and the 2013 TV commercial said it has “extra HD channels” (if I’m not mistaken).

  3. Even if wala silang telco partners pde, even ETC has this service in their website. It only shows that they dont know there priorities are. Sooner ratings will now be based on obline and mobile views, when this happens talunan na naman sila, lalo na that ABS is conquering the prepaid market due to ABSCBNMobile. Like what they did with the cable before (SkyCable)

    • Mala-telegraph talaga ngayon ang thinking ng GMA. Kaya walang progress at direction ang network. And come to think of it, the trio of Gozon-Jimenez-Duavit are already senior citizens and are showing their age.

      • James Ty III says:

        Actually, Gozon and Duavit are the ones running GMA now. Jimenez long retired. But I agree. Time for the Gozons and Duavits to retire. In fact, it was a Gozon that got into trouble with Sarah Lahbati.

      • Nameless says:

        For me, Ayala’s, Sy’s, Gokongwei, the Megaworld & Enrique Razon are my suggestions para may mag-acquire pa sa GMA. Pero ang mga Ayala, tila mas tiwala pa sila sa ABS-CBN.

  4. John says:

    by the way, the IwantV App now available for all users(globe, smart, sun on any internet service provider line or wireless) they can access 3 latest episode of each program plus livestreaming of ABS-CBN2. When Iwantv App is launched exclusive ito sa ABSCBNmobile sim. Thus, if youre ABSCBNmobile or/and SkyCable subscriber then more channels available and more access sa library of shows.
    And Bayantel is not anymore with the Lopezes. the Ayalas has completed the tender offer to takeover before 2012 ended.

  5. the triumvirate’s children (Jimmy Duavit, Annette Gozon-Abrogar, Laura Jimenez-Westfall, Joel Marcelo-Jimenez, Judith Duavit-Vasquez) also have positions at GMA, but I don’t think they are doing a pretty good job. those three families should sell the network now.

      • Jaz says:

        If GMA will be sold, I think it should be sold either to SMC’s Ang or to PLDT’s MVP. These are brilliant businessmen. They know what should be done. But between the two, Ang seems to be in a better position to secure a bigger interest in GMA. And he seems to receive the current owners’ favor.

      • Henry Sy could be another candidate.

        By the way, Ang also purchased Solar News, so it could potentially be a turning point for either GMA or RPN.

      • Yes. I’m talking about an on-demand live stream service na hindi lang mapapanood ang mga news programs, pati na rin ang mga entertainment programs.

      • jayson moy says:

        In my opinion, it’s better if GMA’s minority shares were sold to MVP instead of RSA.
        Though RSA is building his own telco and rumored to be launched anytime soon (other than its losing broadband business WiTribe), MVP already has huge subscriber base under his fixed/wireless/broadband (w/ stakes already on print media such as Philstar, Inquirer, and and BusinessWorld. He’s an innovator who believes in the power of convergence/ synergy.

        Also transformed 92.3 into a top rating FM station w/ AM-like content.

        PLDT has been GMA’s loyal partner during election coverages. Kaya lang, nagsawa na rin sa panliligaw si MVP. Siya ang nagsaing, si RSA ang kumain.

        I think funds would not be a problem for GMA. The problem is that they’re resisting change sometimes or going against the flow like on choosing the DigitalTV standard — while the industry supports Japanese ISDB-T, GMA would rather choose European DVB-T2.

        Management is just thinking only on short term/ not on the long term…
        Should revisit their future plans…

      • Kaya nga mala-stone age ngayon ang pagiisip ng GMA; hindi iniisip ang advancements in technology. It’s as if they’re saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

  6. Nameless says:

    Oo nga. Naiirita na ako sa mga pirated websites na illegally distributes recorded past episodes of GMA shows. This is one of my main reasons kung bakit big hate ko na ang GMA of all the networks today. However, napansin ko rin na mas umaasa ang GMA News ngayon sa YouTube on livestreaming 24 Oras on weekends, pwede rin kasing magpa-livestream ngayon sa YT.

    Ang Solar News nga, may livestreaming din while their sister VOD website blink-now.com ay may livestream din ng iba’t ibang Solar channels din, as long as registered user ka sa blink-now.

    Hanggang kailan kaya eepekto ang magic ni San Miguel president sa GMA? Mukhang hindi pa natin kasi ramdam.

  7. isa pang problema: pinagyayabang nila ang pagiging debt-free nila (which is somehow a disadvantage kasi di sufficient na magrerely sila sa sarili nilang pera.) kailangan nila umutang pero ayaw nila gawin. i think ayaw nila maulit ang Bob Stewart days na lubog sa utang ang network. they also have this Programming Committe kung saan lahat nang producers at ang board ang andun, instead of the usual na may taong assigned as programming head. katuwiran nila, ni hindi daw kailangan yan kasi di naman sya CEO. pero kailangan may program head kasi sila ang mas may alam. sheesh, Gozon.

      • Choice A: Sell it back to the American ABC (which used to have a stake in the network until martial law but practically impossible due to present legislation)
        Choice B: Sell the remaining shares to Ang, Sy, Ayala, Gokongwei, or some other tycoon
        Choice C: Status quo and closure

      • If Choice A, malamang hindi papayagan ng gobyerno. If Choice C, we lose one of the giants in the media industry. Choice B would be more logical. Andaming tycoons diyan sa Pilipinas so why not GMA seek these options.

  8. James Ty III says:

    Ramon Ang is no longer interested in RPN 9 and Antonio Cabangon Chua is the one now heading the channel. So RSA will now be fully focused in trying to turn GMA’s fortunes around.

  9. James Ty III says:

    Regarding SNBO this Sunday, it will be ALIEN VS PREDATOR. GMA has shown this movie a lot of times already. Hindi sila nakakasawa sa mga pag-ulit ng mga movies.

  10. Jc says:

    If you still recall on what we discuss about my proposed “GMA Live”, my concern right here (regarding the GMA Live being rolled out internationally) is the movies and imported shows (even though it is dubbed). Remember, a certain TV network should not livestream any imported content in any case (that includes dubbing) due to restrictions. So I think it’s best for GMA to have GMA Live be rolled out only in the Philippines. And just let GMA create a dedicated livestream portal for overseas viewers.

  11. Jc says:

    GMA may continue to claim the no. 1 spot in one of the most viewed sites in the past two months according to Effective Measure (that is due to the popularity of AlDub and some shows), but I think it would now be the ‘tamang panahon’ for GMA to re-launch their own live streaming and video-on-demand service. The problem is, if GMA will make Eat Bulaga (and other blocktimer shows) aired live online or make it a part of their Live/VOD service, the network needs to pay thousands of Pesos (to TAPE and other blocktimers) for that to happen. And that is probably the cause why the network can’t reboot their Live/VOD service.

    • Exactly. ABS doesn’t have a problem with that since all of their programs are produced by them. GMA is another story though, considering the difficult circumstances. It’s a dilemma that they need to solve.

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