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Upcoming Asianovelas on ABS-CBN and GMA

Expect new Asianovelas to air on both ABS-CBN and GMA.

GMA’s newest Koreanovela ‘I Hear Your Voice’ makes its debut later tonight on the Telebabad block. The new series will air after ‘Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real’ and before fellow Koreanovela ‘Secret Love’.

In a surprise twist, GMA decided to add a second teleserye on the Telebabad block instead of waiting for one of them to end. As a result, Telebabad now has a total of six drama series, two of which are from Korea, compared to only four on the currently all-local ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.

And when was the last time two Asianovelas were on primetime on the Kapuso network? That was several years ago, when GMA was at the peak of its powers thanks to its mix of fantaseryes and Koreanovelas. Now GMA hopes to replicate that with a double serving of Asianovelas on Telebabad.

Pretty Man and Miss Ripley on ABS-CBN

Over at ABS-CBN, the re-run on ‘My Girl’ is entering its final week. The Koreanovela ends its run on Friday afternoon, to be replaced by a new Koreanovela titled ‘Pretty Man’ beginning August 18.

Then on August 25, ‘Miss Ripley’ will make its way into the ABS-CBN lineup, with its timeslot yet to be determined.

After several months of re-airing old Asianovelas, ABS-CBN has decided to start fresh. Thus, two new series from Korea were imported by the Kapamilya network in order to appease its legion of Asianovela fanatics.

But perhaps the biggest question mark for the Kapamilya network now is to whether or not bring back the Asianovela to Primetime Bida. Before ‘The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition: Doubles’ and ‘Pinoy Big Brother: All In’ occupied the final slot of the said block, the last time an Asianovela aired on Primetime Bida was ‘When a Man Falls in Love’, and its finale was nearly eight months ago.

Kapamilya fans should hope for the best. After all, Asianovelas on ABS-CBN deserve a piece of the primetime spotlight.

To both stations, good luck in giving Asianovela fans a series to remember.


8 thoughts on “Upcoming Asianovelas on ABS-CBN and GMA

  1. Singing Bee, Moon of Desire, PBB Uber and PBB will all end this August. Question is where will ABS put it given that I Do, and Ana Manuela are also set to air this August. I Do might replace PBB since its too costly to be not put on Primetime and can run upto weekends.

    I don’t see the point of GMA airing six dramas every night, Secret Love will surely suffer while Bandila might gain new viewers because of this.

    • So far it’s a jumbled mess on ABS-CBN. Only Pretty Man is confirmed to replace My Girl. And many fans are requesting for Miss Ripley to air on Primetime Bida, instead of I Do. Mala-Rhodora X kasi ang theme ng Miss Ripley, so mas bagay lang talaga ‘to sa primetime.

      Regarding GMA’s six dramas, desperation mode lang ang tawag diyan. Kaysa sa hintayin nila matapos ang Secret Love, ieere nila kaagad ang I Hear Your Voice. And I agree, lugi rito ang fans ng Secret Love, pati na rin ang Saksi.

      • Maganda nga ang thema ng Miss Ripley, lets see how ABS will fix their sched.

        Poor Secret Love and Saksi fans, parang pinaglalaruan sila ng GMA, six dramas from Monday to Thursday, para na rin silang TV5, kpag may PBA

  2. KG says:

    Pag natuloy na sana ang bagong season ng Jojo A na magsisimula ngayon, siguradong 1am na ang airing dahil sa bagong asianovela

    • Yan ang malala.

      Now if they can get rid of the imported docus dubbed in Tagalog, tapos yung Front Row ilagay sa weekend, that would be better. But still, putting six dramas on weeknights is a risk for GMA.

  3. ramones1986 says:

    Will you possibly discuss “A Vida da Gente” (Ana Manuela) in the following weeks? Seems that the Brazilian invasion is almost completed.

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