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Thoughts on the NCAA All-Star Game


Without star foreigners such as San Beda’s Ola Adeogun, the NCAA All-Star Game is definitely not as exciting and as compelling to watch. (Photo credit:

On its 90th season, the National Collegiate Athletic Association in the Philippines makes its biggest surprise yet.

This Saturday, the NCAA will hold its first-ever All-Star Game, featuring the league’s key players in the seniors basketball tournament. The event, along with the Miss NCAA, Three-Point Shootout and Slam Dunk Contests, will be held at the FilOil Flying V Arena (or San Juan Arena according to Sports5 announcers) beginning at 2:30 p.m. on TV5 and AksyonTV.

Proceeds for the NCAA All-Star Game will go for the benefit of Hospicio de San Jose, the NCAA personnel assistance fund, and the NCAA players in the national team.

Controversy surrounded the NCAA All-Star Game in the days leading up to the event. Upon the release of the rosters for both the East and West teams, only the local players were included, leaving foreign players such as Ola Adeogun, Cedric Noube Happi and Dioncee Holts out of the game. Adeogun even went as far as tweeting that they should hold their own All-Star Game in the Manila Zoo.

Regarding the snub, NCAA Management Committee (ManCom) chairman Paul Supan explained that it was the coaches who were asked to recommend players, and that they should select three from each school to ensure a fair representation. In another interview, Supan and ManCom member Peter Cayco added that the exclusion of foreigners is intended to ensure a more balanced and competitive matchup.

There is a reason why it was called an ‘All-Star Game’: it was designed to attract the most productive, talented and attractive stars in the game, And with the exclusion of star foreigners like Adeogun and Noube Happi, as well as more productive players like Jonathan Grey, there is definitely nothing to excite about the NCAA All-Star Game.

There is also another concern surrounding the All-Star Game: the attendance. There is a reason why the NCAA decided to hold the event at the smaller FilOil Flying V Arena: to avoid a repeat of last March’s poorly-attended NCAA Cheerleading Competition at the Mall of Asia Arena.

But even with a smaller venue, filling it to capacity remains a daunting task to the league, considering the lack of star power. Like last March’s Cheerleading Competition, the lack of promotion by Sports5 is giving the NCAA a lot of trouble, and it will be doubtful if the All-Star Game will be filled to capacity at all.

And finally, as mentioned, only the seniors basketball players were included to participate in the All-Star Game. The NCAA is a collegiate league with a variety of other sports, but with only seniors basketball being represented in this event, what is the point of holding the All-Star Game when only this discipline was emphasized?

Worse, the All-Star Game had nothing to do with the general championship race, so it is expected that it will only be a fun track meet rather than an important date in the schedule.

That said, this NCAA All-Star Game, despite its devotion to a good cause, is just a mere a distraction to a long NCAA basketball season. And unfortunately, this is not worth watching.


17 thoughts on “Thoughts on the NCAA All-Star Game

    • Sila Baser Amer, Art dela Cruz at Kyle Pascual lang ang napili for SBC. Basically the coaches were instructed to select a guard, a forward and a center per school, para maging 15 players in a team represented by five schools. Sobrang strict ang selection ng NCAA All-Stars, kasi gusto nila ng balance in each position, not to mention na bawal yung foreigners for the sake of a more competitive matchup.

      The Semerads play the forward spots, pero the coaches think Art dela Cruz is the more productive forward for SBC than either David or Anthony, hence his selection.

      Thing is, hindi talaga papogian ang labanan ng NCAA All-Stars, and it doesn’t matter if you have celebrity endorsements. In short, hindi talaga maganda pag-hype sa ASG ng NCAA.

      • Nameless says:

        Kaya nga All-Star Game eh. Dapat ang mga kinuha nila ay yung mga mas familiar sa mga NCAA viewers and fans (not to be biased , ha?). Marami nga ang mga nagsilabasang tanong on Twitter na “kung bakit wala daw si Grey, Semerad twins, Ola, etc.” Kasi napansin ko dito sa twins, although nag-e-excel na sila nowadays sa playing skills, hindi pa rin sila napapansin ng NCAA kahit sila ang mas lapitin ng product endorsements & modeling. Unlike sa UAAP, they give priority kay Kiefer, Jeron na pareho rin ang celeb status like the twins.

        The last time na nagka-all star game ang NCAA is nung 2010, kalaban nila ang UAAP, aired on then-Studio 23, for the benefit of Bantay Bata 163. SJ Arena din sila at dalawa ang games: may Junior at Men’s.

        Pero in the end, I’ll support the NCAA EAST team sa game na ‘yan even may kakulangan.

      • I expect the NCAA All-Star Game to not sell out. Kulang sa effort ang liga at ang Sports5 sa pagpromote nito, not to mention the lack of obvious star power.

    • Nameless says:

      On KG: Follow us on Twitter @TEAM_SEMERAD. Agree rin ako sa thoughts ni Sir Ralphirce about this (floppy) All-Star Game na wala man lang Foreignoys. Kaya nga ang maraming Beda fans like me, disagree kami kasi there’s a sense of “racism” eh. Ang pinili talaga nila ay yung mga talagang matataas ang basketball IQ.

  1. kaya nga basketball eh, dont play if you dont want to get your face hurt. tama lang na walang foreign players. sila ang dahilan kung bakit walang magaling na big man na pinoy ngayon sa college basketball. ginagawang showbiz ang mga UAAP players ngayon, which shouldn’t happen in the first place. its the reason why we dont see the greatness of other players kasi ang attention ay nasa mga papoging players. look at beau elga, jayson castro, ranidel de ocampo, LA Tenorio. they are not as good looking as jeron or kiefer, pero kilala sila ng taumbayan dahil sa galing nila sa basketball. idagdag mo pa ang Gilas Pilipinas stint nila, lalo na silang sumisikat. look at chris tiu and jeric teng, nasa PBA nga, hindi naman halos ramdam ang presence nila dahil hindi ganong ka-galing sa laro. papogi lang. thats my two cents in this topic

    • Pero yung foreign players ang nagpapaimprove ng play ng mga local bigs. Remember, before this Gilas team made it to the FIBA Worlds, we’re totally exclusive to the Asian continent, not the rest of the world. By exposing the young collegiate bigs to practice and play against 7′ Africans or other taller foreigners, they’ll learn a thing or two about footwork, skills and execution in the post.

      And yes, papogian lang ang UAAP, but that was it. The NCAA can’t even get the big-name recruits from high school, and they’re left with no-namers and transferees. However, with proper training, some of them will end up just as great in the PBA.

  2. Kubg ako sa knila tinapos muna nila ung season, then ung team captains of the top two teams ang pinapili nila with the stipulation that they need to get three members from each school. Or mas maganda ung team captains nung top 2 teams last year, para mas mapromote nila, as in may coverage ung pagpili at practice, may novelty nman ang all star games in any sport kaso lang pag mali execution at promotion nag fa-flop at minsan nag give birth sa controversy.

    • Right. Meaningless talaga ang All-Star Game ng NC since it happened middle of the season. Kung may mainjure sa ‘exhibition’ game na ito, hindi magiging sense itong gimmick ng NC.

      Sorry, but this is not a good idea for the NCAA to hold an All-Star game in the middle of the season. Pwede pa sa end of the season, but not in the middle of a heated journey to the championship.

  3. Nameless says:

    Today na ang All-Star Game and I’m watching na sa TV. Hay. Sana ipinalabas rin nila ‘yung shootout at slamdunk segments before the game proper. Mataas pa naman ang expectation ko tapos, Tsk3. Tama nga si Sir Ralphierce.

    • I told you. The All-Star Game that the NCAA held today is meaningless, and just a mere attempt to attract viewers’ attention. Pati ba naman yung three-point shootout and dunk contest hindi pinalabas ng TV5?

      Sorry NCAA, but this is not the event I looked forward to. Instead of a highlight of the 90th season, naging afterthought na lang ito.

      • Nameless says:

        Yung dunk at game proper lang ang ipinalabas. Yung 3pts. shootout nila Anthony Semerad, hindi.

        Pero sana isinagawa na lang nila ito sa December. But at least, for charity naman ang proceeds eh.

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