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Of Gandang Gabi Vice and GMA’s Inability to Beat the Show

Sunday nights have not been kind to GMA in recent years, thanks to shows like ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’. (Logo courtesy of ABS-CBN)

‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ has victimized GMA programming for the past three years.

Not only is GGV a top-rater on ABS-CBN and a social media hit, but it also forced GMA to make some changes in an attempt to beat the program. Still, no matter how many changes GMA would make, Vice Ganda’s show will always find a way to stay on top.

Among the notable victims of GGV’s success were a pair of Manny Pacquiao’s programs in ‘Show Me da Manny’ and ‘Para Sa ‘Yo Ang Laban Na ‘To’, the ill-fated talk show ‘Pare & Pare’, the sitcom ‘Andres de Saya’, and most recently the public affairs program ‘Imbestigador’.  All of the aforementioned programs, save for ‘Imbestigador’ which moved to a new timeslot, were axed by GMA.

Making it even worse for GMA is the guesting of their prized talents on Vice’s program. While contracted GMA artists Richard Gutierrez and Dingdong Dantes managed to make an appearance on GGV to promote their films (and subsequently get high ratings), the same cannot be said for Marian Rivera, who last year turned down a guesting stint on GGV out of respect for her mother network.

Nevertheless, the guestings of Chard and Dong will always prove that GGV is welcome to all artists, no matter which network they belong. Even the embattled Aljur Abrenica, who recently filed a case to void his GMA contract, is welcome to guest on Vice’s program.

Moving on, ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ will have a new opponent two Sundays from now. ‘Sa Puso ni Dok’, the upcoming medical docudrama on GMA, will premiere this Sunday night, but with the finale of ‘Pinoy Big Brother: All-In’ expected to run for two hours, the rivalry between the two shows will have to wait for another week.

The new series, starring Dennis Trillo and Bela Padilla, follows a similar formula that was used on critically-acclaimed GMA News docudramas ‘Katipunan’, ‘Bayan Ko’ and ‘Titser’. ‘Sa Puso ni Dok’ was originally slated to air on GMA News TV, before it was decided that the show will instead air on GMA in order to attract a bigger audience.

Whether or not ‘Sa Puso ni Dok’ will overcome the juggernaut that is ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ will always be a formidable and strong opponent, no matter what show it faces.


90 thoughts on “Of Gandang Gabi Vice and GMA’s Inability to Beat the Show

  1. In the gut feel of ratings, the PBB All In: Big Night and GGV will surely be a rating catcher against the counterprogram Sa Puso ni Dok.

    But in the essence of programming content, SPND is like Bayan Ko and Titser of GNTV 11, it reflects the realist society on the eyes of professions which is much reflective than the escapist entertainment programs of ABS-CBN.

      • James Ty III says:

        Other GMA shows that failed to topple GGV were The Protege and Sanib Puwersa, a short-lived public affairs program hosted by Mel Tiangco and Arnold Clavio.

        Marian Rivera also had a short-lived Sunday show, Tweets for my Sweet, but it was not pitted against GGV.

        Sa Puso ni Dok, Bayan Ko, Titser and Katipunan are all produced by Nessa Vadellon of News TV.

  2. anonymous says:

    The better way to do with GMA is to match Celebrity Bluff to Gandang Gabi Vice but I think it is not good for GMA to do that. Vice Ganda claims one of the most influential celebrity in Philippine Showbiz and in social media.

    • James Ty III says:

      Celebrity Bluff and GGV have different formats. And besides, GGV has also a lot of advertising support which makes it rule over all other shows.

      • Much like every ABS show with 10+ ads per commercial, unlike GMA’s paltry 3 or less so ads per commercial.

        There’s an example on PinoyExchange regarding the number of ads aired during Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon and Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real last night. And the disparity is so obvious.

  3. James Ty III says:

    Here’s the new GMA primetime sked starting this Sunday:

    7:45 PM KMJS
    9:30 PM SA PUSO NI DOK
    10:30 PM SNBO

  4. KG says:

    Malaking good luck na lang sa Sa Puso ni Dok cast and staff na baka talunin sila ng PBB. Sana nga lang sa GMA News TV na lang mapapanood yan since the drama is produced by GMA News.

    • James Ty III says:

      Katipunan had its first airing on GMA on a Saturday then it was replayed the next day on News TV. I think ganito rin ang gagawin sa Sa Puso ni Dok. As Ralph posted, the show was originally supposed to air on News TV but it was moved to GMA 7 to attract more viewers — supposedly.

  5. Fgh87 says:

    @James Last Sunday saw a double-feature on SNBO.. Sanib-Puwersa is the most short-lived program of all of GGV’s competitors from GMA.

    • Yung SNBO double feature is in preparation for Sa Puso ni Dok na this Sunday na.

      Sanib Pwersa ran only from October to November 2011, at apat na episodes lang siya. Saka hindi nag-click sila Mel at Igan.

  6. News programs producing dramas? Sampal un sa drama dept ng GMA. I get that there’s novelty, but to actually be so good at it speaks volume to their entertainment department. That timeslot should be given to the entertainment department, nauubusan na sila ng ideas. Sana nga tinapat na lng nila ang celebrity bluff. Bale sat sun ang celebrity bluff bka sakaling magwork pa.

    • But as James said, malaki ang ad load ng GGV so even Celebrity Bluff won’t be good enough to beat GGV.

      Again, ang hanap ngayon ng GMA ay critical praise, hindi ratings. Yung Bayan Ko, Titser at Katipunan, low-rated pero nanalo pa rin ng mga awards at nagkaroon ng positive critical reception. Same can be said of Sa Puso ni Dok. Kahit pa matalo ito sa GGV, at the end of the day, may critical praise pa rin sila.

  7. Nameless says:

    Hindi natin talaga maitatanggi ang stardom ni Vice Ganda in both TV & internet dahil sa GGV niya, same with PBB din.

    I suggest sa GMA, why don’t they try to remake “All-Star K” & “Comedy Bar”? Mas umagat sila on that shows. Or even reinstate some franchise shows like “Take Me Out” w/c used to be the last interactive dating show I’ve seen on TV.

  8. James Ty III says:

    Speaking of Gandang Gabi Vice, the show will be aired at 11:15 pm this Sunday right after the PBB All In Big Night.

    Vice Ganda’s guests will be Anne Curtis and Sam Milby who will promote their new movie The Gifted.

    That alone, siguradong mahihirapan sina Dennis Trillo, Bela Padilla and the SNBO movie against GGV. As of now, wala pang announcement ang GMA on their SNBO this Sunday.

    • ABS will re air Agosto Bente Uno, tutal super late na ang airing nito for sure. I think aside sa critical praise, SPND is a sacrificial lamb since wala silang pantapat sa GGV. They need a milking cow type of personality/show right now.

      • Sa totoo lang, I would rather air Agosto Bente Uno on Kapamilya Blockbusters this Saturday rather than being dragged on Sunday due to PBB and GGV.

      • Ako din kaso its ratings suicide lalo na kung tagalized cartoon/scifi movie ang katapat pero I think Maynila ata ang katapat nito, so sayang, sana tagalog movie n lng ang ipalabas sa Sundays Best, tutal wala ang pasok kinabukasan

      • No choice. And its educational value would make it more suited to the late morning slot, since mas maraming viewers ang manonood nito. Kung sa late night, madaming maaantok.

        Docus like this, I think, would be better off airing in the morning slot habang wala pang NBA season or Pinoy Pride. Walang kabuluhan kung sa late night ito ipapalabas.

  9. James Ty III says:

    If you still remember, Cheche Lazaro Presents’ feature on teleseryes was first aired in the morning before ASAP before it was replayed on Sunday’s Best later in the evening.

    That docu, which featured Be Careful with my Heart as its main peg, did well in the ratings on both morning and late night slots.

  10. maganda ginagawa ng GMA ngayon.. nabasa ko pa naman ang statement ni Gozon sa Kapuso: The GMA Story book na “we should at least try (beating ABS) before we give up. they tried, they were successful, now they failed. it seems like na ok lang sa kanila na talunan sila, basta they are giving the people balanced programming

  11. James Ty III says:

    I just called ABS-CBN and according to the person on the line, AGOSTO BEINTE UNO ANG PAGPATAY KAY NINOY AQUINO will be reshown on Sunday’s Best this Sunday.

    But this will depend on how long PBB All In’s Big Night lasts, as well as GGV with Anne Curtis and Sam Milby.

    Most likely, AGOSTO BEINTE UNO will be shown at 11:45 pm or 12 mn followed by O Shopping at about 2 am or sign off na.

    Regarding SNBO, wala pang announcement ang GMA tungkol diyan. I will keep you posted.

  12. James Ty III says:

    And besides, malaki ang utang na loob ang ABS-CBN sa pamilya ni PNoy kaya they don’t mind replaying the docu of the President’s father kahit sobrang late ang time slot just to remind its viewers of an event that changed the course of our country’s history.

    ABS is slowly going the way of TV5 with its almost 24-hour broadcasting on Sundays. Remember, when the Voice Kids was aired, Sunday’s Best began airing mga 11:15 or 11:30 na.

    Holiday ngayon kaya walang pasok ang mga opisina ng GMA about programming. Baka bukas we will know what movie will be aired after SPND.

  13. Chris says:

    I have to agree na critical acclaim talaga ang habol ngayon ng GMA. They cannot really beat, as of the moment, the formidable Entertainment Group of ABS, so they focus on their best asset – GMA News and Public Affairs na, we have to admit, is far better than their counterpart over at Mo. Ignacia.

    • Except for 24 Oras, which lags far behind TV Patrol. Had Saksi stayed in primetime, it would have made the rivalry more intense.

      Saka mas bagay yung ’24 Oras’ sa late night, since the title alone can be appropriate for a recap of all the news that happened during the day. And besides, si Mike Enriquez may radio program na ‘Saksi sa Dobol B’, so it didn’t make sense na nalipat yung ‘Saksi’ sa late nights.

      However, if GMA wanted to focus seriously on their news department, perhaps they should take a cue on ABS’ occasional late night docus on Sundays. Rather than old, repetitive movies, why not make docus a regular on SNBO?

      • James Ty III says:

        The problem is that GMA would rather air their docus on News TV. Their last docu that aired on SNBO was Out and Proud last June pa.

        As I posted, GMA has already aired Alien vs Predator a lot of times already. Why shouldn’t GMA air a replay of one of its critically acclaimed documentaries against Agosto Beinte Uno tomorrow?

        I guess they’re more preoccupied with Sa Puso ni Dok. It’s a good concept but as you said, critical praise lang ang habol ng GMA.

  14. Tin says:

    GMA has to air the old docus on GNTV because that is what the channel is about. The move of I-Witness to Saturday nights is so far the best move, since it will be able to cater to a bigger audience group. As to 24 Oras, it lags behind TVP in terms of national ratings, but in the urban areas, 24 Oras still reigns supreme, since the victory of TVP over 24 Oras early this year was merely short-lived, and attributable to the Vhong Navarro case. TVP remains a program to beat because of Kabayan. We have to remember that Korina was “demoted” in 2004 when the Mel-Mike tandem caught the hearts of the viewers, and GMA was able to gain momentum, so her return could not be the reason for TVP’s ability to be back again after the disastrous Julius-Karen-Ted era. Also, I remember an article here about Imbestigador’s seeming imitation of SOCO. When IMB moved to Saturday afternoons, it came back to its usual format – joining raids and rescue operations, and less (though it is still there) dramatization. And this is the same format which made IMB the best in its genre. As to GGV, obviously, GMA has conceded to the success of the sjow, and does not intend to put up something against it anytime soon.

    • However, GMA can always air these docus first before News TV can; after all mas priority ng ownership ang 7, habang second priority lang ang 11. That’s the similar scenario with TV5 and ABS; the main channel is always the priority.

      However, it still would have made sense if Saksi remained the name of the primetime newscast, while 24 Oras became the name of the late-night newscast. After all, Saksi (with Mel and Mike) and TVP would match up better considering their longevity and iconic status.

      And finally, it’s great to see Imbestigador return to its old self after being criticized as a SOCO ripoff. But remember, there’s still the underrated Bitag of Ben Tulfo and his brothers’ T3 to contend with.

      • Tin says:

        I agree on your position, but I think that is exactly what GMA does – air them first in 7, then reair in GNTV, except for Reel Time which is an original GNTV docu. It’s true that Saksi as a title could have been enough, but if I remember it right, the GMA News bosses then were really contemplating on something that is new to the viewers then, something that could match TVP’s popularity. Frontpage, 24’s predecessor, was more like SONA of GNTV today – more substance, less noise. I hope you could make an article onthesenews programs. As to IMB, I think it is far better than Bitag and T3 – which are obviously catering to those who….never mind.

      • But remember, naging irrelevant at useless ang Action Center ng IMB during the SOCO ripoff years, hence the complainants turned to the Tulfo brothers instead for help.

        And well, make no mistake about it. GMA wanted change and they got it. But then again nagsamantala lang sila sa pagkawala ni Kabayan sa TVP back then, hence they moved Saksi to late nights in favor of Frontpage just to capitalize on a weakened TVP.

      • Vice’s shows may be highly-rated, pero mas lalong dumadami na ang mga haters at critics niya dahil sa mga incidents na naganap the previous week. Yung mga critics, malamang sa Sa Puso ni Dok at Eat Bulaga sila manonood instead.

  15. James Ty III says:

    Whether we like it or not, last night’s GGV will surely strike in the ratings.

    By the way, KC Concepcion and Paulo Avelino will guest next Sunday. Their episode had to be postponed twice, first due to Coco Martin and JC de Vera last week, and the President last night.

    The docu on Pope Francis on Sunday’s Best lasted for just an hour.

  16. James Ty III says:

    MP Featuring Sport Science will now become a weekly thing starting this January. I found that out from the show’s FB page.

    MP will be shown Sunday nights at 9:30 which means that it will be up against GGV.

    Illustrado will now be aired Sunday nights at 10 pm on GMA News TV.

  17. James Ty III says:

    Expendables 2 will be aired by GMA tonight against the Bb. Pilipinas on ABS. MP Featuring Sport Science has suspended airing because of Manny’s training for his fight with Floyd Mayweather.

      • James Ty III says:

        Kaya nga tinanggal na ang MP Featuring Sport Science because of what you said.

        Shifting gears, Willie Revillame’s new Sunday show on GMA will be aired at 3:30 pm after Sunday All-Stars, not before. It will premiere after the Holy Week, according to an article in Inquirer Entertainment today.

        Willie will be the producer/blocktimer and will pay GMA P2 million every week.

        Wowowin will be the title of the show and will compete against Luv U and The Buzz on ABS and the PBA games on TV5.

      • Enough of your diversions into other topics not related to this article, Mr. Sunday. Wala ka bang natutunan tungkol sa hindi pag-post ng mga unrelated comments, sir?

        Willie will be discussed some other time, just not here.

        GGV is expected to once again pose a threat to the ratings of BBP tonight (delayed coverage, obviously). In case you forgot what’s going on, read Timow’s article:

        So, even though it is possible that GGV will beat SNBO tonight, may chance rin na mabawas ang mga viewers ng ABS and SNBO will have a rare victory. So keep your fingers crossed.

  18. James Ty III says:

    GMA will air the new season of Asia’s Next Top Model with Georgina Wilson starting tomorrow at 9:30 pm. It will compete vs Gandang Gabi Vice. SNBO will move to 10:30 pm.

    Let’s see kung kaya ni Georgina ang powers ni Vice.

  19. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    But whatever it is, the programs of ABS-CBN, TV5, and GMA remain the best in the country and probably in the whole world, in par with the TV shows of other countries, regardless of the ratings and awards it received.

  20. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I think ABS-CBN’s “Gandang Gabi Vice” is an equivalent to RPN’s “Superstar,” as the two mentioned TV shows, both aired on weekends, in different periods, were the top-raters in the weekend viewing habit of Filipinos then and now (although Superstar has now been cancelled since time immemorial, after its stint on IBC 13 as “The Legend Superstar”).

      • Tama ka nga naman. Hindi pa masyadong uso ang ratings sa panahon ni Cory. Diverse dati ang programming options natin noong wala pang cable, kaya everyone has a right to unleash their own thing without worrying about the competition.

      • JRDV says:

        Comparing a show during the heyday of the Philippine Television and a current TV show ratings-wise is not a right thing to do. Dapat mag-ingat naman si Jake-Jake about comparing old shows with newer ones. Sa totoo lang, isa ako sa mga naiinis kay Jake-Jake.

      • Hindi naman maiiwasan ang mga ganoon. Still, it’s best to remind Jake about it. Magkaiba talaga ang programming sa TV noon at ngayon, dapat hindi niya ito dinaanan sa ganitong usapan. Parang unfair kasi sa older generations ang ginagawa niya. Ok lang sa radyo, but not TV.

  21. Gab says:

    Incidentally, SPND lead stars Dennis Trillo and Bela Padilla were starred in a bio-pic movie in late 2015 about the INC’s first executive minister Ka Felix Manalo.

  22. James Ty III says:

    GGV will be aired earlier at 9:15 pm while ABS-CBN has yet to launch a new reality show. Movies will follow at 10:15 pm and Sunday’s Best featuring documentaries and concerts at 11:45 pm.

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