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Controversial PBB Season to End Sunday; StarStruck to Revive Anew

Good news for the critics of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’.

‘Pinoy Big Brother: All In’, by far ranked as one of the most controversial seasons in the history of the series, will end its run by crowning a grand winner at this Sunday’s ‘Big Night’ inside Resorts World Manila. Prior to the event, however, there will be another eviction night on Saturday to determine the final four contestants, that is if Big Brother can make yet another twist.

As of August 21, only five contestants remain inside the Big Brother house. They are: Jane Oineza, Loisa Andalo, Maris Racal, Vickie Rushton, and Daniel Matsunaga.

All of the remaining contestants, save for Matsunaga, were part of the original cast of housemates that were introduced on April 27. Meanwhile, Matsunaga only entered as a housemate on May 17.

The latest season of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ will always be remembered for some of these moments:

1. Netizens’ cries of ‘scripted’ amid the selection of celebrities for ‘All In’

2. The Jayme Jalandoni nude painting task that drew the ire of the MTRCB and various women’s groups

3. Fifth Pagotan’s bisexual revelation

4. Alex Gonzaga’s journey from host to housemate and then to houseguest

5. Nichole Baranda’s controversial ‘middle finger’ photo

6. Overrealiance on houseguests (e.g. ex-housemates Robi Domingo, John Prats) for ratings purposes

7. Cess Visitacion’s forced eviction for numerous violations

Overall, the latest season of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ has controversy written all over it. Still, except more shocking twists and turns as ‘All In’ wraps up this Sunday.


GMA Plans Another Season of StarStruck

‘StarStruck’, long considered to be ‘dead’ thanks to the emergence of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’, is currently being revived by GMA Network for a sixth season.

The reality talent search series was last seen in 2010,  when the group of Sarah Lahbati, Rocco Nacino and Sef Cadayona led the way. However, that proved to be ‘StarStruck”s last season to date, as ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ and other reality shows on ABS-CBN began to gain headway over GMA’s later reality programs.

Then in August of this year, teasers for ‘StarStruck’ began to air on the network during commercials, featuring the phrase ‘DBS AGAIN’. Clearly, they are referring to ‘StarStruck”s slogan which is ‘Dream, Believe, Survive’.

Anyone who grew sick and tired of ‘Pinoy Big Brother”s antics and twists will look forward to ‘StarStruck”s return. After all, they were the original reality artista search on Philippine television. Not even PBB can attest to ‘StarStruck”s reputation in building future stars.

‘StarStruck’ is definitely a great first step in restoring the reputation of the GMA Artist Center, which has been severely rocked by numerous rumors and controversies. But first, they must restructure GMAAC’s management in order to make it run efficiently, otherwise the upcoming season of ‘StarStruck’ will be a total joke.


48 thoughts on “Controversial PBB Season to End Sunday; StarStruck to Revive Anew

  1. What happened to “Bet ng Bayan” or shall I say “Bet ng Walang B***g”? Is it now a scam or replaced with Starstruck?

    Let’s hope in the end of the new season of Starstruck, GMA 7 would restructure their new stars with a better talent security or else, nganga.

    • They’re still airing teasers for BNB though. As for StarStruck, they are targeting for a 2015 release.

      Hopefully the Artist Center will be fixed, otherwise StarStruck will be a total joke.

  2. KG says:

    You may also forgot the tutok-kutsilyo issue from 2 of the housemates outraged in social media.

    Sure akong si Loisa ang big winner kasi IMHO, DI SIYA NATATANGGAL, PARANG MIGHTY BOND. 🙂

    • Hindi pinansin ng ABS-CBN yung tutok-kutsilyo issue, so hindi ko na sinama. And besides, like you said, hindi natanggal si Loisa dito, so it’s a non-issue for the show.

  3. James Ty III says:

    Ralph, I just called ABS CBN and it’s confirmed. AGOSTO BEINTE UNO will be aired this Sunday on Sunday’s Best. As you posted before, we’re doomed because it will be shown so late at night.

    But what can we do? ABS wants to sign off late because they’re earning a lot of money and ads. And it’s the network’s way of showing gratitude to the President’s family.

  4. James Ty III says:

    Regarding SNBO this Sunday, it will be ALIEN VS PREDATOR. GMA has shown this movie a lot of times already. Hindi sila nakakasawa sa mga pag-ulit ng mga movies.

  5. Ian L says:

    Sa tingin ko, ito ang unang PBB Big night na pumatak sa Linggo inbes sa Sabado sa mga nakraan na Big Night, Besides, wala namang pasok sa 25

  6. Sa Phil. Lng ata naging mala artista search ang Big Brother pati ibang reality competition like Survivor. Its sad that those reality competition entertainment purpose was somehow altered and modified to fit the bill for an artista search type of show. BB and Survivor is a social experiment not to make stars after but to see what will a bunch of strangers do in an isolated environment. Ni hindi ko nga alam anung definition ng Big Winner sa PBB.

    And for Starstruck, I can see the novelty of the comeback and it better be good enough since to be honest the concept is already old fashioned especially for network struggling to hold its remaining niche in the entertainment department.

    Reality programs are shows with unscripted drama whereas production has less control over what happens within the boundaries they have set. That what makes them interesting and watchable. Honestly the inclusion of discovering potential tv drama stars makes our versions looks tacky at least for fans like me who knows the Foreign format and enjoyed the reality of the reality show.

    • In the U.S. some of the reality contestants also became celebrities themselves. For example, Elisabeth Hasselbeck of Survivor went on to host The View, while The Miz of WWE started as a reality show contestant.

      So hindi mo pwedeng sabihin na sa Pilipinas lang may artista search sa reality show, dahil pati sa US at ibang parte ng mundo mayroon ding ganitong approach, which is obviously for ratings.

      • Elizabeth is more of an exception to the rule, di sya drama star, she is a host and it took her a long time before landing a hosting job in The View, Elizabeth is from Survivor Season 2, nag host muna sya ng Look For Less a fashion oriented show kasi she is a shoe designer so in line pa rin sa field nya.
        The Miz might be a wrestling entertainer and ventured for some wwe produced films but he is not a dramatic star. Ang point ko lang ung reality competition hinahaluan ng challenges na pang artista searches, which is tacky. Like PBB will have a concert type task, short film task which is far off from the original format. Kaya ung mga nanalo minsan nahahaluan ng intriga dhil sa mga challenges involve sa loob ng competition. Tsaka sa atin lng ginawang 7-day/5day episode ang PBB Survivor at Biggest Looser. As a fan of the original formats its quite sad kasi bumabakya ung show. Just my 2 cents

  7. Dapat ilagay nila si Jose Javier Reyes at Bb. Joyce Bernal as Ida’s replacements. Kumbaga, ala-Johnny Manahan at Mariol Alberto. As for Starstruck’s revival, original idea ko yan kaso di sya kasama sa program lineup ng GMA (kung sakaling ako ang nandun) dahil full na full.

    • I doubt kung magpapatali si Joey at Bb Joyce sa isang network,kasi kasama dun ung pag gawa nila ng pelikula under the GMA Films, syempre kung mag he head sila ng artist center, mahihirapan silang gumawa ng pelikula sa ibang film outfits.

      • But they are also good at training prospective actors. Saka pwede rin naman ang ganitong setup; they can still direct on other outfits while running the GMAAC, as long as they place it as a clause in their contract.

      • I highly doubt that it can be done since conflict of interest kung gagawa sila ng film from other film outfits, syempre love your own, at dhil highly creative ung dalawang direktor n yan i doubt it. Kung ung pagdidirek nga sa tv show di sila makuhang exclusive, mag head pa ng artist center. I agree that they are good mentors but syempre iba pa rin kpag empleyado ka ng kumpanya. Kung ako sa GMA hanap ako ng loyal at ung naka kontrata na sa knila to lead that department. People like Andoy Ranay, or even Kuya Germs or even get ms. Beverly Vergel, she used to be part of StarMagic before ABS dissolve her department way back in 2008.

    • Nameless says:

      I think, mas loyal si Direk Joey sa tv5, kaya no space for him sa GMAAC. Ms. Joyce Bernal is a good choice. Si Kuya Germs, pwede kayang pumalit kay Ida Henares?

  8. James Ty III says:

    GMA is really promoting Sa Puso ni Dok. Bela Padilla and Dennis Trillo will guest today on Sunday All-Stars to promote the show.

    Good luck to them and Alien vs Predator vs PBB and GGV.

  9. Nameless says:

    Hanga ako sa dalawang shows na ‘to. Despite the fact na puro isyu ang PBB, they’re still trusted. At ang comeback ng Starstruck, sounds interesting. Pero dapat si Dingdong na lang ang mag-host, kasi siya ang very original host nito eh, along w/ Nancy Castilliogne na bigla yatang bumalik sa private life.

    Sad to say, medyo humihina na rin ang appeal ng talent searching shows nowadays dahil sa power ng social media. Nandyan ang YouTube at IG for those who wanna make fame or show their talent. Ang American Idol, medyo worsening na ang ratings dahil nga nag-iba na ang taste ng viewers.

    • Yes indeed. Talent shows are becoming a thing of the past, and a dying breed, thanks to social media. Yung The Voice ng NBC, I don’t remember if they have any winner who went on to become a recording artist like those in AI.

    • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

      Another the factor that is “killing” the TV reality shows is the proliferation of modelling agencies and schools, and community contests in barangays.

      • Reality shows usually launch contestants to stardom, but most of them fall back to relative obscurity. There are no quick fixes to fame after all; if one failed to live up, then it all goes to waste.

  10. James Ty III says:

    Now that PBB and The Heirs are over, here’s the new Sunday sked on ABS-CBN starting August 31:

    12 NN ASAP
    3 pm LUV U
    7:45 PM RATED K
    10:30 PM SUNDAY’S BEST
    12:30 AM O SHOPPING

  11. James Ty III says:

    GMA will air live the auditions for Starstruck today on Startalk and Sunday All-Stars.


    GMA will air a marathon of Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real tomorrow at 12 nn.

    Jinri Park returns to Vampire ang Daddy Ko tomorrow at 6:15 pm. Sam Pinto is now a regular cast member.

    DOOM with Dwayne Johnson airs on SNBO tomorrow at 10:15 pm after Sa Puso ni Dok. As always, dubbed in Tagalog. That movie was shown on TV5 already.

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