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Retro 105.9’s Impact on Other Stations’ Programming

The success of Retro 105.9 DCG-FM forced radio stations like Magic 89.9 and Monster Radio RX 93.1 to tweak their throwback programs. (Logo courtesy of Retro 105.9 DCG-FM)

The rise of Retro 105.9 DCG-FM has other stations take notice.

Within six months of operation, older listeners were constantly hooked to Retro 105.9’s daily serving of classic songs and hidden gems, something that was never done before on Philippine FM radio. The addiction was so great that it forced other stations to tweak their classic programming.

Spearheading the change were the two top stations in the CHR/Top 40 format: Magic 89.9 and Monster Radio RX 93.1.

For years, Magic 89.9’s ‘Friday Madness’ and ‘Saturday Slam’ had essentially the same format, with the 80s mostly reserved for the former, and the 90s for the latter. They even had a non-stop dance remix show for the final three hours.

But last June, everything changed for the station. ‘Friday Madness’ was reduced to only 21 hours, with ‘Jon Tupaz’s 12-inch Mix’ moving from its familiar 9 p.m. slot to noontime. Then Tupaz’s vacated slot was taken over by ‘Slamma Jamma’, which is now the kickoff show for ‘Saturday Slam’.

‘Slamma Jamma”s slot on Saturday night was then used to create yet another remix show, this time centering on the 2000s and beyond and featuring the country’s top club DJs rather than Magic’s own talent. That show, dubbed ‘Saturday Night Take Over’, made its debut that same month.

Over at Monster Radio RX 93.1, their ‘Monster’s Riot’ format remained the same, save for two programs. ‘Back to the 80s’, the flagship program of the said block, finally said goodbye in June after over a decade.

‘Throwback: The Year That Was’ took over ‘Back to the 80s” slot. Hosted by Chico Garcia, ‘Throwback’ now encompasses every era, from the 80s all the way to the 2000s, with a particular year’s hits to focus on.

And just months earlier, ‘Riot Remix’ bade goodbye on air, leaving ‘Remix Fridays’ as the sole remix program on the station. These two changes were the direct result of ‘Monster’s Riot”s changing playlist, emphasizing more towards the 90s and 2000s hits for an increasingly younger audience.

Elsewhere, stations such as Mellow 947 and 99.5 Play FM are now taking a similar path as RX’ s in their throwback programs.

The Philippine radio industry is a constantly changing world. Audiences are getting younger, technologies are advancing, and the music is evolving. The efforts of the Top 40 radio stations are a part of the turnover.

This turnover was definitely the reason why Retro 105.9 DCG-FM was established. As the other stations aim for the youth, Retro 105.9 focused on the older folks who still believe in ‘oldies but goodies’. And indeed it is; no matter how old the playlist is, they are still wonderful to listen to.

Indeed, times are changing in the Philippine radio industry. And for these radio stations, constant transformation is essential to maintaining success.


10 thoughts on “Retro 105.9’s Impact on Other Stations’ Programming

  1. James Ty III says:

    99.5 RT was changed into PLAY FM because it wanted to attract younger listeners. Its Playback format is on Thursdays with songs from 1995 until 2005.

    • Yung Playback nila dating karibal ng Monster’s Riot ng RX. Yung playlist ng Riot (most of them) ang naging inspiration ng Playback sa Play.

      In turn, Riot was inspired to add more recent songs since RetroJam on Campus Radio used to do that.

  2. Nameless says:

    How about RJ100? They’re the only station na tinatapatan ngayon ng Retro 105.9, but however, mukhang napag-iwanan na ang istasyon ni Mr. Jacinto due to its bad signal reception & those RJ DJs moving to “Retro Manila” w/c is the 105.9.

    Pero oo, mukhang naging silent influential ang Retro 105.9 sa radio industry. But sad to say, dahil taga-Quezon ang real owner nito, mukhang wala pa silang time to expand their network outside CaLaBaRZon/Mega Manila area. Lahat kasi ng relay stations nila, ay located within Laguna at Quezon.

    Nabanggit mo na rin lang ang Mellow 94.7, they must rename their station. Hindi na masyadong “Mellow” ang mga songs nila, instead they’re just like Magic & Play. And besides, parang half-sister station lang sila ng Tiger22, right?

    • RJ didn’t change a thing, which is why I didn’t include that said station. Three songs in a row pa rin sila, old and new, from Monday to Saturday, and then puro 50-70s rock and roll on Sundays. They’re not influenced by any one.

      Retro 105.9 is still getting their feet wet even after six months on air. The only real national presence they are getting is through the internet, and they are using the old website of Radio High for their live streaming.

      As for Mellow, they reside in the same building (Paragon) as Tiger22’s Magic, Play and KLite, but they are owned by FBS Radio. They’re like Magic and Play, albeit without the high-tempo stuff.

  3. James Ty III says:

    Because Easy Rock and Wish FM are backed up by AM stations kaya parehong pang-masa ang dating kahit English speaking ang mga DJs.

    BTW, Retro 105.9 will sign off tonight at 9 pm because of technical adjustments, according to Triggerman in his show last Wednesday. No Saturday live band guest later.

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