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IBC-13: Repeat Offenders of the MTRCB Ratings System

IBC-13’s disregard of the MTRCB’s current ratings guidelines only adds to the network’s ongoing misery. (Logo courtesy of the Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation)

The Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC-13), already dubbed as the ‘sick network’, has another problem to deal with.

The said network has become infamous for their inability to completely implement the current television ratings system that the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) mandated in 2011. While all other networks have taken advantage of the new approach, IBC-13 has not taken the MTRCB’s ruling seriously.

As of today, September 1, the following current IBC-13 programs have not adopted the MTRCB ratings system:

  • The Gospel of the Kingdom (of Sonshine Media Networks International)
  • Cooltura
  • Tipong Pinoy
  • Retro TV
  • Tagamend
  • Home Shopping Network (9TV’s airing of HSN is currently rated PG)
  • EZ Shop

Recently, IBC-13’s rebroadcasts of Ninoy Aquino documentaries also failed to follow the current MTRCB ratings system, when in fact they should have implemented it considering the sensitive subject matter of these documentaries.

Making it worse is the fact that the MTRCB has not reacted in any kind to IBC-13’s defiance of their ratings system. Rather than giving the network numerous warnings with regards to their guidelines, they simply stayed quiet.

It is always the duty of the MTRCB to strictly enforce these classification ratings. All networks must take this current ruling seriously in order to provide a more responsible viewing experience.

But in the case of IBC-13, it is clear that they are not enacting some sort of responsibility to their so-called ‘viewers’ , if there is any, simply because their programming is mediocre.

IBC-13’s blatant disregard of the MTRCB television ratings only adds to the network’s recent reputation as an unreliable, incompetent and disorganized broadcast group. While the addition of the Asian Television Content Corporation (ATC) as a blocktimer saved IBC-13 from further embarrassment, it is still not enough to make the network relevant to viewers.

In the end, more problems than solutions await the embattled management of IBC-13. And once the MTRCB finally decides to act on this matter, things will only get worse for the staff inside Capitol Hills, Diliman.


104 thoughts on “IBC-13: Repeat Offenders of the MTRCB Ratings System

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  2. Nameless says:

    Hindi lang ang IBC-13 ang hindi nagco-comply sa MTRCB. Yung SMNI-39 din ni “Appointed Son of God”, hindi rin sila masyadong nagdi-display ng G & PG.

    Sa case naman ng IBC, it seems na parang kinu-kunsinte lang ng MTRCB porke’t government-sequestered na ang network. Tsk3. How I wish, sana gumawa rin ng agaw-eksena ang IBC para may makapansin rin sa kanila para sa mga gustong bumili ng shares ng naghihingalong network. May chance rin ang Solar to make this also as an afilliate channel, since hindi na rin nila hawak ang RPN.

    Yung SMNI-39 naman, “feeling cable channel” lang, porke’t 24 hours sila on-air at ang logo nila ay nasa lower right tapos no program rating. Sana ma-sanction din sila ng MTRCB, despite their religious programming.

    • yung Newsline Pilipinas nila may Rated PG (wala nga lang Patnubay at Gabay, yung English lang). may international audiences kasi si Mang Kanor (ah este si PACQ) at feeling nila exempt na sila dun.

  3. James Ty III says:

    Nobody watches IBC 13 anyway so the people there are getting away with such violations of the MTRCB. Truth to tell, I removed IBC from my cable channel remote.

    • ATC, the network’s latest blocktimer, has yet to provide replacements for their departed programs, and instead IBC went back to these unrated docus during the so-called ATC @ IBC block. Parang nasasayang lang yung ginagawa ng ATC para mabigyan ng mga magagandang programa ang IBC.

      Maybe this post from Timow will help us realize na ‘dead’ na talaga ang IBC-13; sobrang hindi na ito mapakinabangan.

      • Nameless says:

        I read that article you’ve suggested to us. Although medyo frank ang pagkakasulat ng blog ni Timow, talagang it really remind us that IBC has a larger debts talaga, a reason kung bakit hindi na talaga sila game-changer.

        About ATC’s line-up, ‘yung ONE FC na lang ang pinapanood ng ilang viewers na sports fans. Then recently, they acquired the rights to air PBA dLeague from Sports5.

        On the other hand, wala nang Jack CITY sa BEAM/RMN Ch. 31 in preparation daw for digitalization. So, may chance pa ang Solar to have courtship with IBC in this matter.

      • That will remain to be seen since they incurred heavy losses while running RPN-Solar News.

        Saka may duda na rin ang pag-ere ng PBA D-League sa IBC since it appears na balik-lumang gawi (old docus without ratings) ang naturang istasyon.

      • Nameless says:

        Yung Wave 89.1 nga ng IBC, mabilis lang ang pagkaka-privatization ‘dun. Pero bakit ang Ch 13 & its relays, Tsk3. Pwede pa bang may mag-acquire na joint venture dito sa IBC w/ a mix of foreign & Pinoy investors? Just like the first tv5 from MPB Primedia?

        BEAM Ch. 31 now airs the feed of O Shopping by ABS-CBN. Mukhang posibleng mag-invest ang Kapamilya sa Ch. 31.

      • Blame that Coloma guy for hastening IBC’s downfall sooner than expected.

        Personally, it’s best for IBC to dissolve altogether. Kung wala na silang ma-provide ng mga mas matinong programming, what’s the point of keeping them on the air? Sinasayang lang talaga ang oras at panahon nila para panatilihin ang naturang network. At sa sobrang lugi na nila, kahit may magkaroon pa ng blocktimer eh wala ring mangyayari.

        Kung mangyayari ang liquidation, ang mga natitirang ‘relevant’ na programa ng IBC (e.g. El Shaddai, Shalom at sabong programs) ay ilipat na lang sa PTV-4.

    • The_Truthseeker21 says:

      Now that UCBL will have its launch on IBC 13 (produced by ATC – Asian Television Content) on October 8 this year, will you watch for it?

      • I don’t think he’ll go back to this blog. He is a liability here since his only interest is on Sunday shows (which he claims to have a bigger audience than those on weekdays) and nothing else. Besides, he’s in the US now so there’s no use talking about it to him.

    • Nameless says:

      The GenSan-based Brigada Network has its own TV station in South Cotabato named Brigada TV46, which is the leading TV channel in the said province. But however, Brigada should improve their style of broadcasting esp. here in Mega Manila (thru 104.7) kasi parang masyadong pam-probinsiya eh, plus their playlist which is quite similar to Love Radio. Tapos halos 60% of their programming is more with their herbal products na sila rin ang nagma-manufacture.

    • Nameless says:

      But yes, Brigada has also a potential to acquire the blocktime airing on IBC, kasi parang mas malaki na rin ang profit at income ng Brigada, to the extent na mas marami na rin silang ina-acquire na radio stations throughout the country.

      • But they have to prove na they can survive in Metro Manila. Mukha kasing low-powered yung Brigada 104.7 since from 88.3 to 107.5, divided by .8 talaga yung frequency sa FM, and anything in between is expected to have a lower coverage area.

  4. GGRRR says:

    According to the Facebook page IBC 13 Fans Community: “Hindi na po mapapanood simula ngayong araw ang Asian Television Content Corporation (ATC @ IBC 13) block.”

    Asian Television Content Corporation’s official Facebook page has not yet updated since July 1. Maybe ATC has run out of cash?

    RIP Retro TV. What was restored of IBC’s old shows should be posted online for free public viewing anytime, anywhere.

  5. nakakapanghinayang naman kung hindi na ibabalik ang mga matitinong programa ng atc @ ibc lalo na yung mga mexican telenovela na nagpa-umpisa na ng muling pagbalik sa ere ng mga telenovelang naungusan ng mga asianovela. paano na yung mga sumusubaybay sa mga ito/ balik nanaman sa big 3 networks manonood ng mga programa pag primetime?

  6. KG says:

    Ang daming reklamo sa ATC @ IBC 13 na biglaan daw natapos ang Two Sides of Ana. 🙂

    Isa ako sa mga tumulong na lumaganap ang pag-launch ng ATC @ IBC thru my created page for 13 noong July pero lahat nauuwi sa wala. 😦

  7. FFYUI says:

    A post to ATC’s official Facebook page by one Zachary Deneal Madrinan (a Philippine TV buff and the mastermind behind the fake Banahaw Broadcasting Corporation Facebook page) claimed that MTV Pinoy and Jai Alai games “will be aired” on IBC “in 2015”. The organizers of the jai alai games and Viva Communications (co-collaborator of MTV Pinoy) as well as IBC itself have yet to respond to the FB post (that will be treated as a rumor for now).

  8. KG says:

    Sa RPN, ang bilis ng privatization (pero may 20% share pa rin mula sa PCOO) pero sa IBC, parang pagong lang na mabagal na lumakad ang privatization process.

    Assurance pa ni Sec. Kolokoy este Coloma, bago matapos pa ang termino ni PNoy, fully-privatized ang trese.

  9. GGRRR says:

    As of this comment’s posting, the ATC block is still not airing on IBC with no stated reason. Still ATC and IBC hasn’t responded yet.

  10. anonymous says:

    There are the past blocktimers of IBC 13, namely VTV or VIVA TV, AKTV and ATC. Almost all of these are not successful in IBC 13 due to high cost. Also the management are confused in that station. ABS-CBN was planning to buy the network’s blocktime but they could not join the privatization bid due to ownership regulations.

    • Eh bakit lumusot ang GMA when they acquired a majority of Channel 11 from ZOE? May Channel 27 sila as digital broadcast insurance, so it’s unfair for ABS-CBN.

      If that’s the case, perhaps ABS can have their Sports+Action leave Channel 23 and move to Channel 13, should the NTC reconsider these so-called regulations

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  13. Jc says:

    I don’t think ABS-CBN should invest on having a blocktime with IBC 13 in airing specific programming. They might end up like TV5’s AKTV where it ended its broadcast due to programming costs. So its still best to close IBC for good. And just let ABS-CBN maintain BEAM 31 as their partner for airing O Shopping/specific programming.

    • Overheard says:

      If they closed this, when will be replaced with a new one? IBC 13 is one of the pioneers but they don’t speed up the privatization process.

      • It may be left blank for a while. Remember when Channel 11 was left vacant for years before ZOE-TV acquired the frequency?

        I also look at the possibility of Eagle Broadcasting acquiring Channel 13 and rename it as ‘Net 13’, then the Iglesia ni Cristo can move INC-TV to Channel 25 and sell Channel 49. That may help.

  14. Jc says:

    IBC may be one of the pioneers of Philippine TV. But it would be more better if ch. 13 signs off. If this privitzation won’t speed up, then its best for IBC to closedown, for the convenience of the government.

  15. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    Based on 70’s-80’s TV guides I saw, IBC 13, when it was still a ratings leader, provided religious programming in the afternoons, particularly after the siesta hour (an hour where the TV networks air movies on weekdays while most people at home take a nap, before it was dominated by teleseryes), and some of these religious programming included “Jimmy Swaggart,” “New Life,” and “Study In The Word.”

      • It’s clear na hindi niya maiwasang i-reference yung past sa comments niya. Saka masyado rin siyang over-referenced sa mga Cebuano TV and radio stations. If I were him, better make use of his blog in order to make his thoughts known to his fellow Cebuanos. Napapansin ko kasing walang laman yung blog niya, so why not he write something about it for a change.

  16. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    Apologies for that. I didn’t know that it is sometimes unfair for me to do “comparing and contrasting” a present issue with something of a long, distant memory, like my recent comment on this article (as well as my comment on comparing “SS” vs. “GGV”). Again, my sincere apologies, and I promise not to do this again.

    And, speaking of my blog, the reason why it currently has no content is because it’s currently under construction. (In fact, the blog is soon ready to be “soft-launched,” so wait instead.)

    Meanwhile, going back to the main topic of this article, I never knew that the MTRCB is staying quiet on IBC 13’s ratings violations, as I’ve never been watching this channel since the unexpected departure of the ATC block. I always tried my best to call or send e-mails to the MTRCB Central Office to warn IBC 13 about the ratings offenses, and they kept assuring me that they’ll act on this. But as it stands, parang balewala lang.

    • As far as your blog is concerned, that under construction status is long overdue. Looks like it’s been stalled for over a year now.

      Anyway, the MTRCB’s ruling on the ratings system has been so inconsistent. They were able to address concerns about the PBB incident a few months ago, but they didn’t even care about the minor networks’ own violations. So much for being the governing body for television and movie programming.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        If that’s the case, then that’s an even worse for a TV station once proud of its top-rating TV programs, gone to waste with bland programming like TV shopping and the so-called “unrated” repetitive docus.

        Why not have IBC-13 go off-the-air, if they’re just gonna air TV shopping all-day? Besides, it’s just a waste of money, time, and electricity.

        Aside from violating the MTRCB ratings system and overdependence on TV shopping, IBC-13 also has other problems to cope with: No live outside broadcasts;; no website; no Facebook or Twitter accounts; heavy reliance on current brother PTV-4 for news coverage. Such a shame. Worse, IBC’s Roxas station for TV hasn’t been operating, said co-member Edwardson Diestro, since 1993 pa, after a typhoon allegedly destroyed the station. (But IBC’s AM station in Roxas, DYJJ, is still operating, he said.)

      • By all means, let’s just wait for its inevitable closure. Its problems are so irreparable at this point, and no other private company is willing to invest on it.

  17. Gab says:

    I hope the new PCOO head (Martin Andanar of TV5) will fasten up the privatization of IBC, and strengtening our state television network PTV.

  18. The_Truthseeker21 says:

    The public auction of the assets and properties of IBC 13 at Broadcast City was already commenced last Thursday, September 8. Now I wonder who had won the auction since this is confidential and yet to be publicized through the news.

    Speculations that after winning the auction, the possibility of the TV network’s closure is foreseen during period of the auction. Yet as of now, IBC is still On-Air.

    • The auction process will take a while, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens next. Any announcement will come as soon as it is available. As for the continued operations of IBC, perhaps they’d be better off shutting down the station while the auction is ongoing. They’re just wasting time. With due respect to Tukaan, Mike Velarde and the SVD-MCFI who continue to remain loyal with IBC, the needed shutdown is probably for the best interest.

      • The_Truthseeker21 says:

        As of the latest, new shows for IBC 13 has already been launched. First, 2 shows which involved about cockfighting. Secondly, ATC (Asian Television Content) will launch UCBL (Universities and Colleges Basketball League) coming October 8 this year. I read this new updates via ‘IBC 13 Fans Community’ FB page.

      • It doesn’t make sense. Why introduce new shows while their future is being decided? I don’t understand the insistence of IBC to keep on going instead of waiting for the new era to unfold. And ATC is of no use to them. Remember how they lost money putting all those telenovelas at night? They should’ve backed off until this auction process ends.

    • IDK if Cooltura is still airing. A lot of vacant IBC timeslots were filled by EZ Shop and TV Shop the last time I saw. As for the SVD-MCFI TV Mass, it’s surprising that there’s no ratings advisory when it returned to IBC, considering that when GMA aired it, the MTRCB PG DOG and the said advisory was there. I seriously don’t understand.

  19. kyuzoaoi says:

    Of course it is obvious why IBC-13 is still cannot be revived.

    I was not born during EDSA (I was born in 88) and I didn’t realized at that time that IBC is going down the drain. When I realized that the commercials are few in IBC, I realized that they are dying, and could only hold the line with Tokusatsu series, Wok with Yan, and later the PBA.

    From what I’ve read, the rot started after EDSA when IBC management’s shenanigans and sequestration by the government overtaxed the TV station’s finances. It also enabled GMA and a revived ABS-CBN to pirate their talents and shows.

    Of course there was those Taiwanese and Chinese TV shopping ads with those women who try anti-fat creams and breast enhancers, in which some people watch not because they are buying the product but because precisely of the models themselves, but that’s another story.

    This occurred when the time that ABS-CBN and GMA 7 treated the air waves as a battlefield.

    The solution, as a humorous and tongue-in-cheek response, is to have it the local version of Russia Today (RT) channel called Philippines Today.

    • That will depend on how progressive the process of privatization is. Anyway, the said process is very slow to say the least and I fear that this once-proud station could be shut down for good if this thing does not move forward. At this point, IBC-13 is more like a haven for window shoppers who buy products that might fool them. Not a good sign for a troubled network. They look like a station that is still living in the past.

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