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With Jack City Now Cable-Exclusive, Jack TV’s Future Becomes Uncertain

Jack City became a cable-exclusive network on September 1, ending Solar Entertainment’s affiliation with BEAM Channel 31. (Logo courtesy of Solar Entertainment Corporation)

It was another loss for Solar Entertainment.

A week after selling the Solar News Channel (now 9TV) and part of the Radio Philippines Network (RPN-9) to Aliw Broadcasting’s Antonio Cabangon Chua, Solar’s Jack City channel decided to part ways with affiliate Radio Mindanao Network (BEAM Channel 31). As a result, Jack City became a cable-only entity while BEAM freelanced with other blocktimers.

That left Solar Entertainment with just two free TV channel affiliates: ETC on the Southern Broadcasting Network (SBN-21), and 2nd Avenue on the Rajah Broadcasting Network (RJTV-29).

With Jack City becoming an exclusive cable channel, what will the future hold for Jack TV?

Let’s face it. Jack TV is becoming a shell of its former self. Instead of capitalizing on the funny and breathtaking side of television, as Jack TV had emphasized in their early years, they have reverted back to where they were a decade ago: a mashup of Solar USA’s old format and Jack TV’s own.

Jack TV’s identity crisis is starting to become a cause of concern for Solar, and yet they insist that the network will be fine. But it is clear that the name Jack TV (and its red and yellow motif in particular) no longer fits the type of programming they have now.

The same cannot be said of Jack TV’s sister channel, Jack City. Their black and white motif is more fitting to their darker and more mature set of programs, which in essence pay tribute to their predecessors Solar USA, C/S and CHASE.

Simply put, Jack City is an even more superior channel than that of Jack TV. And while Jack TV can still put up a strong set of programs on a daily basis, it is obvious that the said channel is starting to become a liability with the presence of its sister channel.

That said, a merger between the two channels needs to be considered, if not implemented soon. Should this happen, the old format of Jack TV will have to be integrated into one of Solar’s existing channels, while Jack City will be retained, both in name and in format.

Merging the two networks will greatly benefit Solar Entertainment, since they will only lose one of their channels. Revenue issues have become well-documented for the Solar group, especially in the aftermath of their sale of SNC and RPN to Aliw, and a possible merger between Jack TV and Jack City will help alleviate such stress.

Still, it will be up to the company’s management for that to make it happen. For now, Jack TV and Jack City will remain separate entities, at least for the foreseeable future.


15 thoughts on “With Jack City Now Cable-Exclusive, Jack TV’s Future Becomes Uncertain

  1. James Ty III says:

    Free TV stations are having a lot of problems. First there was RPN 9, now it’s IBC 13 and now, we have Ch 31. Even GMA and TV5 are struggling. ABS-CBN seems to be in good standing.

  2. Nameless says:

    At first, there was ETC (fashion-friendly channel) & ETC 2nd Avenue (high-end entertainment outlet). And now, there was JACKcity & JACKtv. Solar seems to be a money-waster in making some channels without proper identity. Ilang cable channels na rin ang sinayang nila, esp. Solar TV, C/S, TALKtv, etc. Sila pa naman ang pinagkakatiwalaang general entertainment company.

    How about BEAM Channel 31? I suggest na sana, mag-simulcast na lang sila ng iFM into a tele-radio format. First FM station to do that.

    • Hindi pwede. According to a comment of Gabby on FB, ‘Walang connection ang Beam sa RMN’, since BEAM is just a blocktimer of RMN. If Channel 31 wants to do an FM/AM simulcast, yung RMN lang mismo ang makakagawa nun, and not BEAM.

      Yung Jack TV talaga ang dapat mamaalam na. I don’t like its current format na halong old Jack TV and Solar USA like in the early days of that network. Let the comedy programs air somewhere else.

      • Nameless says:

        And BEAM is closely related to Globe Telecom. However kasi, mula nang humiwalay ang Solar sa BEAM, parang nananatili lang na isang malaking question mark for that network, sa kung ano’ng klaseng programming ang ibibigay nila in public. Medyo weird for me kasi ‘yung religious + interactive TV shopping na blocktimers. Ano kaya ang better suggestions natin for them?

        If Jack City will be dissolved, then they should put those comedy shows either on ETC or 2nd Avenue. But the Solar should fix their signal difficulties on SBN & RJTV, lalo na’t humina na talaga ang presence nila on free TV.

      • Retain Jack City, then find a better channel for TGC and put those comedy programs on it. Yung Jack TV ang dapat matanggal.

        As for BEAM’s future, the O Shopping/TBN programming is only temporary, so may possibility pang mabago ‘to. So let’s wait and see what’s their next plan.

      • KG says:

        BEAM and RMN are separated companies, parang Solar lang yan. Tsaka ang BEAM ang may-ari ng 31 ngayon. IDK kung may kinalaman ang RMN sa Channel 31.

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