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‘Full House’ Returns and Other Changes on Afternoon Prime

‘Si Mama Bear, si Papa Bear, si Baby Bear!’ One of the most iconic phrases in Asianovela lore is back.

GMA announced that the Koreanovela ‘Full House’ will be re-aired on Afternoon Prime. The series, which made Korean singer Rain a full-fledged superstar in his home country, was one of the Kapuso network’s most popular and recognizable Koreanovelas.

First aired in 2005 on GMA Telebabad, ‘Full House’ became an instant success, at a time when GMA was dominating primetime television. The popularity of the original ‘Full House’ led to several more re-runs in the morning, and eventually a Filipino adaptation in 2009, starring Heart Evangelista and Richard Gutierrez.

The return of ‘Full House’ is just one of several changes that will take place on Afternoon Prime beginning today.

In response to ABS-CBN’s tweaking of ‘Kapamilya Gold’, GMA decided to counter with their own revision of Afternoon Prime. Both ‘The Half-Sisters’ and ‘Dading’ will retain their old timeslots, but that is it.

‘May Queen’, the Koreanovela starring Han Ji Hye, will now be seen at 4:05 p.m. The series replaced ‘Jewel in the Palace’ as the closing program on ‘Afternoon Prime’ early in September, but it did not fare well against ‘Pretty Man’ ratings-wise.

Now up against ‘Ana Manuela’, GMA hopes that ‘May Queen’ will enjoy an even better performance against a telenovela whose ratings have constantly fluctuated since its debut.

Also moving to a new timeslot is the News and Public Affairs block, consisting of ‘Alisto’, ‘Tunay na Buhay’, ‘Power House’, ‘Reporters’ Notebook’, and ‘Love Hotline’. The block will again compete with ABS-CBN’s News and Current Affairs block (‘Bistado’, ‘Mutya ng Masa’, ‘My Puhunan’, ‘Tapatan ni Tunying’, ‘Red Alert’), which had moved to a later timeslot since late August.

And finally, ‘Full House’ will be assigned as the closing program on Afternoon Prime. The re-run of ‘Full House’ will take on ‘Pretty Man’ in its timeslot.

The response that GMA made to ABS-CBN was swift and stirring. Now the question is, will Afternoon Prime take advantage of their revised schedule? Let’s see what happens this week on both networks.


15 thoughts on “‘Full House’ Returns and Other Changes on Afternoon Prime

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  2. Fg6y says:

    – The Half Sisters
    – Dading
    – May Queen
    – GMA N&PA block
    – Full House

    The recently returns ‘Kapamilya Blockbusters’ fared well (but not too much) against the two locally-made Afternoon Prime Dramas. It is also logical for the GMA N&PA block to be moved at a later timeslot because it has the poorest ratings in the Afternoon Prime block.

    • For better viewership and to match up against ABS’ NCA programs ang ginawa ng GMA sa N&PA block.

      Kapamilya Blockbusters is essentially a filler since wala pang planong gumawa ng ABS ng mga local teleseryes sa hapon. And honestly, Kapamilya Gold is their weakest point, which is why they ceased producing a local teleserye on that block.

  3. Sir says:

    Maybe the reason why ABS is hesitant to air locally-produced teleseryes now is because the year is about to end, and the advertisers are planning to cut their advertising costs, so there is no reason to invest more on teleseryes. Whether we admit it or not, the financial statements of the company (not consolidated) particularly its financial position, will not look very good despite the profitability and popularity of most of its programs this year due to ita utilization of huge amounts of debt. Financial leverage in businesses will be good only to a certain extent.

  4. Nameless says:

    Is GMA running out of time in acquiring rights to air new Korean TV series? Pansin ko lang, kasi they’re now airing such re-runs na lang sa hapon.

    • Not exactly. Full House is just their second Asianovela to be re-aired compared to three on ABS; they are still airing May Queen and I Hear Your Voice, with Return of the Wife about to end this week.

      The last program on Telebabad is and will always be reserved for new Koreanovelas, which has always been the case for GMA in the last several years, and will not change anytime soon.

  5. James Ty III says:

    GMA will show the Korean movie Miracle in Cell No. 7 tomorrow at 11:45 am before Sunday All-Stars. It stars Gabby Eigenmann and Mona Louise Rey (both lending their Tagalog voices to the movie).

    • Mr. Sunday, if you don’t have something to say about weekday programs, then don’t post here. Your comment is irrelevant to this topic. We’re talking about Full House and other changes on Afternoon Prime and Kapamilya Gold here, not your Sunday schedules.

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